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Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Mercury Retrograde has become a widely known astrological phenomenon that has a tendency to cause a lot of anxiety and worry for those who may not know the implications of its cause and effect on us.

It is important to understand what a Retrograde is as well as understanding that its effects on you, as well as everyone else can vary from person to person- we are not all effected by energy the same.

Mercury goes Retrograde 3-4 times out of the year for about 3 weeks each time. A Retrograde is an illusion of a Planet changing coarse and moving backwards- but it is not actually moving backwards- it just appears that way to us on Earth because of our Orbit around the Sun. It creates an illusion that a Planet is moving backwards when it is not.

Because of this, the Planet can move back and forth over different aspects of our sky- but it is not actually doing this, it just looks that way to us.

We keep track of these celestial phenomenons because the energetic implications seem to manifest into synchronicities here on Earth.

Each Planet has a elemental factor that contributes to the energy we feel here on this Planet.

Mercury rules two houses and two different signs. The 3rd and 6th houses, Gemini and Virgo.

Gemini rules the 3rd house- which is the House of Communication and Education

Virgo rules the 6th house, which is the House of Health and Service.

Depending on where Mercury is in your personal Natal chart is how Mercury effects you.

When Mercury goes Retrograde it will be in a particular sign and a particular house. This will influence you based on how the aspect is effecting your specific position in your Natal Chart.

This can be really confusing when you are first learning Astrology, but it is an important factor when understanding why or how a Planet will be influencing you.

Mercury is looked at as the Planet of Communication, but because it is also associated with the sign Virgo- it also has to do with health and how we serve others.

Because Mercury is currently in Virgo and the Retrograde will be in Virgo, this could have more to do with how we take care of ourselves as well as how we are of service to those in our communities.

People who have Mercury in Virgo tend to be vary articulate and thorough communicators as Virgo is also a sign that is detail oriented and goal driven. Where as people who have Mercury in Gemini might be more fast paced with their speech, analytical, but in a more social way.

Both Virgo and Gemini are Mutable, which means they tend to be more go with the flow. So typically Mercury in either of these signs will be willing to hear all sides of a problem, in fact they may see all sides of an issue so well that their ability to articulate it may be overwhelming to those around them.

With Mercury being Retrograde in a Sign it does well in- Virgo, we may be feeling less chaotic, and more grounded with the undoing of old structures in regards to how we take care of ourselves, others, and how we organize our thought process and communication. But Retrograde periods also leave room for undoing of old structures in a way that can be difficult if we are trying to hold onto old patterns and old ways that are no longer serving us.

It is also important to note that Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is just one side of the equation. We have many other Planets influencing this time, as well as aspects.

Mercury will be going Retrograde in Virgo from 1:02 AM Universal time on August 13th until September 5th at 11:31 AM Universal time in Leo.

During the Retrograde it will hit a few keynote aspects that will influence how the energy effects us.

The first influence will be Mercury in Virgo in Opposition to Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune is Retrograde as well right now, which means there is more opportunity for substance abuse, as well as crazy dreams, or overly fantasizing things we may feel like we have no control over.

For those of you who feel the energy is working out for you well, this is because Neptune is subject to very dreamy and fantastical energy. The problem here can lie in the energy of the Retrograde potentially sneaking up on us as Neptune energy has a hard time staying grounded, but the energy of Mercury in Virgo could help to ground this energy, and the syncing of the retrogrades could work for us here.

If we spend too much time in day dream land and not taking care of our responsibilities, we could end up having a harsh reality check by the end of the month with Mercury conjuncts with Mars in Leo on September 3rd.

The positive of this aspect starting off the Retrograde is that we may feel motivated to get detail oriented about our goals and dreams and how we serve our communities. The energy of Mercury Virgo mixed with the energy of Neptune in Pisces might actually help us figure out how to bring our dreams more into focus. We may see things in a new way, or feel like we know how to articulate our dreams in a new way.

Still with the energy of the Retrograde- which is an illusion that ties into Neptune so well- we want to be careful that things to not end up blowing up in our face as a Retrograde and mean that energy is not really working for us all the way- it still has room for difficulties, challenges, and curveballs to come at us- both Uranus and Pluto Retrograde at this time is almost guaranteeing for some unexpected curveballs for a while.

This is not the time to really be making any concrete decisions, but more so thinking about how we can begin to move forward after this retrograde. This is a great time for making lists and thinking about the plans, but not acting acting on them quite yet.

We also have a Sextile of Venus to Mercury at this time which means that relationships of all kinds, but especially romantic ones, may be at the forefront of our minds as well as how we view ourselves from a vanity perspective. We may want to change our looks at this time, or change a way we have been relating to our partners. Because of the Retrograde- this is a great time to be thinking about this, not the best time to be acting on it. But the energy here is pleasant, so enjoy time with loved ones, just be mindful with how you are communicating to them as people may be more sensitive than usual.