Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Moonscope 2/5-2/11

Happy February!

This week is full of all kinds of positive energy around transformation. We are definitely entering a birthing period of a new self. The butterfly is getting ready to crack open that cocoon and spread its wings. This week we will feel an urge to get rid of people, things, and ideas that no longer have a place for us in this next cycle.

Monday 2/5

Moon Void of Course 10:46AM

Moon Enters Scorpio 7:56PM

Starting the day off with the Moon Void of Course, we may be feeling like our late morning/afternoon is off. It would be good to take things slow and allow yourself to ease into your day without too many expectations. With the Moon entering Scorpio in the evening, we could see ourselves feeling more and wanting to do less. This is a good night for self care. Don't push it too hard today.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Venus in Aquarius 7:33AM

With the Moon in Trine with Venus this morning we may feel like things on the mental and emotional front are good. We are more likely to see the beauty in the world on this day, and we may want to feel connected to our friends and partners more intensely on an emotional and intellectual level.

Moon Opposition Uranus in Aries 10:46AM

With the Moon going Void of Course as well as Squaring Uranus in Aries, issues around our sense of self could come up for us for the middle part of the day which may cause us to feel uneasy. Try not to let the ego get too wrapped up in any self deprecating or negative self talk. Feel the feelings and move on. We may feel we need a change or feel restless as well during this transit. Maybe try to allow yourself to do something today you wouldn't normally do- but in a subtle sense- like getting coffee or lunch somewhere new.

Tuesday 2/6

Moon in Scorpio

The Moon in Scorpio is a positive placement. The Moon in any of the water signs allows us to tap more into our emotional spectrum and work through things below the surface. Scorpio being the sign that helps us to shed the self and transform, may have us feeling like we are birthing a new self from within. Work through these feelings in a positive way, allow yourself to detach from the old person and step into the new. Spring is heading our way and this is the perfect time for spring cleaning and emptying out things in the closet we no longer need, metaphorically and literally.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 6:05AM

Although this transit is early in the morning for those of us on the West Coast, we may have a lot of drive this morning to accomplish things in the material around work and money, or even health and wellness. This morning would be perfect for waking up early and getting something done you may have been putting off, or going for a morning jog, hike, or morning gym work out. I personally enjoy yoga in the mornings, you may have more energy and want to add more to the start to your day.

Moon Square Mercury in Aquarius 3:45PM

Potential conflict on the communication front could ensue during this transit today. You want to be mindful on how you speak about your feelings to others. We may feel passionately to share our side or what we are feeling on a deep level. Make sure the person on the receiving end is in a place where they can hear what you are saying. Also try to be mindful that you are not emotionally dumping onto others or not allowing for another point of view to be seen in a situation.

Venus in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries 5:36PM

Although we may have had a hard time getting out point across earlier in the day, the energy of Venus and Uranus in the evening will help us to smooth things over. This transit is great for our ideas around the self and how we connect and relate to our ideas to bigger concepts. Reconciliation or creative visualization around an issue is a positive way to use this energy today. This transit is also great for working on a writing project, or journaling about issues you care about. You also may feel a need to expand your knowledge and enjoy spending your evening reading a new book.

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 8:38PM

This energy helps us to have an emotionally intense evening that is perfect for self care and nurturing. We may enjoy listening to music, drawing, playing music, watching a romantic comedy, or anything that makes our hearts feel warm and fuzzy. This is a great energy for creativity and self care.

Wednesday 2/7

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio 7:54AM

Moon Void of Course at 11:16PM

The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio is perfect energy for us continuing a release and letting go of an old self. This is a perfect day to get rid of clothes, furniture, or things that no longer serve us. Attachments to the past need to be left behind. Our morning we may feel like we are ready for some changes, and we will most likely feel it to be internal and spiritual changes needed most.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Sun in Aquarius 7:54AM

This is the Last Quarter transit, we will be needing to detach and let go from old ideas that no longer serve us. It is time to evolve our point of view.

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 10:16AM

This is the perfect energy for us letting go and getting rid of things in the material we may no longer need. We may feel a happiness as we throw out old items that remind us of a self we no longer feel is within us. Spring cleaning commence!

