Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Moonscope

This week is jam packed full with lots of amazing transits and celebrations. We have a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius the day after Valentine's Day, followed up by Chinese New Year, and we end the week with Mercury and our Sun entering Pisces.

We may feel a lot of intensity on the mental and emotional fronts, and it may be hard to keep up with everything going on around us. Hold on tight and try to get a clear intention set for what you want to achieve in this next cycle as New Moons, especially Solar Eclipse New Moons are the perfect energy for manifestation rituals and establishing clear intent to the world on what we want to be receiving in this next chapter.

Monday 2/12

Moon in Capricorn

Moon Void of Course 9:43PM

Monday will start out very action and goal oriented. We may have been feeling sluggish over the past week, but with the Moon in Capricorn we will feel more emotionally fulfilled if we take charge and focus on checking off things on our "to do" list rather than procrastinating. This is a great day for physical activity. Get ready to start this week with a "hit the ground running" kind of attitude.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon conjunct Mercury in Aquarius 11:21AM

This energy will have us wanting to share ideas and get things moving. This is great for meetings with people about future projects. Also a great energy for writers and people in tech.

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 3:42PM

This is a harmonious transit where we may feel more like we are finding emotional footing in what we are doing. We may feel grounded in what we are working through during this transit.

Moon Square Uranus 9:43PM

Come evening we may feel some tension regarding our sense of self and whether we feel we need to change things up. If you feel restless in the evening, this is a great energy for moving the body and doing a late night work out. It is also beneficial to write out another "to-do" list to give you any peace of mind going into the week on what else needs to be accomplished.

Tuesday 2/13

Mardi Gras

Moon enters Aquarius 7:11AM

With the Moon in Aquarius we may be feeling a bit more rebellious in nature and we may feel an urge to push back and go against structures. This energy could have us feeling like we are resenting traditional values or responsibilities we would rather not have. It will be important that you do things that mentally stimulate you instead of focusing on what you are unhappy with. This energy is best used to broaden your point of view and learn something new that is of interest to you.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Aquarius Square Jupiter in Scorpio 2:39PM

Tension will run high around matters of the heart and mind with our minds rebelling potentially against things we are feeling at a deep level. It will be important to assess where the pain is rooted from. What are we rebelling against, what old seeds need acknowledging? Is there growth happening beneath the surface? Be mindful of how you communicate with others as you may be easily triggered from a deep rooted place that has nothing to do with the outside force that is triggering you. Go within for the answers.

Sun in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries 6:22PM

"A-ha" moments around the self may come to fruition as our evening progresses. The tension we felt in the earlier part of the day may have us shedding light on some issues around the ego that needed addressing. You will feel a sense of relief having identified the part of the self that needed acknowledging so that true growth can really happen.

Wednesday 2/14

Valentines Day/Ash Wednesday

Moon in Aquarius

Ash Wednesday falling on Valentines Day this year has not happened since 1945. This duality of a religious holiday which marks the beginning of Lent, a period of fasting for serious Christians, has sparked much debate over how to celebrate Lent as well as Valentines day. The fact that this has already caused a stir in the media is very in line with our Moon in Aquarius energy on this day as it challenges our values and structures in place. Regardless of your religious orientation, with the Moon in Aquarius we may feel like challenging the traditions and the "old" way of doin things. Maybe we reject the corporate and capitalist celebration of love by doing something that is more focused on self care rather than spending it with someone else. Either way this will be an interesting day as love may not feel like it is in the air, we may feel more at odds with the projection of love onto each other and need space and time to be alone with our thoughts.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Mars in Sagittarius 6:29AM

This is a confidence boosting transit in the morning where we start the day knowing what we want and how to proceed forward. With the energy of the Moon in Aquarius and Mars in Sagittarius, we may be feeling more rebellious and aggressive than usual. You will want to be mindful of being too overly confident or pushy, but over all this energy is great for sharing ideas and getting things moving forward. Especially things you are passionate about.

Thursday 2/15

Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius 1:05PM

Moon Void of Course 1:05PM

Moon Enters Pisces 6:42PM

Thursday we have our powerful Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius. We will have Mercury, Juno, the Moon, and the Sun all conjunct on this day which will effect our ideas around relationships and how we communicate matters of beliefs in the heart and mind with others. These planets will also be in a harmonious sextile to Uranus causing us to feel a sense of restructuring within the self around our ideas in our relationships and how we communicate. You will be able to read a whole blog I wrote on this Solar Eclipse by the 15th over at

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries 7:07AM

This is a harmonious energy for our morning, causing us to feel confident in who we are and how we establish our own authority and beliefs in our lives and to the world. The need to break free from old values is emphasized, so you may feel or also see others feeling overly passionate about laying down their "truth" and outlook on life. We could see a lot of political or self empowerment posts on the internet, and because of the Solar Eclipse, we may even see some events take place that could shock or astound us.If you are wanting to break out of your comfort zone, this may be the day to do it.

Moon Sextile Uranus in Aries 9:40AM

This transit will reinforce the above energy into the morning and have us feeling emotionally passionate about establishing our independence and values. We will feel more than happy to break old forms and traditions and question authority, and we may feel like we are achieving an independence we have never felt before.

Moon Conjunct Mercury in Aquarius 10:06AM

The Moon conjunct Mercury in Aquarius has us able to share our ideas and values with others in an expansive and articulate way. This is a great morning for activism and self expression that breaks social norms.

