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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 7/9-7/15

Theme for the Eclipse Week: Active Healing

Happy Monday everyone! Last week and the week before brought up a lot of intense energy for everyone around remaining healing that we may have not even realized needed our attention until now. This is just the beginning of a long month cycle of eclipse energy that is asking us to really focus on getting that last bit of junk out of our closets and into the light for recognition. This time though, we are being told that we need to be more proactive about the healing process. This is not something that we can wait for, or just expect to happen to us. The themes of our remaining pain will be brought to the surface, but it is up to you to decide exactly how you are going to rewire or heal what comes up. Waiting for a sign from the universe, or waiting for the universe to decide something for you is not going to work this time. The universe is drudging all this stuff up for you already and saying; " Ok here it is, what are you going to do about it.?" It is time to put your big boy, or girl, or gender neutral pants on and be an adult about your life and where you need to grow. Nobody is coming in to save you or do this for you. It is time to save yourself and grow some new muscles. This week will bring up a lot of themes around these issues and we will want to get ourselves ready on Thursday to tell the universe where we are taking responsibility for and how we own our own role in our own lives. Where do we take responsibility for past choices that result in the place we are in now? Victim attitudes will get you nowhere and the universe has no sympathy for pity parties. Now is the time to clear some karma and carve a new path for the self. You are being given the space to do so during this next month and a half of Eclipse energy. Keep a look out on this week for full article on Eclipse season!

Tarot Card of the week: The Chariot

Monday 7/9

Moon Void of Course 9:10AM

Moon Enters Gemini 9:58AM

Moon in Gemini has us starting out the week more focused on finding mental and social stimulation. Not only could our abilities to overthink, obsess, and worry over the little things be enhanced, but we could also need someone or some kind of outlet to share all of it with. I typically advise people prone to anxiety to get outside of themselves by going for a hike during the day, to the gym, or reading a book.

As someone who also has a tendency to be prone to anxiety I have found the best way to minimize overthinking things, is to start knocking things off of my to-do list and to stay busy physically and mentally busy in a productive way.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio 2:14AM

The energy of this transit we may have felt yesterday and we may feel it for a couple days. This energy enhances a lot of energy around procrastination, laziness, and misunderstanding around ourselves and our beliefs about the world. Last week we experienced a lot of energy from our past reminding us of things buried below that maybe we had not realized still needed healing. It caused a lot of us to feel insecure and reevaluate our position within some of our relationships or in our lives. This energy focuses on some of those themes but in a different way that is more self focused and asks us where we avoid responsibility in our own lives around healing and expansion of our perceptions about ourselves, our relationships, and how we love ourselves as well as others. Issues around family could come up at this time, and any type of avoidance on our part will manifest into lazy or sloth like behavior. Which is not a good thing with Moon in Gemini as this procrastination will turn into an unneeded anxiety where we fixate on things in an unhealthy way vs. actively healing.

Moon Square Venus in Leo 9:10AM

This energy enhances anxiety between our hearts and our minds. We are more prone to overthinking the emotional support in our lives we may not feel like we are getting at the moment, or we may be more prone to feeling insecure about ourselves. It is going to be imperative that we stay in a place of gratitude for what is real and actually good in our lives rather than false ideas around self deprecating conversations we are having in our heads.

Venus Enters Virgo 7:32PM

Venus leaves Leo today and enters the mutable earth sign of Virgo. This helps to ground some of the energy we have been feeling from the morning and pulls our hearts into a healthier place in the later part of the day. Venus will be in Virgo until August 6th and gives us an opportunity to find grounding and more practical ways of loving ourselves. It helps to bring us into reality and be less self obsessed. We are more focused on our ability to serve others and expand our ability to give.

Moon Trine Mars in Aquarius 11:27PM

This energy helps to harmonize our mental process into the evening. We may still be overthinking and obsessing if we did not take above advice and get in front of any potential problems, but if we were proactive and got everything done we needed to, we will feel much more at ease mentally as the night progresses. This energy, if you are having a hard time getting to sleep, is good for pushing yourself to learn something new. Read a book, or do something focused on stimulating your mind in a healthy way. If meditation is a positive way to relieve tension for you, focus on doing a calming Pranayama meditation.

Here is an intro to a Pranayama meditation:

Tuesday 7/10

Moon in Gemini

Moon Void of Course 1:01PM

Over all today we should be feeling some of the remnants of yesterdays energy. The above advice is still relevant for this day but we may be feeling a little bit more at ease or peace with some of the things coming up for us under the surface. Keep yourself productive throughout the day and you should feel ok despite any anxieties or tension. Anxiety manifests in the body when the body possesses energy that has no where to go. What can you do physically to release this energy in a healthy way? Sometimes rearranging or reorganizing a shelf or room in the house can help. If you are an artist or have some kind of craft, doing that is beneficial. Spending time outside and away from social media can also be beneficial if you are absorbing too much of the world.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST