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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 5/7-5/13

Happy Monday!

Wow, last week was a doozy for many despite there not being many major transits. The Shadow of that Full Moon really lingered and we had a lot to think about throughout the week. I received a lot of text messages from you guys asking why this was going on, and all I have to reiterate is that there are cycles where we are just meant to really go inward, reflect, and do some major healing around things we may have been burying or suppressing. The energy of Universe guides us to become more self aware of our inner process and how that is manifested into the physical. Karmically we are here to grow and heal so that we can evolve and move onto the next plane of existence away from this 3 dimensional reality. Us Humans are only really aware of a small amount of what we do and most of us aren't even aware that there is actually some weird point to it all. Despite this, we continue to push ourselves to grow, and giving in and allowing space for us to do that is imperative to that process.

This week we will have some more aspects that push us to grow but we will have more energy to push things forward than last week. With the waning of the Moon we may still feel like our energy level isn't where it should be, but we will gradually feel a build up and a release as we approach our New Moon in Taurus next week.

I hope you all enjoy this weeks blog and have a wonderful Last Quarter Moon~

Monday 5/7

Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius 7:09PM

The Last Quarter Moon asks us to pause and reflect on what beliefs or ideas are not helping us move forward. What have we gained thus far that we can have gratitude for, and what else needs to be cultivated? In Aquarius we may be questioning our values or ethical standpoint on beliefs we have. Are we living a life that is free and open to change? Are we preventing ourselves from moving forward due to fear of being unconventional or different? Are we trying too much to fit into the status quo? Aquarius is the rebel, innovator, and champion for social change. How can you create more freedom in your life during this time free from restriction and rigidity?

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn 1:49AM

This transit we will be feeling throughout the next few days and it is a difficult one. Our communication may be subject to harshness and irritability. We may feel we need to let go of some ideas we have had about ourselves but we may still be struggling and trying to hold on. Be mindful with how you speak to others and loved ones. There is a lot of potential for arguments and accidents. You want to be careful and try to take things slow, which will feel like the opposite of what you want. Allow some shedding to take place, let go and welcome any new insights to changes that need to be made in your perceptions of yourself.

Venus in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces 2:59PM

This transit is also a bit on the more difficult side but there is a lot of benefit to it. Venus the planet of love, romance and beauty is in the mutable air sign of Gemini which causes us to need more socialization and intellectual stimilation from loved ones, making a harsh aspect to dreamy Neptune in Pisces, we could feel some tension between our perceptions of people or things in our lives. We are more prone to anxiety, illusions, deceptions, and escapism with this transit. While it can be fun to be creative, and through this energy we may feel that creativity helps release some of the tension, we also want to be mindful with whether or not we are being deceptive to others our ourselves about what is really going on. Try to stay rooted in reality as best you can as there is a lot of potential to get caught up in things that are not really happening.

Moon Trine Venus in Gemini 4:25PM

This energy is positive for the mind in the early evening and we hopefully will be feeling like our thoughts are flowing smoothly. There could also be potential for us to think too much and therefore cause some unneeded anxiety. As mentioned before, try to stay grounded and move slowly to use your mental process in the most positive way.

Moon Square Sun in Taurus 7:09PM

Our emotions will have some tension surrounding our identity and ego assertion in the evening, combined with the Mercury and Pluto transit, this could have us feeling tense. Try to decompress in the evening and do not force yourself to do anything you do not want to do. You would benefit from going on a walk or doing some movement with the body. Be careful as you may be more accident prone.

Moon Square Jupiter in Scorpio 9:11PM

We may feel overly emotional by bed time and that is ok. Whatever comes up, let yourself work through it. With the Last Quarter Moon, it is important that we allow whatever healing needs to take place. Do not suppress your feelings. Cry it out, journal, tarot, do whatever you need to do to work through the feelings.

Tuesday 5/8

Moon Void of Course 7:29PM

Moon Enters Pisces 8:11PM

Our Moon in Pisces in the evening will have us needing a nice self care night at home, or something that focuses on our creative side. Make art, music, poetry. Do something that connects you to your spirit and heart. For the first half of the day we may be feeling a lot of tension, it is important that you allow yourself to let go like The Hanged One in the Tarot, come evening.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Mercury in Aries 5:50AM

We may experience a more positive mindset about ourselves in the morning compared to the day before. This is a positive energy for our minds and perceptions of ourselves. We may find ourselves more detached emotionally than we were the previous night.

Sun Opposition Jupiter in Scorpio 5:39PM

Our c