Moonday Monday, Your Forecast for 3/5-3/11

Monday 3/5

Moon Enters Scorpio 5:23AM

With the Moon in Scorpio today we may be feeling all the feels very intensely. With all of this water energy we may feel more reclusive and a need for privacy and self care. There is potential for us to be moody and easily triggered. Be mindful with how you are giving into your emotions today. Try to detach and not take anything personally.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury Enters Aries 11:35PM

Mercury has been in Pisces for some time now, and with it entering Aries in the evening we may begin to feel like some of the momentum we lost during Pisces season, comes back into the forefront of our minds. Aries is focused on the self and driving energy forward. This gives us a lot of energy to push our ideas and communication around how we present ourselves and put ourselves out into the world. Harness whatever personal power you feel is coming back for you and apply it in a constructive and healthy way.

Tuesday 3/6

Moon in Scorpio

We have a lot of Trine energy between the Moon and Neptune and the Sun in Pisces this morning that may cause us to feel overly emotional and connected to our deeper self. This may be a morning where being more gentle with the self and kind to others is best. It is ok if you need to take a personal day or keep to yourself. Don't force yourself into anything that does not feel in line with your spirit today.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 7:24AM

We may fall more easily into the dream realm during this transit if we are sleeping in. It could cause us to feel more disillusioned as well with what is going on with us emotionally. Those of us susceptible to depression may feel like we are descending if we do not have healthy ways of coping with the more shadow natures of our minds. Try to allow this energy to fill you in a positive way by allowing yourself to see the beauty in all things, painful and pleasant. This is a good morning to take things easy and focus on loving yourself.

Moon Trine Sun in Pisces 11:27AM

This energy reinforces some of the above energy, and can have us really thinking about how we are putting our emotions and ourselves out into the world. We may feel a bit raw, and like we want to share our feelings with others in order to feel more connected to the whole. Be careful to not overshare or go into a pitty party. We all have baggage and things that we feel on a deep level. Try to use this energy in a positive way by recognizing the parts of yourself that are compassionate and empathetic that others draw strength from. The world needs more love, be the love for others as well as yourself today.

Venus Enters Aries 3:46PM

With Venus leaving Pisces and entering Aries, we could feel more intensity around our need for love and outside validation. We may feel like we need our partner to show us more love in an obvious way, or if single, we may feel more energy during this time to pursue what we want sexually or intimately with others and ourselves. There will be a need that is more self interested during this time. You may decide you care less what the other person wants, and think more about what you need and want in the ways of love. While this can be empowering and healthy in some ways, it can also cause friction and tension between partners. Be mindful with how your pursue the needs of your heart during this time. Go for it, but know the person on the other end has feelings too. This energy also might inspire a need to focus on enhancing ones own looks and position in life.

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 8:12PM

This energy reinforces a need for transformation on the physical and emotional front. In the evening we may be inspired figure out something we want to change in order to fill an emotional need that is not getting met.

Wednesday 3/7

Moon Void of Course 12:55AM

Moon Enters Sagittarius 2:03PM

With the Moon Void of Course in the morning we could have a rocky start to the day. By the afternoon once the Moon is comfortably in Sagittarius, our need for freedom and expansion will come to the forefront. This is a day where we could feel more restless to leave the workplace, it would be best if you focused on filling your mind with exciting ideas but refraining from getting too caught up in resenting the work that provides you with the life you want. If you feel an urge for freedom, do something you normally wouldn't do mid-week and treat yourself. The Moon in Sagittarius is also great energy for feeding the mind by reading or watching something that stimulates your need for knowledge.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Venus in Aries 4:33PM

Moon in Sagittarius in a Trine with Venus in Aries can have us needing the fire within us ignited or fanned all evening. You may feel a need to really focus on the self and getting something going. If you are having a hard time figuring out what that is, creating heat in the body with a work out or focusing on something creative will help. The need for sexual attention and energy from your partner could be enhanced on this day as well.

Moon Trine Mercury in Aries 8:15PM

Our need to share and stimulate our minds is enhanced in the evening. This is a great day to study something new or focus ones ideas around subjects we have been interested in for some time. Be careful not to get too caught up in any internet/social media arguments as we could be more inclined to share our ideas at an intensity which has the potential to come off arrogant and self important. Try to find healthy ways of sharing your ideas with others and be mindful of not dominating the topic.

Thursday 3/8

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius has us needing emotional expansion and fulfillment around our beliefs and values. We could feel restless and a thirst for travel. If you are unable to get away for the day, maybe try going for a hike after work, or reading/watching something that helps you escape in your mind. We will emotionally need a lot of freedom on this day, so try to give yourself some wiggle room to try something new or out of the ordinary.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 5:53PM

We will feel tension around our hearts in the evening around what it is we want, who we are, and what we are doing. There is a potential for us to slip into fantasy land and create illusions around what it is we are truly capable of at this time. Try to slow down and not overthink anything too much. This may be a good evening for self care. Also be mindful to not fall into addictive patterns or things that could end up harming you later. Avoid drugs and alcohol or things that cause you to escape from the real world in an unhealthy way.

