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Monday Moonday, Your weekly forecast 4/16-4/22

Happy Monday!

We ended Sunday with a New Moon in Aries last night, and Mercury stationing direct after what seemed like the longest retrograde ever! While the internet rejoiced and celebrated, we seemed to all forget that this coming week we have two of our main planets in Capricorn both going Retrograde within just days of each other. Pluto and Saturn, the planets of structure, order, transformation, death, and rebirth will be passing back over us in an intense way and causing us to to experience some of the same lessons over again we may have been hoping to be free from. Unfortunately none of us are going to get off that easy. Whatever you did not take seriously or finish hammering out this last few months is going to demand your attention now. Pluto will be Retrograde until the last day of September, and Saturn will be Retrograde until September 6th.

Those of us in our Saturn Return may really begin to feel things amp up during this period. Get your structures in place and watch out or them to be tested and broken down so that they can be rebuilt in a stronger and sturdier way. Those who resist will fall the hardest.

We will also have Earth day and our First Quarter Moon in Leo this week. Celebrate the Earth and your inner Strength and Power this week, even if you are tested, find some time for self love and connecting to your body and the beauty of the world around you.

Monday 4/16

Moon enters Taurus

The Moon in Taurus has us wanting to connect to our physical world more in depth. We may feel more romantic or more inclined to wanting to dote on ourselves with yummy food and material things. We could be prone to retail therapy or obsessing over our physical appearance a little too much. Healthy ways of connecting to your body like yoga, nature walks, and wearing clothing or dressing in a way that makes you feel beautiful will be beneficial to give you a confidence boost throughout your day.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 5:38PM

In the evening we could feel some positive energy with our physical environment. Our routines, structures, and connection to our bodies and health will be the main focus. Spending the evening out in nature will also benefit the heart.

Venus in Taurus Opposite Jupiter in Scorpio 11:59PM

This energy could cause some tension for us in the later evening around our perceptions of our self worth and how we feel on a deeper level. In a positive way if we are in a good place with ourselves, we may feel like the tension motivates us to accomplish something around the house esthetically or having to do with our bodies that makes us feel good.

Organizing, cleaning, and getting things together around the home will be emotionally fulfilling.

Tuesday 4/17

Moon in Taurus

Moon Void of Course 3:05PM

We will feel like being emotionally grounded and stable in our comfort zones is imperative for our sanity in the early part of the day. When the Moon goes void of course we may feel ourselves emotionally of centered so you will want to let go and allow yourself to move into the next cycle of energy without clinging on too tightly to your surroundings.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Venus in Taurus Trine Pluto in Capricorn 6:02AM

This is a significant transit that we will have begun to feel the day prior. We may feel positive changes in the air around our physical world. We may feel we want to change something about our homes, or our work life. Those who are Taurus and Capricorn dominant will feel this transit the most. Something may transform or change in the physical. You may feel inclined to change something about your appearance during this time.

Moon Trine Mars in Capricorn 6:48AM

Moving your body in the morning is beneficial for you on this day. Starting the day with a work out, a walk or some yoga will help your over all mentality and sense of well being. We will feel a large need to push things forward. Be careful not to push things too fast or too hard. Try to keep an even steady approach to your tasks. Getting things done should be easy for the morning.

Moon Opposition Jupiter in Scorpio 1:40PM

Emotionally we may feel some tension. It is important to let yourself feel feelings without getting too hung up on them. You may feel overly stubborn or critical about yourself and others during this transit. Try to lighten up and ask yourself if your judgment is needed in the situation or if you can let it go.

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 2:18PM

Energy moves fast for us at work or in the physical and we may experience some unexpected changes around the structure of our day. It could be positive so enjoy it while it lasts.

Moon Conjunct Venus in Taurus 3:05PM

Love and relationships may come to the forefront of our mind and we may receive a gift or surprise from a loved one. We may also feel more inclined to spoil ourselves in the afternoon.

Saturn in Capricorn Stations Retrograde 6:47PM

This retrograde will have us reevaluating structures in place in our lives and will help us to establish new routines and order in our lives. If we resist we could see things we have neglected coming back and biting us in the ass. Get in front of anything you've been putting off sooner rather than later to avoid consequences you could have dodged. Its time to get responsible. This transit will last until September 6th.