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Becoming a Tarot Reader, my personal journey with the Tarot.

When I was 17 I began studying the Occult and Buddhism some what side by side. I always had a fascination with spiritual and religious practices - not because I believed in them at first, but because I had a large imagination and was also in awe of the spiritual and political history of humanity from quite an early age. I would suppose my influence in these subjects had a lot to do with my upbringing. My Mother, being Hispanic as well as Catholic, who was also into many esoteric and somewhat Witch oriented practices had Tarot cards since I was a baby. She says I used to play with a mini set of the Rider Waite-Smith deck when I was still in diapers and would crawl around with the cards in my mouth spread out all over the floor- you could say that was my first introduction to the Tarot, I suppose.

But it wouldn't be until much later, obviously, that I would be introduced to the Tarot in a more intentional way, once again, by my Mother.

When I was 17 my Mother gave me her Mother Peace Tarot Deck with the Mother Peace Playbook.

If you are not familiar with this deck, it is a round Tarot deck, which is abnormal to most decks, and it was created in the 70's by two feminist women by the names of Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel that were living in Berkeley, California at the time. The Deck's artwork is very unique and unlike anything that you have seen on any of the more traditional decks.

My Mother gave these cards to me and told me that I was to treat them very special as no one else had ever used or touched her deck before. I could tell this was a rite of passage moment where we were creating or having some sort of Mother/ Daughter bond and I could feel the power between us exchanged in that moment, as well a the powerful energy emanating through the images within the cards.

I began to read through the Mother Peace Playbook and began doing short 3 card readings for myself. I was mystified with the Tarot and shortly after acquired another deck that I was not quite as fond of, but because of the special energy of the Mother Peace deck that my Mother had past down I felt scared to over use it, and also felt I did not have the wisdom to use a deck that had so much depth to it. I began using my other deck more often but did not have a very strong connection to it. I would have nights, where I was living, with friends, where we would do tarot readings and I soon acquired another book that went over the more traditional Rider Waite interpretations of the cards. Although I spent a good handful of time with the cards, I wasn't in a good place to feel that I had the patience or motivation to learn the cards in depth to the point of memorization. Memorizing 78 cards that each have very in-depth multidimensional meanings was not high on my priority list at the time. I used the cards more in a state of wonder, still some what skeptical but always being awed and amazed at how accurate they were to what was going on in my life.

After a while things in my life became chaotic and I ended up moving and starting over with my life in many ways. As a result I got rid of the deck I had no connection with, and the Mother Peace Deck began collecting dust over the course of many years.

After about 6 years of not touching the Tarot, I began having more spiritual experiences as I became a healthier individual. I was recently sober, vegan, and my body and mind was operating at a level I hadn't experienced since I was a young child.

My energy felt pulled to bust out the Mother Peace Deck to gain clarity on what was going on in my life, and to revisit the Mother Peace Playbook.

The story the cards began to tell me within the first few readings, popped a lid on something I had been containing deep down inside of my being for too long. I began to read over the text in the Mother Peace Playbook and realized I needed to know and understand this art form inside and out because it would help me not only understand myself, but the journey of Life each of us are on and the trials and tribulations we have been facing in their many forms since the dawn of humanity.

I began doing daily readings with myself to better understand the cards and their interpretations only to find that I kept pulling the same cards over and over again until my own personal energy shifted or the situation unfolded into something else. So I began offering readings to friends so that I could better understand the way the cards worked with different energy, and soon after that I began offering free readings to strangers and so on.

I am not sure if it is my own nature, or my love for the Tarot, but reading the cards is something I feel I seem to have a knack for and a strong relationship to how they work. I tend to be an over empathetic and intuitive person which is a way the cards need you to be in order to pick up the many ways they can be interpreted for the individual you may be reading for.

I believe anyone can read the Tarot- there is no right or wrong way to me, but the energy you put into the experience is the energy you will get back. The cards are operating on a frequency that is all it's own and unique to the frequency and connection you are building with the cards. You build a relationship to your cards and to the person who reads them for you.

When you begin to work with the cards on a regular basis and see how they unfold in your life, as well as the way it unfolds in the lives of others, it is hard to believe in accidents.

Since I have imersed myself in the cards and now have an understanding of each of the 78 individual cards, it has made me see the path of each of us is unique to our individual journey and that there are cosmic forces around us guiding us and watching us. We still have choices amongst that journey, but the path has a series of consequences. The Tarot can guide us to choose our paths wisely and give us the clarity and honesty we may be too confused in our minds to figure out on our own.

The Tarot is like going to a therapist, but the Tarot can tell you things about you that your therapist may have to do a lot more digging to get to.

One of the many benefits of the Tarot is that you do not have to tell the person the specifics of what you are going through in order to receive the guidance. The Cards will know regardless of what you tell the reader. The reader is just there to translate. It is like getting to be private and confidential about your life while still getting the advice and guidance you need to get through it.

The cherry on top of my personal journey and story with the Tarot, is that I found the Author of the Mother Peace Deck, Vicki Noble, and am now learning Astrology from her. Everything in this life comes full circle. There are things and people that are meant to be in our lives for a reason and that put us on a path good, or bad, to test our character and the humans we choose to become through the lessons we learn.

The Tarot was looked at as a game for many years, and I believe Life can be looked at that way as well.

What draws me into being a Tarot reader is being a messenger for people who need clarity on things they are going through in their lives whether it be spiritual, relationship or love oriented, career focused, family focused, anything. I continue to be amazed at the way the cards work for people in their lives and being able to provide this service for people fills my heart with love and joy.

If you may be reading this, I hope to meet you along this path we all share together and perhaps get an opportunity to read your cards.

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