Moon Conjunct Sun in Aquarius 1:05PM

Our identity will need to feel heavily emphasized during this day where the need to be free in the self and able to share that with others is emphasized. Our ego will want a lot of room to feel it has a voice amongst the people. A lot of people will be affected by this energy, so it will be important that you are mindful of how your words are coming out.

Venus in Pisces Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 3:19PM

This placement helps ease some of the intense energy of the mind and helps ground us a bit with our goals and ideas around what we want to achieve. We may feel more in line with our hearts during this transit and feel a need to fulfill something in the physical plane. Saturn in Capricorn represents structures, which is very opposite of the Aquarius energy our morning was so focused on, come the afternoon we may be feeling like our heads are realigning with our hearts and we may find that there are some structures in place we really enjoy and benefit from. We may also spend time fantasizing about what we wish our routine was and brainstorming ways we can make that a reality down the line.

Friday 2/16

Chinese New Year, Year of the Dog

Moon in Pisces

With the Lunar Year entering the sign of the Dog and our Moon in Pisces, we may feel like we want to focus more on the deep emotional part of ourselves. We may feel more empathy towards others and we may be more emotionally available to friends and family. This also heightens our sensitivity and makes us more in tune psychically to things going on around us. I always feel the Moon in Pisces is great for creative expression, listening to music, making art, and self care.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 6:58AM

This energy gives us a positive start to the day where we may feel inclined to accomplish a lot in the morning which inadvertently feeds the heart and gives us peace of mind.

Moon Conjunct Venus in Pisces 8:36AM

This energy is an extension of the positive flow we feel around nurturing ourselves and doing things in the morning that help us feel more at touch with our creative side. It would be a good day to wake up listening to your favorite songs and spending an extra long time getting ready in the morning. You may enjoy wearing something that makes you feel good and getting dressed up in a way you don't normally do every day. This placement is also great for romance and even day dreaming about your love life. Be careful not to get too lost in the clouds.

Moon Square Mars in Sagittarius 8:11PM

By the evening we may feel emotionally on edge and aggressive in establishing our ideas with others. If we had plans to go out, we might feel like our flow we had in the morning is disrupted by having to cater too much to someone else's plan that we weren't really ready for. Try to use this tension as an opportunity for expansion rather than feeling like your bubble is being burst and falling into victim mode.

Moon Conjunct Neptune in Pisces 8:32PM

Once our Moon has moved away from the Square with Mars we will feel back in line with our more dreamy and flowing morning energy we had. This evening would be a great night for art, music, dancing, or some kind of creative expression.

Saturday 2/17

Moon in Pisces

Moon Void of Course 2:13PM

After an intense week we will be ready for some self care Saturday action. This is a great day for sleeping in and pampering the self. You should try to take a bath and focus on rejuvenating the self.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 9:49AM

This energy only helps to amplify our need for self examination and transformation on a deep level. We may feel like we want to literally peel off the energy of the week and start anew. Allow the transformation of letting go of the week happen.

Moon Trine Jupiter in Scorpio 2:13PM

This transit helps us to feel on a deep level and get more in touch with the subconscious parts of ourselves. We may feel overly emotional or in tune with our spiritual nature. Allow yourself to meditate, maybe take a nap and record any dreams you have, or focus on loving the self and self nurturing.

Mercury Enters Pisces 8:28PM

With Mercury in Pisces we may feel we are better at articulating our feelings and needs on a deep level. Our minds and hearts will want to feel connected during this time and we will feel a deep need to be understood and heard by others. This is a great energy for song writers or poets who enjoy expressing themselves deeply through the written and spoken word. People with Mercury in Pisces also tend to have a more psychic inclination to others. We may feel like we know what people are thinking, or we may feel more in tune with the energy around us. It will be important that we focus on maintaining healthy boundaries with others who may be less grounded.

Sunday 2/18

Moon Enters Aries 4:05PM

The Moon in Aries makes us more susceptible to having a hot head or temper if we are emotionally triggered or on edge. It is almost as if there is a pot of boiling water within our bellies that needs to be taken off the stove. In order for us to truly benefit from this energy, we need to be working on something we are passionate about. The creative fire within us needs feeding. It would be best to use this Sunday to work on a project as well as to get the heat in your body moving. Working out, dancing, running, lifting weights, or doing a fun activity are all great ways of expressing this energy. If it is a nice day out, spending time in the Sun is also beneficial to you on this day.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Sun Enters Pisces 9:18AM

The Sun entering Pisces helps cool a lot of the mental tension we have felt over the past month. We will feel more at a deep level and may also be more empathetic to others. This transit is hardest on the Virgos as it is the watery polarity for them and can make them sometimes feel an imbalance. It is important that if you have this polarity within you that you focus on staying grounded as well as allowing yourself to enjoy the benefits of Piscean energy. Pisces energy is all about stripping away boundaries and bringing the whole together. Art, Music, and feelings are all parts of the Pisces energy. This time will be great for self care, healing ,and creative endeavors.

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 4:15PM

A lot of tension with the Moon in Aries squaring Saturn in Capricorn around our perceptions of ourselves in our material world. This energy can make us feel a lot of pressure to get things done, and things we may not really want to do. It will be important that you be realistic about what needs your attention and what does not. If you find your temper getting the best of you, it may be best to take a step back and wait for another day to work on whatever it is you are trying to get done. If you only complete part of it that is ok, put it off if it can wait.

Source for Transits: Jim Maynard's 2018 Pocket Astrologer and The American Ephemeris for the 21st Century Programmed by Neil F. Michelsen

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