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Moonday Monday, Your weekly forecast for 7/23-7/29

Leo Season is upon us!

The Sun made its way into Leo yesterday, and this week marks a pivotal time of transformation for us within our lives as we move towards a total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, Mercury Retrograde in Leo, and some difficult and challenging aspects this week, that will cause a lot of tension and challenges around our perceptions of ourselves and how we assert that in the world.

This is a karmic week for us. The changes taking place will be pivotal in our lives for the long haul. There is an evolution of consciousness happening at this very moment and it is our duty to become the beings focused on raising the consciousness of the world into a state of universal love.

Tarot cards for the Eclipse week:

The Tower - Mars and Uranus

Strength- Leo

Queen of Wands-Leo

The Star-Aquarius

The Fool- Aquarius

Monday 7/23

Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon in Sagittarius inspires us to search beyond ourselves for truth, knowledge, expansion, and adventure. We are less likely to want to fall into mundane routine and we will feel a strong urge for freedom. This energy is good for doing something that gives you a spark in your life. Maybe make some extra plans to do something out of the ordinary.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Venus in Virgo 8:35AM

Our relationships could experience some tension throughout the day and it is important that we remain grounded and not too overly critical of others. We may benefit from having some time to adventure by ourselves rather than forcing another to do something they don't want to do. This energy also makes it hard for us to focus on the things that need to get done vs. the things we would rather be doing.

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 11:07AM

We feel tension around our need to break free from mundane structures and we could easily fall into illusive perceptions around our feelings. We are more susceptible to over indulgence during this transit as a form of escapism. Over spending, eating, drinking etc... It is going to be important that we find a way to indulge what the heart needs without becoming self destructive.

Tuesday 7/24

Moon Void of Course 1:22AM

Moon Enters Capricorn 2:49PM

After an intense emotional month in Cancer, the energy of Tuesday works to block us off from feeling things as empathetically or emotionally as we have been. This could work to our advantage if we utilize the energy in a way that is focused on getting grounded in the physical and more in touch with reality in a healthy way. Unlike the day before, we may feel more inclined to stick to routine and this is a good day for doing physical actives or getting things in order around the home or at our jobs.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Venus in Virgo Opposition Neptune in Pisces 12:23PM

Fantasy and Illusions could get a dose of reality with this opposition hitting between Neptune and Venus. We could find ourselves trying to make our fantasies a reality- but there could be some tension within the process. This could induce some tension around people we want validation or attention from in a romantic way and we are more likely to fall into being deceived or deceiving others about our true intentions.

Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus 7:49PM

The need to change things in our lives that in the long haul will enable us to have more stability is enhanced in the evening. It is important we give ourselves room to connect to our bodies in a healthy way and to be open to changes that need to take place in order to provide us the right kind of stability for the future.

Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 10:46PM

Our need to get grounded in the evening continues to be the main focus. This energy is good for doing physical activity, or things regarding work or home care that allow for you to feel proactive and productive within the physical realms of being. Doing some evening yoga or and evening work out is a good idea.

Wednesday 7/25

Moon in Capricorn

Today will be a difficult day in feeling totally comfortable within ourselves. There is a lot of energy that causes us to feel haunted by our past in a way that forces us to reflect on areas within our lives that are not helping us move forward. What needs to be acknowledged and worked through so that you can move for