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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 3/19-3/25

It's Monday!

This week is full of lots of strong energy pushing things forward for us. Our Sun enters Aries on the 20th marking the beginning of the astrological year and Ostara, the Spring Equinox. You will be able to read a blog I wrote on the subject over at, keep an eye out! On Thursday we have our fast moving planet Mercury stationing Retrograde in Aries until April 15th, which could have things moving faster than usual and maybe not in the ways we intended. Expect a lot of heat within building up and wanting to be expelled. There is a large potential for accidents, outbursts, and disagreements. It will be wise to slow down, but keep pushing forward in a healthy way. Find ways to expel your energy by moving heat through the body and taking action towards things that need priority.

Monday 3/19

Moon Void of Course 12:29PM in Aries

Moon enters Taurus 6:07PM

Our Moon still in Aries for the morning will help us in driving things forward until it goes void of course for the majority of the afternoon and evening. You may feel the wind blowing out of the sails around 12:30. Take it slow until the evening when we begin to feel a bit more grounded again with the Moon entering the stabilizing sign of Taurus. With the Moon in Taurus for the evening we may feel a need to hunker down at home doing something that is calming and helps us to connect to our bodies in a healthy way.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Aries 12:29PM

This transit may have us feeling emotionally ungrounded and like we need a break from our routine. We may begin to question things we find mundane in our lives and we may experience an urge for freedom. Maybe doing something out of the ordinary in the middle of the day will help you feed this urge. Try to be patient and move slower than you want to as there is room for accidents.

Moon Trine Mars in Capricorn 8:36PM

This energy helps ground us in the evening and has us possibly feeling the urge to do an evening work out, hike, or to get things done in our home environment. Use this energy to be productive. You may feel anxious if you sit around doing nothing.

Mercury in Aries Conjunct Venus in Aries 9:02PM

Mercury and Venus coming together in the evening hours in the action oriented sign of Aries could have us feeling the heat well into the evening. This may be a time where we feel strong sexual energy, and if we are in a relationship, we may feel more aggressive when it comes to initiating things in the bedroom. On the other hand, this can ramp up communication and may give us the confidence to speak our truth around who we are and what we need in our relationships to others as well as the way we establish our identity in the world. While this transit it is happening we may be more assertive and the ego will be running the show. Be mindful with your communication as there is potential to hurt the person on the receiving end. On the positive we may have more confidence to go after what we want.

Tuesday 3/20

Vernal/Spring Equinox

Sun enters Aries

Moon in Taurus

Our Sun enters Aries and the beginning of Spring is upon us. We celebrate the rebirth of all animals and plants on this day. With our Moon in Taurus we may feel more connected to the Earth. Spending time outside smelling the flowers, connecting to nature, and feeding the body with good food will serve us well. You will be able to read about this and receive instructions on a Spring Equinox Ritual I wrote over on

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 9:05AM

With the Moon in Taurus in a harmonious Trine with Capricorn in the morning we will feel more connected to our bodies and getting things done in the physical. This is a great energy for a morning work out and focusing on connecting to the Earth.

Sun enters Aries 9:16AM

With the Sun in Aries we feel a rejuvenation of the soul. It is time to connect to who we are in our image of ourselves and how we identify with our own power. We may feel a stronger sense of self or a need to establish that sense of self in a more clear and direct way. This is a time for rebirth and renewal around who we are and what we want out of our lives.

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 7:42PM

This transit helps us to visualize more of what we want to manifest from our dreams into real life. We may feel a sense of wonder about the world. This could spark an urge for creativity in our evening or wanting to focus on self care or sharing love with others.

Wednesday 3/21

Moon Void of Course 10:21AM

Moon enters Gemini 10:30PM

With the Moon Void of Course for most of the day we may feel a bit "off." It will be important to take things slow and not put too much force into trying to make things go your way. Go with the flow and take it easy.

With the Moon entering Gemini in the evening we could end up overthinking things in our minds and have a hard time falling asleep. You could benefit from doing an evening work out before this transit hits to help you tire out before bed.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 6:58AM

With the Moon in Taurus in a harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn in the early morning we may feel like we want to change things on the physical. We could feel a need for transformation. You may want to rearrange something, eat something you normally don't in the morning, or change up your routine. Emotionally we could be feeling restless and like we need a change. Do something out of the ordinary to help feed this energy.

Moon Opposition Jupiter in Scorpio 10:21AM

This transit can have us feeling emotionally off. It will be wise to not put too much stock into any issues from our past that come up to the surface out of nowhere. Try to work through the feeling and move on with your day. We may feel emotionally uncomfortable while this transit is taking place. Resistance towards getting things done in the physical may slow us down.

Thursday 3/22

Moon in Gemini