Jupiter Stations Retrograde in Scorpio until July 10th 8:46PM

With Jupiter stationing retrograde during this period of time, we will feel a lot of emotional gutting take place as long buried issues we have been avoiding or suppressing may rise to the surface. This is a time to evaluate our beliefs and values and whether or not we are living up to them. We may feel like we need a large life change. Seek counseling our therapy if the things that come up for you during this time bring up a lot of pain or confusion. This is a transformative period for you to work through in identifying where the next layer or growth in yourself needs to take place.

Friday 3/9

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

Moon Void of Course 6:27PM

The Last Quarter Moon is a great time for letting go of anything we are holding onto that is not serving us. This may be a good day to do a follow up full moon ritual where you tell the Universe what thought patterns, habits, or beliefs are not serving you. Sagittarius rules our values, beliefs, and our need for freedom and expansion within that. This may be a good day to ask yourself what in your life needs your attention? What is missing? We may on a more mundane level, feel the need to get our weekend started early. We could find ourselves more antsy for the weekend and in a rush as the day progresses.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Mars in Sagittarius 4:54PM

This transit has us feeling more intensity around establishing momentum around our values, beliefs and need for expansion in our lives. This evening we may need to really get out and get the party started or do something active with our bodies.

Moon Trine Uranus in Aries 6:27PM

This energy reinforces a need a to break free. Make sure you have some plans for the weekend to get yourself out into this new resurge of energy. An unexpected surprise could happen on this day as well, go with it and try to enjoy your evening doing something that feeds your soul.

Saturday 3/10

Moon Enters Capricorn 1:52AM

The Moon in Capricorn helps ground us early on and creates a blockage to this open wound feeling we may have been feeling the last couple weeks with Pisces season being so emotionally gutting. This blockage helps to get us more focused on reality which in turn can helps us accomplish things in the physical we have been having a harder time with. In turn we can find ourselves being more stubborn and holding onto emotional patterns we are not ready to let go of. Try to use this energy to accomplish things that need to get done rather than rationalizing where you can avoid things.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Venus in Aries 11:31AM

Tension around the heart could surface in the morning where our need to get things done could be bumped up around our want to fulfill the desires we personally want to pursue, rather than focusing on the priorities that need our attention now. It may be hard to focus on the boring stuff in life we have to take care of. But you will thank yourself later for knocking it out early so that you can enjoy your weekend.

Moon Square Mercury in Aries 5:25PM

Tension around communication and our ideas about ourselves could surface in the evening. It may be good to take a time out and not spend too much time socializing with other in the evening.

Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 6:05PM

This energy helps to reinforce the need for us to focus on becoming more emotionally grounded. Meditating on the root chakra, doing yoga, working out, or spending some time out in nature would serve the self well in the evening.

Mercury in Aries Square Saturn in Capricorn 11PM

This energy is intense and may have us feeling at odds with ourselves. Issues around the structures we have in place, or the structures put upon us by our world could have our minds wanting to rebel against it all. It will be important that you slow down and focus on having gratitude for the world we live in, despite the areas that are still not perfect. If your needs are being met on the most basic level; clean water, food, shelter, we should always be grateful.

Sunday 3/11

Moon in Capricorn

Start your day off doing something physically fulfilling. Clean your house, go for a hike, do yoga. Get yourself grounded emotionally in a way that feels good to you.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mars in Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aries 4:21AM

This energy is early but it will effect us the whole day. We will feel a fluidity to expressing our need for freedom within and around the self. This day is best for really feeding the urge for freedom by doing something that helps you feel more at one with yourself and your spirit.

Sun in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 4:52AM

This energy will also be effecting us the whole day and will have us feeling more at peace with our physical world and wanting to connect more to it. This is great energy for transforming something in the physical, or focusing on a creative project.

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 7:43AM

A need for self care and creative energy is enhanced in the morning. Take a long shower, listen to music, draw, sing, write, paint. Do something that helps feed your soul.

Moon Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 9:15PM

The evening we may feel emotionally fulfilled if we do something in the physical realm that helps transform an idea about ourselves. An evening workout or hike could help this energy or even just doing something around the house that makes us feel like we are accomplishing something. Try to get in front of your work week by taking care of any business that will set you up for success before Monday hits.

Moon Sextile Sun in Pisces 10:44PM

This transit is late, but for those of us still up, we will feel good ending our day with some self care. Take a bath and focus on some self love or love with your partner before you go to sleep.

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