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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast for 6/11-6/17

Happy Monday!

I am back in action with writing this weekly blog. I apologize to the readers for not having last weeks blog written. I was out of town helping out family and having a personal break focused on healing which resulted in me getting sick and has made me slower moving than usual. I am grateful for the healing and purging I have had last week and I feel it syncs up nicely with what our focus is with our New Moon on Wednesday. We have a lot of active transitions into new energy this week and mental healing will be the focus.

Monday 6/11

Moon Void of Course 8:29PM

Moon Enters Gemini 11:53PM

We spend the majority of the day with our Moon in the grounded sign of Taurus which enables us to feel internally grounded and also more stubborn towards doing anything that breaks outside of our routine or comfort zone. We may feel more inclined to move slower and hunker down into the things that make us feel good.

Today is a good day to feed yourself well and treat the body with love and care. Don't try to move too fast or over extend yourself if it is not needed.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 8:31AM

We may feel a sense of pleasure in rearranging something about our physical environment or focusing on transforming something about our bodies. This energy helps us be more physical or active in the morning and we benefit from self love in a physical way.

Moon Sextile Venus in Cancer 8:29PM

In the evening we feel harmony between our hearts and our physical world. This energy is positive for self care and self love. Doing something that makes your body and heart feel good and comfortable with who you are and where you are at. There may be a heightened sensitivity to the world around you. It is a good idea to spend the night doing things that make you feel good in your home and body. Focus on getting grounded.

Tuesday 6/12

Waning Crescent

Moon in Gemini

With the Moon in her Balsamic Phase as we inch closer to the New Moon, we find ourselves needing to spend more time reflecting inward. The Moon in Gemini can cause this reflecting to manifest in the mind in an anxious or erratic way if we are not grounded in ourselves. Emotionally we feel more inclined to need to share how we are feeling with others, or write it down in some way if we feel like keeping things more private. Gemini sometimes gets mistaken for being overly social, but there can be a private nature to Gemini as well, and this Moon phase has our mind focused more on how we internalize our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves. Today is a great day for journaling, blogging, or sharing how we feel and what we are working through. We may be more prone to anxiety or overthinking things that trigger fears or dark secrets. This is the time to acknowledge the pain and move towards healing.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury Enters Cancer 1PM

Mercury in Cancer heightens our sensitivity and awareness to the feelings of others. We are more inclined to lend a shoulder to those we care about and our need to be nurtured is enhanced. Psychic awareness is enhanced with Mercury in Cancer and we also may be able to remember or hold onto more information than we normally are used to. On the down side with Mercury in Cancer, we run the risk of being overly sensitive or emotional in a way that can cloud our rational thinking. This should be a time where we are able to have more empathy and feelings for others but we want to be careful not to get too wrapped up in our emotional mental pattern. Emotions move, change, and pass through us frequently, try to observe before you react.

Moon Trine Mars in Aquarius 1PM

Our mental flow is enhanced in a way that can be fast and swift. Although Trines are positive flows of energy, they move fast. This fast energy of the mind manifests differently for each person depending on how well you do with your own mental process. This energy can be positive for communicating and getting things done but it also can move so fast that we run the risk of misspeaking, putting our foot in our mouths, or coming off too aggressive. It also can induce those of us who are prone to anxiety to feeling more uneasy as the day progresses. This energy is great for learning, reading, writing, sharing of information, blogging, etc. If you feel mentally overwhelmed try to read a book or go on a walk. Get grounded in the self by keeping the flow moving forward. Maybe keep track of your caffeine intake as well.

Wednesday 6/13

New moon in Gemini 12:43PM

Moon Void of Course 12:43PM

Our New Moon in Gemini falls on Wednesday which is quite perfect as Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is the ruler of the day Wednesday! New Moon energy is all about reflecting inwards and figuring out what intentions need to be set for the next cycle. In the days leading up to the New Moon, the inner work we are doing should begin to manifest into an obvious pathway we know we must take in order to get the ball rolling in new areas of our lives. Gemini energy rules communication, the sharing of information, technology, speech, our relationships to our siblings, and learning. Gemini energy is prone to overthinking, anxiety, and obsessions.

The reflections that will serve us well during this time will have to do with the stories we tell ourselves about the world and ou