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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 5/14-5/20

Happy Monday~

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend gearing up for this New Moon that begins our week. This week we have a lot shifting energetically in the sky. Uranus enters Taurus, Mars enters Aquarius, Venus enters Cancer, and on Sunday the Sun enters Gemini. Along with that we have many intense transits that are sure to stir up a lot of tension and emotions for people around their physical structures in place.

The significance of Uranus entering Taurus this week and the same day of our New Moon is quite symbolic. Uranus moves through a sign every 8 years. So when it transitions from sign to sign it signifies significant themes for our lives for that set amount of time. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934-1942. During this time we had the Great Depression and the beginning of World War 2. A lot politically and financially came crumbling down and new structures were put into place politically and economically.

On the same day as this event we have Mars entering Aquarius. Uranus and Mars are rulers of Aquarius, and enhance the effects of Uranus during this time. Uranus is called "The Destroyer" in astrology and mythologically killed Cronos (Saturn). This analogy shows the dance between chaos and structure and how we need both in order to move forward. Life is a cycle of times when we are living in one structure, times when it is falling apart, and times when we are rebuilding back to a new place. It is important to realize we are entering a time when we really will be needing to let things crumble for a period of years so that they can be rebuilt. The stars are aligned in a way to allow us to do this, and this is just part of the cosmic cycle we are continuously in.

Monday 5/14

Moon in Taurus

We start our morning off needing to feel more grounded and rooted in our reality. Emotionally it will benefit us to take care of our surroundings, body, and finances. We need to get things as stable as possible to gear up for that stability to be knocked down with the build up between Mars and Uranus. It would be best to take care of personal business rather than focus on what is going on outside of you. Try to get yourself into a place of acceptance that you can only control so much, sometimes we need to let go and move with the changes. Going with the flow can sometimes be more grounding than hanging on rigidly to old ways that no longer serve us. Because of how early the New Moon hits tomorrow morning, it may be beneficial to do your New Moon ritual tonight. I would focus on releasing fear and welcoming in change around your abundance and ability to manifest. Through change we grow, and sometimes losing what we were afraid of allows us to really step into the life we have been dreaming of. Set your intentions wisely and be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 2:44PM

This energy allows us to feel harmony between our physical world and what we dream of. We may fall more into illusions or fantasy about what we want or what we have, so we need to be mindful about trying to stay grounded. But it is important to dream and to let ourselves dream so that we can figure out how to make our dreams reality. Let yourself figure out what dreams need to be nurtured.

Moon Opposition Jupiter in Scorpio 5:08PM

Tension emotionally arises and we may feel triggered from our past. We may also feel like the ways we wish to expand in our lives are hindered from more emotional healing and growth that needs to be done. The New Moon is a perfect time to work through this healing and to see where you can heal and move through more layers of growth and understanding.

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 11:05PM

This energy allows us to see and feel what changes we want to make in the physical. Physical transformation needs to take place and we will feel a boost of energy to make it happen in the evening hours.

Tuesday 5/15

New Moon in Taurus 4:48AM

Moon Void of Course 1:30PM

Moon Enters Gemini 1:43PM

Today is a big day and we may feel totally chaotic and off as the New Moon comes to cleanse off old patterns and get us ready for a new set of things we should be focusing on in our lives. Typically a New Moon in Taurus would be grounding and a great time to focus on manifesting abundance and things in the physical, but because of the Uranus and Mars energy hitting, this is actually going to be a time to focus on what in the physical and mental needs changing. What perceptions do we have about our ability to manifest or change things in our lives? What is holding us back from moving forward? No matter how much we try to cling onto old behaviors, comfort zones, or ways, this energy is here to push all of us out of that and into a new territory that may be challenging, but in the end should be beneficial to getting us out of our rut into the next chapter we are meant to be in. Focus on welcoming change, transition, and abundance in new forms. Let go of comfort zones and structures that hold you back from welcoming random and spontaneous opportunity.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Uranus Enters Taurus 8:23AM

This transit hits right after our New Moon in Taurus and will cause us to feel ungrounded. There could be something unexpected that happens during this time, but this placement will be here off and on until 2026 so we will feel the effects for a while. Fixed Signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius will be effected the most during these years but anyone that has planets in fixed signs or houses-which is almost everyone, will also feel the effects. As a culture we will watch our world transition into the next cycle of deconstructing so that new structures can be put in place. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn during this time, it will be an interesting time to be alive and see what comes falling down and what is put into its place.

Moon Trine Mars in Capricorn 1:30PM

Emotionally we will feel an enhancement of energy around getting things done in the physical, we may want to be careful as the energy around us could be a bit chaotic if we move too quickly. This is beneficial to getting things done so try to go with the flow without moving too quickly.

Mars Enters Aquarius 9:55PM

Mars in Aquarius enhances our need for restructuring and breaking free from old structures that bind us or hold us back. We will feel a lot of intensity around championing behind our beliefs. We may feel more inclined to go hard in one direction that we feel is ethically more in line with our values. If you were more indifferent to a belief in the past, you may feel that attitude begin to shift. This energy is fire and air, spiritual and mental, and we will need to focus on asking ourselves who we are and whether we are really doing what we can to stand behind what we preach.

Wednesday 5/16

Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini enhances our need to connect to others intellectually and socially. We may feel more inclined to share with people our ideas or feelings around our ideas. We could also be prone to overthinking and anxiety so we will want to find healthy ways of getting our mental energy out. Talking, sharing, writing, and being active is a positive way to use this energy. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Wednesday is Mercury's day so mental activity is enhanced.