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Monday Moonday,Your Weekly Moon Forecast 4/2-4/8

Welcome to April!

I hope all of you enjoyed your Full Moon weekend and are feeling refreshed this Monday. I had the pleasure of doing a personal ritual on the eve of the Full Moon and then spending the Full Moon day with my Coven Sisters. I feel personally recharged as I got to rest as well as accomplish a lot over the weekend. I feel this next week might have us accomplishing a lot as well with a lot of energy flow in Capricorn and Aries this week. With the Moon beginning to Wane, we could also feel like we find ourselves retreating within, so the accomplishments may be more personal or focused inward this week.

This is not the week for procrastination, but we still may want to take things slow. Make a to-do list and chip away at it this week. You will glad you did by the weekend.

Monday 4/2

Moon in Scorpio

Starting the day off with the Moon in Scorpio, we could feel a heightened energy around how we are processing our feelings. This placement can be difficult for people who do not have a lot of Water energy in their charts as it forces a lot of what is lurking in the shadows to be acknowledged at this time. If we are someone who prefers to live in a comfort zone or bubble we have created for ourselves, this energy will force us out of it and into the darker parts of our minds. You need to face the darkness lurking in the shadows and give yourself an opportunity to work through whatever is needing healing and your attention at this time.

For those of us who tend to have an easier time with this energy, we may feel more inclined towards artistic expression, sexual energy, or something that feels healing and connects us to our deep self.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Mars in Capricorn 8:18AM

This is a positive transit in the morning as it gives us a lot of energy to accomplish things in the morning. Scorpio although ruled by Pluto is also ruled by Mars. So this placement allows for a lot of the Scorpio energy to be present on the physical front in a harmonious way. This is a morning for action.

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 8:19AM

This transit reinforces the action oriented energy on the physical front and is great for getting things sorted out with work or your physical body. Apply yourself this morning in an intentional way as there is a lot of potential to get a lot sorted and accomplished.

Mars in Capricorn Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 8:44AM

With Mars and Saturn joining up in the AM in the sign of Capricorn we will feel a push and pull back effect. We may feel like we are pushing things forward and then met with potential road blocks. Mars pushes energy forward, Saturn stops it and creates boundaries, structures, or blocks. On the flip side this can be good for putting structures into place, but it might be harder if we are trying to reject or rebel against them. Try to use the structures in place already to push things forward rather than trying to rebel or avoid them. This is still great action packed energy to apply yourself in the physical, but we will still need to be patient and slower than we might want to be at first. All good things take time.

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 7:34PM

In the evening we may feel a slow down on the physical front and a pick up on the creative front. This energy is great for artists, writers, musicians, and poets. There is a potential for escapism in a negative way if you are having a rough day. You may be more inclined to alcohol or drugs as a means to cope with something which could be an unhealthy way to deal with this energy. Healthy ways to work through this energy would be focusing on your spiritual practice and expressing yourself creatively.

Tuesday 4/3

Moon Void of Course 9:06AM

Moon enters Sagittarius 11:55PM

With the Moon Void of Course for most of the day we could feel a bit off emotionally. It would be good to not put too much stock into how you are feeling and just go with the flow as much as you can. Try not to force anything and be patient. Once the Moon enters Sagittarius in the evening, we may be feeling our internal fire heat up and a need for change or expanding our view to new horizons may be amped up.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 7:09AM

This energy enhances our need for transformation on the physical front. It is positive energy for changing something or doing something different than we normally would in the morning but it can also feel ungrounding for those of who may be uncomfortable experiencing change. Just know through all changes comes growth and wisdom. These changes can be internal or physical.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 9:06AM

We may feel in the morning like we are being emotionally called to deal with some inner demons. The Scorpio energy is at a high, and Jupiter asks us to expand on this and discover what shadows need acknowledging and healing, as well as where does transformation need to take place? For some this will be easy, for others this will be uncomfortable and emotionally gutting. Avoidance creates more anxiety and stress. When we lock things away that are traumatic that we do not want to deal with, it festers like an unattended wound and becomes infected. In order to heal our wounds we need to stop avoiding the trauma or pain. It is time to acknowledge layers of ourselves so that we can let go of past trauma, heal, and move on.

Do a Tarot reading or some journaling in the morning to help work through this energy.

Wednesday 4/4

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius has us wanting to expand our knowledge about matters that interest us. A lot of times around our beliefs and philosophies. We could find ourselves super talkative and passionate about sharing our current stance on things, or we could find ourselves more interested in learning about others and how they feel. Emotionally we also may feel an urge for freedom and like we want to go on a trip or do something not so mundane. If you are in a routine that can not be broken, maybe feed this energy by starting a new book or doing something new in your day you do not normally do. Even if it is just trying a new spot for lunch.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Aries Square Mars in Capricorn 12:06AM

This makes communication aggressive and tense and can cause us having some issues around pushing things forward in our day. Through tension comes growth, so it is important to try and be mindful of how you express yourself.

There is more potential for accidents on this day so you will want to slow it way down.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself and be patient.

Moon Trine Mercury in Aries 5:51PM

This energy helps ease things a bit in the evening around communication a bit, but it will still cause a lot of intensity for us in the emotional. We will still want to be mindful to not fly off the handle or be too aggressive with expressing ourselves to others.

Thursday 4/5

Moon in Sagittarius