Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Moonscope for 1/29-2/4

It is eerie how accurate last weeks Moon Forecast played out for me on a personal level in my own life. I wrote last weeks Moonscope on Saturday, and by Thursday, almost like clockwork, I realized I had fallen into the energy of every Moon Aspect I had covered in the post I had written previous to any of the events occurring. Astrology is truly AMAZING!

I hope these Moon forecasts can give you some peace of mind as you move into your week. We always can choose how we respond to energy, but we are not always aware or in control of how it comes to form in our life. Energy is moving and constantly evolving, we project so much onto the world from the way we perceive and filter through our own experiences. An energy that disrupts one may influence and inspire another. I try to write my posts to apply to all kinds of people, and you can really decide how you want to use the energy in your own life to benefit you. There is always a valuable lesson in every obstacle.

Monday Jan 29th

Moon in Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the Moon so this is a comfortable placement to get our week started. However we may not be going into the week with a lot of energy. We could find ourselves hitting snooze an extra 10 times on the alarm clock and we may feel like bricks are tied to our feet as we step into work. We also may be a little on the overly sensitive side. It will be good to go easy on yourself as well as others and make sure you get a good nights sleep. Moon in Cancer days are always best for utilizing self care rituals. Spending time in water with a bath or doing spiritual work is advised

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 7:20AM

The Moon in Cancer making a Trine to Neptune in Pisces enhances our intuitive and dream like state into the morning. We may feel ourselves in fantasy/day dream land, and if we are the creative type we may have a lot of new ideas around creative projects or feel a need to get working on them. It may be hard for us to feel grounded in the morning, we may feel like our brains are in a fog and very sensitive to the energy around us. Allow yourself to move slowly and take it easy.

Moon Opposition Pluto in Capricorn 6:34PM

This opposition challenges our beliefs about ourselves on the physical and psychological planes. We may be feeling emotionally off from our start to our week and overly sensitive to how others are perceiving us. We may feel a transformation beneath the surface taking place that we are not quite sure how to put our finger on. Chances are there are things that need to get done-priorities that need to be evaluated and old patterns of behavior that need to be broken through in order to gain clarity on what you may be neglecting. This transit also effects our health spiritually and physically and it will be important that we are evaluating whether our habits are beneficial to our over all health on all fronts. Take good care of yourself in the evening hours-make sure you eat a healthy dinner and do some meditation or light yoga for exercise. Getting grounded and focusing on some self care will be good to end your day with.

Tuesday Jan. 30th

Moon Void of Course at 8:40AM, Moon enters Leo 10:53AM

With the Moon entering Leo we are only one day away from our big Super Blue Moon Eclipse on Wednesday. This gives us some time to settle into the emotional tides of Leo energy, which can be very intense and overly dramatic if we are not too careful. On the positive side it can be a great continuation of creative energy we may have been feeling from the day before. We may feel a need to share our feelings with others at this time and we may seek approval or recognition in some way throughout the day. Try to not let your ego or pride get in the way of what is truly going on. We may feel like there could be an emphasis on needing the spot light for work we are doing, but it would be best to recognize that this need is not always rooted in reality. Try to give yourself the love you seek from others before judging others on whether or not they are loving or acknowledging you the "right" way.

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Moon Opposition Mercury in Capricorn 8:40AM

Sharing ideas and our creative endeavors may be on the forefront of our minds during this transit and it is a great morning to do so. There is room for potential gossip during this transit so you will want to mindful with what you say about others and to whom you say it.

Moon Trine Mars in Sagittarius 3:13PM

This transit also enhances our ability to push forward with our creative endeavors and our ideas. We may feel a huge spark of drive during this transit to establish our goals and our beliefs into what it is we are doing. We may feel determined to empower ourselves through our creativity and strong sense of self. We will feel a bit like we are recharged and finding our momentum again after a slow start to the week.

