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Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

I was born on a Full Moon in Pisces in August of 1989. My Grandfather on my Mothers side was a Pisces. My Grandmother on my Dads side is a Pisces. My Mother is a Pisces rising, and my little Sister is a Pisces.

  Before I knew all of this, I actually felt incredibly disconnected to Pisces energy, mostly because I didn't understand it.  I interpreted Pisces energy to be overly critical of philosophy, but also overly philosophical to an overly emotional extent. I felt Pisces energy had a hard time containing itself before I even knew, I myself, had a ton of it! 

 What I have learned about my own Pisces Moon energy has brought me home to myself. I have learned to accept my dark self, my troubled self, my psychic self, my sensitive and emotional self. Before I had this knowledge of my Moon, these were parts of myself I worked hard at rejecting which often resulted in mental and emotional breakdowns. Thoughts of suicide, bouts of depression, and in my younger years, substance abuse.

 I bring this up because understanding the energy of Pisces, which is ruled by Neptune, and understanding Neptune, has helped me heal the negative aspects of the way I was using my Pisces energy, and now I have learned to harness my Pisces nature and use it in a positive way. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and in Roman mythology was the god of the sea- in Greek mythology Neptune was Poseidon.

 Neptune was the brother of Jupiter and Pluto.

 Neptune also rules Horses, and was the creator of Horses as well as the Trident. He created Horses when he had an affair with Medusa. 

In astrology Neptune is looked at as the planet that wishes to dissolve the Ego. Neptune energy asks us to look at things outside of ourselves in a more spiritual way. There is a desire to be formless and a part of the bigger universal unknown.

 People with strong Neptune energy in their charts, or strong Pisces energy in their charts often can have issues around substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, and depression, and mental disorders because there is an inner knowing that there is more "out there" than what we are experiencing here in this moment. If we are fighting this knowing within us, it can create major problems psychologically and emotionally. It is important for anyone with strong Pisces or Neptune energy to believe in large spiritual ideas, it actually helps ground the ungrounded energy. 

 We don't live in a culture where death is looked at as a progression into another life. We look at death as an end. As our culture gets further away from spirituality and science  co-existing, we see a rise in depression and big pharma as people struggle with being alone with themselves and the ideas that there is or isn't something greater out there than this experience.

 Regardless of whether or not you are dogmatic in your beliefs, or revere yourself a science based person, we know that the universe is an ever expanding pool of energy.

    Neptune energy taps into this pool and we remember we are a part of everything.

 Our human experience only isolates us from getting to be everything. We recognize the human body almost as a prison, keeping us away from our true destiny- to be one with the universe.

 Humans seem to be the only species on this planet that are fascinated with the idea of leaving Earth. We look to the skies for answers, whether scientific or spiritual. 

  This could all be associated with the Neptunian crisis.

Before Neptune was discovered, the Moon was associated as the ruling planet for Pisces. And like Neptune, the Moon tends to represent a deeper self, a darker self, and a more intuitive and emotion based self.

 When the Moon is in Pisces this is really a time we will feel more connected to this deep self. If we are in a place where we fear and neglect our shadow selves, these transits effect us negatively which can result in emotional breakdowns or substance abuse.

 It is important during Full Moon transits to really pay attention to what triggers you and how you want to respond to the energy. Typically if you feel negative during the transit of the Moon in whatever sign- this is an area that needs work in your life, and more attention.

When you are in tune with the energy and using it in a positive way, you will feel more in flow with yourself and the energy around you.

  It is best during a Pisces Moon to really focus on self care and creativity. This would be the worst time to drink or overindulge in addictive behaviors as there is more room for depression and suicidal thoughts. 

 Dreams are enhanced during these transits, so this is a very good time to dream journal, meditate, and partake in ritual.

 Spending time in water- even in a ritual bath at home is a great way to get in touch with this deep part of yourself.

 Allowing yourself to feel painful things, cry it out, and nurture your heart will be more beneficial than avoiding painful memories or feelings.

Neptune also rules music, song, poetry, and art. This is a great time for creating these things or enjoying the beauty of them.

Full Moon energy is always about letting go of what no longer serves us. For the Harvest Moon it is important that we enter the Autumn leaving behind what no longer serves us from the Summer.

 We need to prepare ourselves for Winter- which symbolizes the death of the year. We are gearing up for the end of the cycle and we need to begin to let go of whatever this year brought in that we do not want to bring into the next year.

My favorite Full Moon ritual consists of writing everything down you wish to let go of and burning it in a bowl.

For this Pisces Full Moon you may want to write a poem that symbolizes what you will be allowing to die for you in this cycle. 

Ritual for Pisces Harvest Moon: