Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 6/18-6/24

Happy Monday!

This week we have some pretty amazing energy blessing us. The Sun enters Cardinal Cancer, Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces, First Quarter Moon in Virgo, and more! This week is going to require a lot of from us physically and emotionally. It is time to do the work to get ourselves to that next place of being we told the New Moon we wanted last week.

Be open to the process of transformational healing. It does not always feel good, but it is the challenges and the pain that typically inspires and cultivates the most growth.

Monday 6/18

Moon Enters Virgo 1:40AM

With the Moon in Virgo all day we will feel more like we need to chip away at getting our lives more organized. We may feel more inclined to filling our day with tasks or work we have been putting off. After a social and family filled weekend we might be ready to get back to our routine and the things that make us feel like we are managing our lives in a constructive way. This energy is best used by getting things done rather than procrastinating.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 12:39PM

There is a harmonious flow to the earth energy that surrounds us today which enhances our ability or need to get work done. This is great energy also for doing things with your body or connecting to nature in a constructive way.

Neptune Stations Retrograde in Pisces 4:27PM

Neptune Retrograde will last until December 2nd 2018 and will have us revisiting some things we have been feeling on a deep level from earlier on in the year. We may be forced to face more themes in our lives that call us to healing or working out layers of the shadow we thought we could get away with neglecting. This is a time to go deep and ask yourself what shadows need facing, and how you can cultivate growth through the pain.

Moon Sextile Venus in Leo 8:29PM

This transit brings upon harmonious energy for the heart in the evening. We may feel that we want or seek attention from our significant others or people in our lives we enjoy love or validation from. This energy is great for self care or self love in the evening hours.

Tuesday 6/19

Moon in Virgo

We continue to feel grounded and task oriented. Use this energy to get things done and to get more organized. The 7,8, and 9 of Pentacles in the Tarot are ruled by Virgo. This energy is great for planning our goals, chipping away at them, or enjoying the success of goals that have come to fruition. Connect to the earthly realm in a positive way and avoid procrastination.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Opposition Neptune in Pisces 5:49AM

Our physical drive and emotional needs may be at odds with each other in the morning. We could find ourselves snoozing the alarm clock, but knowing we have much to do. Know that sometimes we are emotionally fulfilled by our work, and even though it is more fun to live in fantasy land or do things that are not so blah, the blah things give us a sense of accomplishment and in the end over time get us to our dreams and goals.

Mercury in Cancer Trine Jupiter in Scorpio 12:43PM

Our empathy and sensitivity is enhanced for the few days this transit takes place. We may feel like we are working through some deep layers around our attitudes and feelings of ourselves on many levels. You are more inclined to feel empathy towards others and be able to offer a shoulder for those in your life who need it. Emotional energy is enhanced so you could take things more personally than usual, or feel a need for more self care/downtime from the world.

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 12:52PM

The Earth energy of Capricorn and Virgo helps us to accomplish things throughout the afternoon in a way that may require us to do some strategical thinking outside of the box. Get to work and focus on the benefits of a job well done.

Wednesday 6/20

First Quarter Moon in Virgo 3:51AM

Moon Void of Course 3:51Am

Moon Enters Libra 5:29AM

The energy of the First Quarter Moon blesses us the day before our Summer Solstice. Similar to the New Moon, the First Quarter Moon is great for setting intentions and establishing a fresh set of energy for the next cycle. The Moon is waxing and heading towards her fullness. We want to reflect on what we worked through during the New Moon and decipher whether we are taking the correct action in our lives to manifest what we desire.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 4:48PM

Tension in the early evening could cause us to need some down time or a break from pushing fast the first half of the day. Slow down and be methodical in how you are using your energy.

Moon Sextile Venus in Leo 8:32PM

We feel more at ease in the evening by giving ourselves space to recharge. This is a great evening for spending time focusing on self love, or love with your partner.

Mercury in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces 8:59PM

This transit causes us to be able to communicate our feelings with others as well as work through the mental process of our emotions in a more direct and intensional way. We also are more sensitive to others energy and run the risk of projecting our feelings onto others. Compassion here is key and giving yourself a safe space to work through things without being overly critical of the heightened state of awareness or emotional energy you are feeling.

Moon Trine Mars in Aquarius 9:38PM

Mentally we are able to process things in an intense way, this hitting with the water energy in the above energy could make us feel emotionally aggressive or intense in our mental process. The energy moves fast which causes us to overthink things. Try to use this energy to read some self care or self help tips vs. letting the energy fester in your mind with nowhere to go.

Thursday 6/21

Summer Solstice

Moon in Libra

Moon Void of Course 6:34PM

The Summer Solstice defines the break between the darkness and the light. We are leaving the darkness and entering the light when we enter summer. Summer is time for abundance and celebration. Things are in bloom and the longest day of the year is upon us. Do a ritual with flowers, food, and fire to honor summer and this wonderful time of year.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Sun Enters Cancer 3:07AM

The Sun enters Cancer on the Summer Solstice which is wonderful energy for getting in touch with who we are on a deep spiritual level. Cancer being cardinal water energy, allows us to focus on the self and how we process emotions in a more direct and intentional way. Use this time to work on who you are and what you want for yourself in regard to spiritual growth and healing.

Venus in Leo Opposition Mars in Aquarius 9:54AM

The heart and the mind oppose each other with this transit and there is opportunity for tension as well as action in regard to both of those parts of ourselves. We may feel a need to share our ideas or beliefs with those we love in a more aggressive or direct way. Sexual energy is also enhanced during this transit and a need for emotional validation.

Moon Square Mercury in Cancer 1:29PM

Communication runs the risk of missing more than hitting if we are reactive and not really thinking about what it is we intend to say. We may appear overly emotional or overly detached depending on which side we are more comfortable operating from. You need to be mindful with how you articulate what you want to get across today.

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn 6:34PM

Our mental and emotional process conflicts with what we need to physically do. Move slow to be mindful and not reactive, but don't neglect your responsibilities. Just rip the band-aid off and get your tasks done.

Friday 6/22

Moon Enters Scorpio 12:11PM

The Moon in Scorpio has us feeling more moody or private about our emotional process throughout the day. So much intense energy during the week could have us feeling a lot by this day and we need to be mindful that our moodiness is not misdirected onto others. Beneficial things to do during this time is to focus on some self care and taking things slow.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Sun in Cancer 2:50PM

Sensitivity is enhanced and the need for self care and nurturing is enhanced. Be kind to others and yourself as everyone may be feeling extra touchy.

Moon Opposition Uranus in Taurus 3:25PM

We feel a strong need for change or something new. If we have been feeling like we need to make a large change in our lives, we may have the emotional trigger or breakthrough during this transit that ignites our thinking process into action. Sudden unexpected changes or feeling could come up during this transit as well. Try to observe your feelings rather than react and use this energy to work through things in a way that helps you get closer to your goals in a constructive way.

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 11:46PM

We feel an intense connection to needing to see what we desire from a deep emotional place and how we manifest that into the physical. You will feel best doing things that ground you physically, spiritually, and emotionally in the evening.

Saturday 6/23

Moon in Scorpio

It is best during this time to focus recharging and connecting to the deep part of yourself. Dream journaling, meditating, self care, tarot, etc.. are all good things to focus on with the Moon in Scorpio. You may need a break from other people and you may have little energy to absorb other peoples problems if you yourself have things you need to work through.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Cancer Opposition Pluto in Capricorn 2:24AM

Tension throughout the day around our emotions and physical world is enhanced leading up to and following this transit. There is a deep need for physical and emotional transformation and we feel it in an intense way. We may feel an urge to communicate these feelings with someone and the intensity could be too much for the wrong person to handle so choose who you talk to wisely.

Moon Square Mars in Aquarius 5:24AM

This causes tension in the morning around our perceptions and how we take action in our lives around what triggers we have emotionally and where they stem from. We run the risk of being emotionally reactive during the morning hours.

Moon Square Venus in Leo 9:34AM

Tension around our hearts and emotions also comes up for us in the morning. Our ego could feel wounded or our perceptions around our image and self love. It is important to put gratitude in the heart and try give yourself space to focus on reminding yourself why you are lovable and worthy of love.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 2:11PM

This energy enhances the need for emotional fulfillment and we benefit from focusing on self care as the day progresses. Connecting to ethereal realms through creative outlets is beneficial. If you need to cry something out, cry it out.

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 7:23PM

By the evening we should be feeling a bit more connected to our spiritual self in a positive way but we are still sensitive and we are more susceptible to illusions and deceptions around what we are going through. Ask yourself what is real vs. what is a loop you are feeding into.

Sunday 6/24

Moon Void of Course 7AM

Moon Enters Sagittarius 9:29PM

With the Moon Void of Course in Scorpio most the day we could feel funky or emotionally off. Once it enters Sagittarius in the evening we may feel like we just need to get away from it all. Find a way to feed the soul that is constructive and gives you a positive outlet. Go for a drive, a walk, or do something that makes your heart feel free from the drama of the world.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Mercury in Cancer 7AM

Our ability to work through and communicate our emotions is enhanced as well as our ability to feel other peoples emotions. This causes us to absorb feelings more easily and we need to be careful with who and what we surround ourselves with during the day as we are easily triggered. Self care is key during these watery transits.

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