Wednesday Jan. 31st

Lunar Eclipse, Super Blue Moon in Leo 5:27AM

A Blue Moon only happens once every 19 years.However, this year we have two! This day marks the first of our two Blue Moons of the year and is also a Super Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse, which is the first time this has happened all at once in 150 years! With this event coming up in Leo we may be feeling all kinds of transformations within taking place that may even bring up some similar issues we were working through during the Solar Eclipse in Leo back in August last year. This Moon will ask of us that we get really clear with our intentions for this next cycle. We need to really be moving away from self doubt and things that are no longer in line with the path we are meant to be on. During this Moon try to give yourself some down time to practice a letting go ritual. I wrote a separate blog over on that will be explaining more in depth on what you can do for this transit. Tarot spread and Ritual included.

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Moon Opposition Sun in Aquarius 5:27AM

A Full Moon occurs when the Moon is opposing the Sun, this opposition always allows for a polarity in the dual signs, in this case Leo and Aquarius, the mind and the heart. This will empower us to share ourselves intensely, and we may feel extra inclined to overly post on social media in regard to issues that are dear to our hearts and things humanitarian or social justice causes we care about This is a good energy to get the day started with, but try to be mindful with the ego projection as well.

Mercury enters Aquarius 5:40AM

Mercury in Aquarius allows for us to have a lot come to focus for us in how we effect change within the world. The sharing of ideas around innovation and change, and how that applies to the group think and front lines of our political systems will be a major focus. On a personal level we may feel more politically driven, we could see ourselves getting caught up in following the news and getting very orally driven in sharing our opinions or thoughts on what is happening in the world during this time.

Moon Opposition Venus in Aquarius 2:48PM

Emotionally we will feel there is a lot being challenged within us. Especially things around our ego, our sense of self, our pride. We may feel a tug to step outside of ourselves and see the world for the bigger picture. This opposition may push us to evolve in our beliefs and we may feel emotionally triggered to want to help the world in a bigger way.

Moon Square Jupiter in Scorpio 8:59 PM

This transit during the evening may cause more tension on deep rooted ideas around the sense of self. We may feel a need to create something from a deep rooted emotional need or pressure we are putting onto ourselves. Try to remember that success is a perception. It would be easy to fall into an ego trip during this transit- try to stay grounded in reality. If you have shadow work that needs to be done, do it creatively as the tension could help facilitate some great work. Write a song, paint something, find some way of expressing yourself that is healthy. Be mindful of what you put into your body as you may be more incline to overly indulge on this evening as a way of coping with your feelings.

Thursday Feb. 1st

Moon Void of Course at 2:58AM, Moon enters Virgo 11:13AM

It will be important on Thursday that we find a way of staying grounded. Our emotions were running bit intense and overly ruling, it is time for us to focus on what is really happening in our lives, be grateful for where we are at, and do something in the physical world that helps put us back in touch with reality. This would be a good day to get things organized around the home or office. To make a "to do" list for the month and begin chipping away. Put procrastination behind you and focus on getting some real work done today.

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Moon Square Mars in Sagittarius 5:48PM

Tension at the end of the day ensues as we may feel confrontational around defending our beliefs or place in the world. We could be overly judgmental of others during this transit, and there is a warning to be mindful of how you speak or judge others at this time. Try to stay grounded. If things on social media are getting to you, turn the phone off and go for a walk. Try to get more connected to the Earth rather than giving into the aggressive energy you feel in a negative way. Channel it positively by building heat within the body, working out, or doing yoga or going to the hot tubs is a good way of expending this heat. There could also be room for accidents and clumsy behavior so be careful and try to slow down as well.

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 7:21PM

If we followed the above advice and got some of our inner heat moving, we may be feeling like our minds are cleared and our emotions more stable. This will give us an opportunity to enjoy our evening and it will have worked in grounding our sporadic energy we had only hours before. Listen to your body, feed it something that will strengthen and empower you. Chip away at your "to do" list if you are still feeling any kind of momentum to get things done throughout the night.

