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Moonday Monday🌙Your Weekly Moonscope 1/22 -1/28

Moonscope Forecast

1/22-1/28 2018

Welcome to my new horoscope series! Every week I discuss the weekly Moon forecast and what to expect energetically and emotionally as the Moon moves through the Zodiac.

The Moon in Astrology represents the spiritual and subconscious world. It is the night world, the things we feel vs. the things we see. Our secrets, our trauma, our desires, our deep rooted longing, our visions, our dreams, our shadows.

Whatever sign the Moon is in has a direct influence on us energetically, especially with the Moon being the closest object to the Earth. We know scientifically that the Moon is Earths natural satellite and that its gravitational relationship to the Earth effects the tides of the ocean and may have been a key player in helping make Earth an inhibitable planet for life.

Monday Jan. 22nd

The Moon will be stationed in Aries for the whole day on Monday. This gives the start to our week some creative and motivational Fire. After an intense weekend filled with protest and activism we may be feeling renewed and reborn to hit the ground running strongly into the week. We could also feel overly intense and emotional when it comes to how we establish our identities. There may be some things boiling underneath the surface that need your attention. You will want to be mindful of how you express yourself to others as you may come off too strong if not careful.

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Moon Sextile the Sun in Aquarius at 2:55 AM

This causes emotional drive towards independence and speaking our truth from a very passionate perspective. Most of us will be asleep during this transit over on the West Coast, for those who wake up early on the East Coast, you could feel an urge to express yourself freely and speak your truth. Be mindful of how you get your message across to others as it could be very harsh for soft ears.

Moon Squaring Saturn in Capricorn at 5:41 AM

We may feel some tension around organized structure in our lives and may feel triggered without how we respond to responsibility, we also may feel more driven to tighten up loose ends and become more responsible in areas of our life.

Moon Sextile Venus in Aquarius at 9:28 AM

Issues around self image and self love could surface. We may feel more connected to ourselves in a personal way, we could become detached to others and feel more need for nurturing ourselves in a personal way.

Tuesday Jan.23rd

The Moon will remain in Aries until 8:16 PM PST when it will become Void of Course. Void of Course is when the Moon is in the middle of transitioning from one sign to another. It is advised during this time to take it easy and not plan on making any strict plans as the energy can feel very "off" and muddled.

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Moon Squaring Mercury in Capricorn 7:29 AM

This square makes communication in work situations hard. This is not the ideal time for meetings or working things out with co-workers. You may want to reschedule any morning work calls or meetings for another day.

Moon Squaring Pluto in Capricorn 10:47 AM

This reinforces things in the physical front being emotionally charged and due for some transformation.There may be some kind of change to your morning on this day that does not go as planned. Best to go with the flow and not get too emotionally derailed by it. I would avoid applying for a new job or starting a new project on this day.

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Aries 8:16 PM

By the end of an intense day we may be feeling energetically like we personally need a change. We may feel emotionally uprooted and gutted. It would be best to try and give yourself some rest as you may feel amped up and ready to completely change your life in a drastic way. This could be an overly exaggerated emotional response to what happened earlier in the day so you may want to just draw a hot bath and chill out for the rest of the evening. Especially with the Moon becoming void of course shortly after this transit- you will want to stay home and give yourself a break.

Wednesday Jan.24th

First Quarter Moon at 4 degrees in Taurus. The Moon will enter Taurus at 5:27 AM PST.

The First Quarter Moon is great for establishing new projects and planting new seeds. We may wake up feeling a sense of duty like we have things we discovered within ourselves at the beginning of the week, and now we are ready to figure out a structured plan on how to manifest those needs into the material. Taurus is all about admiring the way things are and stabilizing our material plane. We may feel stubborn on Wednesday if we are not careful and may feel we want to embrace the comfort zone we have created for ourselves while knowing we need to plant new seeds for the future. This is a good time to write out some goals for February and begin brainstorming how you can accomplish them over the following few days.

Strong Aspects during day PST

Mercury in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 12:47 PM

This conjunction could make for some large changes in the work front and material front in regard to communication not really flowing well. Mercury Conjunct Pluto asks us to rethink how we approach a situation, in Capricorn this