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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 5/21-5/27

Monday 5/21

Moon Enters Virgo 7:03PM

First Quarter Moon in Virgo 8:49PM

First Quarter Moons are great for putting energy into a new project. Because the Moon is in Virgo, we may feel more momentum around getting things checked off our "To Do" list, getting goals in order, and organizing our priorities in a more constructive way. Virgo energy is very grounding while also giving us a lot of flexibility to move forward the way we want to. Use this Moon today to get a good head start to your week in any way you can that will set yourself up for success. Being physical is also a positive way of utilizing this energy.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus 7:38PM

This energy helps ground the mind and it also helps us establish changes to our work flow without it being chaotic or too crazy if we are able to keep ourselves organized. If managing time, tasks, work, or staying organized is a problem for us, we could feel like we are being forced to restructure our attitude about how we accomplish tasks and our goals. Don't fight any changes that come up that may actually be valuable lessons to learn from. Move with the change and embrace any opportunities to learn new ways of setting yourself up for success.

Moon Square Sun in Gemini 8:49PM

Tension in our perceptions of ourselves comes up for us in the evening and we could be more prone to anxiety. We could also be overthinking ways in which we are doing things. This could be positive if it allows us to find a new way of doing something that is more beneficial to us in the long run. Through tension we can find opportunities for growth but it is important we are not too obsessive or hard on ourselves about things that may take more time to heal or need a different outlook.

Tuesday 5/22

Moon in Virgo

We enter Tuesday feeling momentum around our work life and this should be positive grounding energy for us throughout the day. Give in to the work flow, be proactive, chip away at everything you need to do and don't be lazy or procrastinate. Procrastination will lead to stress and anxiety. It is best to just put your nose to the grind and keep moving forward through anything that needs doing.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 9:19AM

This energy is great for us getting work done in our work or personal lives. It is important we use this energy by utilizing structures in place in a positive way rather than resisting them.

Mercury in Taurus Sextile Pisces in Neptune 7:14PM

Communication around what we wish to manifest or achieve is enhanced. We could find ourselves fantasizing more about material things we wish to manifest for ourselves in our lives. We could be more prone to illusions during this day, but it could be beneficial to just maybe journal or Pinterest things we wish to manifest in the future. I enjoy making Pinterest vision boards during New Moon and First Quarter Moon cycles as I believe the energy is heightened for manifestation.

Mercury in Taurus Opposition Jupiter in Scorpio 10:54PM

This energy can create some inner tension around the places deep within us we wish to expand out into the physical but are not quite ready yet. A lot of times we wish we were somewhere we are not and it is important to remember that at some point you wished to be where you are now, and here you are. Things are not always what they seem and it is important we enjoy who we are and where we are at every step of the journey rather than longing or comparing ourselves to someone else, or another life we know nothing about.

Moon in Virgo Opposition Neptune in Pisces 11:30PM

This reinforces the desire for something that may be just out of reach for us at this time. If you truly wish to change something in your life, ask yourself what it will take to get there and try to be realistic.

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 11:59PM

We may feel an ease of tension late in the evening that allows us to identify the root of pain and acknowledge it in a positive way. Our need for expansion may be fed on a more inner level and maybe journaling hours previous helps us to sleep better at night now that we have a more firm idea of goals we can set to achieve our dreams.

Wednesday 5/23

Moon Void of Course 7:55AM

Moon Enters Libra 11:52PM

Moon Void of Course the whole day could have us feeling off and uncomfortable. Through transitional energy we can feel ourselves working through layers of things in our personal lives that can be beneficial to us changing gears. Try to embrace any feelings you have as lessons for learning and ask yourself where healing can take place. Each person will feel this energy differently, some may feel more in sync with it, while others not so much. There is not wrong or right way to feel. Just let yourself enjoy being you and don't put too much stock into anything.