Friday Feb 2nd


Moon in Virgo, Void of Course at 11:07PM

The Moon will stay in Virgo for the majority go the day as we celebrate what is known as "Imbolc" which is known as the first day of Spring. It would be great to have a ritual in mind for honoring the rebirth of the Sun and the Earth in all of their glory. You can plan a festive dinner, buy yourself some seasonal flowers, and perform an Imbolc ritual when you get home. This is also a great day for going on a nature walk or hike and getting in touch with the wonderful Mother Earth.

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Moon Opposition Neptune in Pisces 8:30AM

For some we may feel like it is hard for us to wake up and get moving in the morning as our heads may be in the clouds. For others we may feel more motivated to get on with the day if we have so many ideas swimming around in our heads we just have to begin putting them into form. This day should be enhanced with creative impulses and urges and we may see more beauty in the world as Spring enters into our atmosphere.

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 8:23PM

Emotional transformation around what we perceive in the physical world could take place as the day closes. Maybe whatever we were creatively doing took a different turn and we feel a strong sense of ourselves being renewed as we leave behind old parts of the self we no longer have a need for.

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 11:07PM

The Moon will make a harmonious aspect to Jupiter before going Void of Course. This could be very positive for us ending a jam packed day where we feel at one with ourselves in the material and spiritual realms. A chemical union within feels as if it is taking place and we end the day with love in our hearts and peace in our mind.

Saturday Feb 3rd

Moon enters Libra at 1:47 PM

The Moon will be Void of Course for the first part of our day so we may feel a bit "off" as we get our weekend started. When the Moon enters Libra we will feel more interested sharing ideas with a friend or spending time with our significant other. We could also be interested in changing something about our appearance, or home. This is a great day for sharing ideas, or learning more about something we are interested in.

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Mars in Sagittarius 7:58AM

This transit starting the day off could have us on a crusade for justice. You may find yourself getting wrapped up in the news or political issues that interest you. This might be a good day to figure out how you want to help the world in some way, or how you can share your ideas with others. Try to be mindful with how aggressive you could come off, but it could be an interesting morning for expanding your own views and beliefs by having a powerful conversation with someone else.

Venus in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Scorpio 10:07PM

Tensions could run high at the end of the evening where our heads and our hearts may be in conflict with each other. There is room for us to overindulge and use escapism to get away from deep rooted uncomfortable issues that need acknowledging. It may be good to try to meditate or calm yourself by journaling the feelings out.

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 10:50PM

Emotionally we will feel resistance to responsibilities we know we need to take care of. Try to break through the resistance, use the tension to challenge you in a way that motivates you to get moving. Do not let the structure and responsibility of your life get you down, as you have worked so hard to obtain what you have and where you are at. Everything you do that is "boring" but "responsible" can really help you build the overall stability in your life you need in order to do the things you really want to do. Try to see the silver lining.

Moon Sextile Mars in Sagittarius 11:11PM

Breakthroughs at the end of the day for us on the emotional and mental front. We may feel a shift is happening within that we want to express to the world. We may find our beliefs and perceptions around the world begin to evolve as we head into the night. 11:11 is an Angel number that symbolizes messages from your ancestors and being put more in line with your karmic path. Whatever shift that is happening within will be large to the direction of your life.

Sunday Feb 4th

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra is a very harmonious energy for us on Sunday as we may feel a need to fulfill our minds and admire the world for all of tis beauty. Try to let yourself hang out with a friend to share this energy, or your partner, or curl up at home with a good book and enjoy the day to yourself.

Strong Aspects during the day PST

Moon Trine Mercury in Aquarius 12:29AM

This is powerful and wonderful energy for conversation and sharing ideas. If you have any writing projects, this is a great day to work on them. If you like to read, this is a great day for starting or finishing a book.

Moon Trine Sun in Aquarius 6:35PM

This reinforces our need for the sharing of ideas, as well as the quest for knowledge. Our brains will be thirsty, have a great time enjoying the day doing something that feeds into your mental pursuits and interests.