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Mercury Direct 9/5/17, What it means for you and how you can use the energy to best serve you.

The fast moving planet of Mercury will finally be going direct on September 5th, 2017 after a very intense retrograde that I, myself, will be remembering for years to come I am sure. The amount of posts from others on social media I have read since the retrograde and eclipse about inner and outer turmoil, transition, and upheaval, has me understanding the effects of our celestial gods and goddesses even more than I ever have before.

Mercury was named after Mercuries, who was the son of Maia and Jupiter in Roman mythology and was deemed the patron god of poetry, financial gain, luck, boundaries, messages, communication, and trickery. He was also looked to as a messenger for gods, communicating between the world of the living and the world of dead- escorting souls on their journey. Mercury also comes from the Latin word "merx" which translates to merchandise. There is a lot more that goes in depth on the mythology of Mercury online- I am here to write more about how this transit will be effecting you, but if you are interested in Mercury the god, there are some great articles on Google! This brief paragraph gives some insight to where Mercury, in astrology, gets its association with being the planet of communication, and why when it goes retrograde, things may not always go according to plan or we may feel more mentally distressed.

This plays into the story of Mercury quite well, as we can look at the retrograde period almost as Mercury's time to shake things up and play tricks on us.

The direct energy of Mercury on the 5th will still be in Leo for a few more days before Mercury will enter the more grounding sign of Virgo- which is much more comfortable for all of us as Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury is both ruled by Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is an Air sign, Virgo an Earth Sign. Which represents the energy of Mercury quite well as being both representative of the communication and financial aspects of our day to day.

That is why matters around signing contracts or making large financial decisions around a retrograde period are ill advised.

What do you have to look forward to with Mercury going direct?

The transit itself tomorrow may have you feeling a bit more clear headed, but I don't think we will be feeling the full benefits until Mercury enters Virgo on the 10th.

Here we will begin to feel a lot more grounded mentally and we can really begin to be thinking about goals and pushing our energy forward.

I always like to think of astrological energy in the Tarot, because I feel it best describes how the energy plays out in our lives.

The 3 Tarot cards in the Minor Arcana that are ruled by Virgo are:

7 of Pentacles

8 of Pentacles

9 of Pentacles

The 7 of Pentacles is all about contemplation of what to do next. We are thinking about what we have and how we can begin to move forward.

When we get to the 8 of Pentacles, this is where we really start to put our energy into motion. This is the card of the worker determined to bring those goals into reality by chipping away and making it happen. We are done thinking about it, it is time for action.

The 9 of Pentacles is all about us enjoying the fruits of our labor and connecting to the gratitude for what we have and what we have earned.

This should be the natural progression for Mercury in Virgo this Month as the energy progresses.

We should be focusing on getting ourselves back to the grindstone and taking what we learned in the eclipse season and applying it to our lives.

When the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd the energy will be come even more harmonious, and if we set ourselves up right at the beginning of the month, we should be enjoying a very fulfilling end of September.

If you want the energy of Mercury to serve you well in the weeks to come it will be wise to begin getting on top of finances, list making, goal planning, and figuring out a strategic plan for the rest of the month and year if you can.

Those of us who fail to do this may end up in a whirlwind of depression and envy watching those around us who are tapping into the energy succeed at a faster pace than maybe they had previously. Don't let yourself fall into this trap!

Some things you can do to get yourself ready for this next cycle of Mercury direct :

- To do list for rest of the month and year

- Dream/ Vision board for 2018

- Meditation

- Education- on whatever subject will best help you to accomplish your dreams.

- Breathing exercised

- Financial planning

- Being open to new opportunities and perspectives.

It is also important to know- each transit effects each individual different based on the transits hitting them specifically in your own personal natal chart.

If you would like to find out how the planets are effecting you, book a reading with me by emailing me at

I hope you enjoy the Tarot spread I created for this next cycle! Wishing you the best of luck for this month and thanks for reading !

Cosmic Lady Six