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 1:57PM

With the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio we will be feeling a lot of intensity around who we are and what we have, we need to allow ourselves to do this shadow work in a way that is effective and positive. This is a positive transit and is a great extension of the energy we felt in the morning. Just continue to throw out he old and welcome the new. A

Moon Square Venus in Aquarius 11:16PM

For those of us awake during this transit, we may feel a bit of tension around everything we let go of during the last few days. We may question if we really are doing the right thing, and we may feel a sense of loss and nostalgia around the old self we are ready to leave behind. Allow yourself to detach emotionally from the things of the past, it is hard and painful, but a necessary part of your growth into the next part of your life.

Thursday 2/8

Moon Enters Sagittarius 5:53AM

The Moon in gives us the ability to understand our beliefs from a more philosophical standpoint. We may feel like it is easier for us to psychoanalyze ourselves and what we are going through as well as others on a deeper and more effective plane. This is a great energy for working through anything you are feeling, as well as helping others. You may also feel more judgmental towards others, or feel a need to break free and get out of your current routine.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Mars in Sagittarius 10:40PM

Things will be amped up for us in the evening during this transit. We may have a jolt of energy to accomplish things that are important to us. The evening will be full of energy-find a way to use it positively and creatively.

Friday 2/9

Moon in Sagittarius

This day will be full of inspiration and motivation to get things moving. After a detoxing and cleansing start to the week we may feel ready to establish ourselves and our goals outwardly. Use this energy to push things forward and chip away at your goals. The Temperance card in the Tarot is the themed energy for this day, as well as the 7 and 8 of Wands. Try to focus on putting your goals together and making things happen. Don't be afraid to share your ideas with others and get feedback as well.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 8:05AM

This transit causes us to feel emotionally on edge. We may feel like there is something cooking inside that could burst and any moment. Try to use this morning to meditate and cool the ego. We need to operate from the heart not the mind, but the heart may be extra vulnerable so you will want to be in a place where you are protecting your energy from others as well.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Aquarius 12:32PM

Sharing ideas and beliefs with others by the afternoon will serve us well. This is a great energy for socializing and getting into conversations that feed our minds. Take the time today to enjoy your connection to others. Be open minded to hearing lots of different beliefs and points of view. This is a great day for expanding knowledge and learning something new as well.

Saturday 2/10

Moon Void of Course 8:38AM

Moon enters Capricorn 6:21PM

The Moon in Capricorn will help ground us this weekend after an emotionally and mentally intense driven week. We may feel like we want to get out of our minds and hearts and focus more on doing things in the physical world. Make sure you are spending your money wisely. This is a good energy for being out in nature. Go for a hike and get more connected to your body this weekend.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Uranus in Aries 8:38AM

This energy allows for us to feel the shift within the self to get things moving on the physical front. Use this energy to have a positive and healthy start to your day by doing something physical or self fulfilling.

Venus Enters Pisces 3:20PM

Venus in Pisces will be a positive influence for us over the next month. We will enjoy feeling more empathy towards others and our hearts will be on our sleeves. Love is in the air. Get more connected to yourself sexually and emotionally. Allow this energy to help you see the beauty in others and in the world. Our creativity will enhance has well during this period, channel this energy to create new art, music, or projects.

Sun in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Scorpio 3:21PM

With this transit coinciding with Venus in Pisces, we may feel tension around some of the things we thought about ourselves and others evolving into new territory. Maybe we realize we have been overly judgmental and critical over the last few months and it is time to ease up and have more compassion, towards ourselves as well as others.

Moon Trine Venus 6:42PM

We end the evening with love and empathy in our hearts. This is a great energy for self care and taking it easy on the mental front. This evening would be better used doing something physical. Eat outside, do an evening work out, or connect to your lover in a physical way. This energy is also great for going out and experiencing live music, an art show, or something that feeds the soul through creativity and outward expression.

Sunday 2/11

Moon in Capricorn

Getting grounded emotionally is the theme for Sunday. Yoga is a great practice for that as well as focusing on the root chakra. Capricorn energy is all about moving things forward and connecting to the Earth. This is a great day for getting our physical and financial world in order to ease our mental and emotional tension. Do something with the body that helps ground you today.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 6:17AM

This transit solidifies our need to get grounded and establish a healthy structure in our lives around health, goals, and finances. Do whatever it is you need to do in regard to tying up loose ends before Monday hits so that you can go into the week stress free.

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 4:15PM

Self care and physical vitality is the focus for the evening. Nourish the body with good healthy food and do something emotionally fulfilling in the physical world. This is great energy for creating something with your hands, cooking, cleaning, art, music, working out, meditating, and self care.

Source for Transits: Jim Maynard's 2018 Pocket Astrologer and The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century Programmed by Neil F. Michelsen