New Moon in Leo Ritual, unleash your inner fire.

Today Marks one of two New Moon's in Leo. This is very special and rarely happens that a New Moon is in the same sign twice in a row, especially when the Sun is also stationed within that sign for the two New Moon's. Another blessing on this day is that the New Moon falls on the day dedicated to the Sun, Sunday, which the Sun is the Ruler of Leo and our Sun is currently stationed in Leo.

What is the significance of a New Moon? The Moon operates on a 28 day cycle,

a little over 28 days. This cycle is broken up into phases. The Full and New Moon's define the beginning and ending of the Waning and Waxing periods. The Waning Period is when the Moon begins to fade away into darkness. The Waxing is when the Moon begins to build back up into the big beautiful Full Moon.

The New Moon is the Dark Moon. The Moon that we cannot see for 2 days out of the Month. This Moon is the end of the Waning period and symbolizes the final death of the self that we spent the previous days reflecting on. The New Moon asks us to set our intentions for the Waxing Period for the Waxing cycle is all about action.

The New Moon this month being in Leo asks us to reflect on matters regarding how we express ourselves to the world. Leo energy is ruled by Fire which is regarded as the element of the soul. It is where passion, creativity, expression, and love all stem from. Leo is about establishing that energy in the world and sharing it with others. This Leo Season we will be asked more so than ever to evaluate our place in the world, and how we express ourselves and connect to those we love most.

Tonight on this New Moon in Leo, set your intentions for who you wish to be in this next cycle. Where do you feel most confident? How do you love those around you? What fills your heart? What inspires you and drives you?

New Moon Ritual for Leo:


Red, Orange or Gold Candle- you can also purchase an astrological candle for Leo.

Herbs: Cinnamon Bark, Sage

Stones: Amber, Aragonite, Gold and/or Carnelian

Oil: Fire elemental Oil, or Amber, Cinnamon

Tarot Cards

Paper and pen or Book of Shadows


Make sure your space you are performing ritual in is clean, and make sure you have showered or washed your hands before you begin.

Set up your altar if you have one - Put oil in diffuser

Cast your circle

Light your Candle(S)

Light your incense

Do New Moon focused Tarot reading asking your guides to tell you what energies you must focus on for this next cycle. See where your energy will best serve you.

Once you have seen the guidance from the Tarot cards write down what cards you have.

Underneath that write down what you wish to intend for the next cycle.

After you have made your list, read it allowed to the Sun while you face the South and ask for the Sun and the Moon to bless you on these day.

After you have read your letter, take the piece of paper you wrote down what you intend and place underneath your candle you are burning in the spirit of Leo.

Let your candle burn until it is completely out, or until the spell is over for you.

While your candle is burning you may wish to meditate. During this meditation allow yourself to envision seeing what you asked for play out over the following month. Because Leo is ruled by the Heart Chakra, you may want to do a meditation focused on the Heart.

Once you are done with your spell, thank the Moon and the Sun for hearing your wish.

Light your Sage and bless the space.

Close your Circle.

Once your Circle has been closed take some time to feel yourself being lifted by the energies around you.

Feel free to record any powerful experiences you felt during your meditation and ritual.

Blessed be!