Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Moonscope 8/13-8/19

Happy Monday!

This week we have a lot of positive energy manifesting in the air that allows us space to continue to work through some themes during the eclipse but in a more grounded and intentional way. This week also is a countdown for me until my 29th birthday and I feel extra grateful that my birthday ( the 18th) falls on a Saturday as well as the day of the First Quarter Moon and when Mercury stations direct! Lucky me! This week we will find us taking more action around our goals and needing to connect more to loved ones and focusing on spreading our love rather than hoarding it to ourselves. We benefit from being more social and in tune to our work and relationships.

Monday 8/13

Moon Void of Course 9:37PM

Moon Enters Libra 9:57PM

With the Moon in Virgo most of the day we can expect to feel motivated to get a lot of small projects done within the personal life and work. It is important to connect with the body today in a healthy way and not procrastinate as it could manifest negatively later in the week. Focus on gettin grounded, organized, and in tune with your body and physical world.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Mars in Capricorn 9:37PM

We get a boost of energy around our physical world in the evening and could have more energy around getting things done or being physical with the body. An evening work out or cleaning of some sort could be positive. Also doing something to ground you to the Earth like Yoga, a walk/hike, or meditation.

Tuesday 8/14

Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra allows us to find more detachment to our emotions, but more connection to our partners and friends in an intellectually stimulated way. We benefit from connecting to those we care about, sharing ideas, and feeding our own minds.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Venus in Libra 11:05AM

Love, partnerships, and close friendships come to the forefront of our minds and our day. We may want to feel romance, or connection more intensely than we normally do. This is a good day for doing something special with someone you love and surrounding yourself with beauty in nature or your home. Admire the beauty in simple things like flowers, the sky, the nature of the Earth. Admire the beauty in others and yourself. Share that with yourself and a loved one today. Give compliments. Be grateful. Enjoy your space.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Leo 7:09PM

Communication gets an enhancement in the evening and we could feel a need to share ourselves, our hearts, and our feelings in the evening hours. It will be important that we connect in a loving way to those we care about. We still need to be mindful of ego projection and not getting too caught up in our own story to the point where we romanticize ourselves and disregard others.

Wednesday 8/15

Moon in Libra

Libra energy enhances the mind and allows us to think more clearly around love and what we want in our relationships. Focus on feeding your mind in a healthy and positive way. Spread love and focus on your belief systems around love and how you spreads your own joy and happiness to others.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn 6:51AM

The early morning could feel tense. We may feel more like lounging around and doing things we want to do rather than being productive in the physical. Use this as an opportunity to not feed into old habits and patterns that inevitably create unhealthy routines. Try to get proactive and see the benefits of pushing through.

Moon Sextile Sun in Leo 1:22PM

Our ego gets a little boost in the afternoon and it is beneficial to focus on connecting to the mind through the heart. Try and get yourself in a happy place and share that with those around you. Don't worry to much about what other people are projecting. Ask yourself where you can transmute energy around you into a more loving place.

Thursday 8/16

Moon Void of Course 12:56AM

Moon Enters Scorpio 1:54AM

When the Moon is in Scorpio we can begin to feel like we need space to work through things in a more private way. We may have felt more active, productive and social over the previous few days, but we might begin to feel that energy turning more inward where we want to maintain the productivity but maybe be a little more focused on being more private and emotionally focused on ourselves rather than others. It is equally important that we recognize when our own cup needs filling. Use this day to recharge, but don't lose your momentum.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Opposition Uranus in Taurus 6:27AM

Some tension in the morning around productivity, unforeseen changes, and potential mood shifts can throw us off in the early morning hours. It is important that we learn to balance our emotions, with whatever is happening in the physical and learn to be productive while still going with the flow and allowing ourselves to work through our emotional process in a healthy way. Be careful not to be reactive or overly stubborn about needing to control what is going on.

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 7:06AM

If we allowed ourselves to let go of some of the tension in the early morning hours, we may feel more grounded by the time the Moon makes this harmonious aspect to Saturn. Making sure you center yourself in the morning will be important and it will allow you to be productive the rest of the day in a positive way. Don't leave any loose ends untied. Just get ahead of anything and get your work done.

Moon Square Mercury in Leo 11:18PM

Our mental and emotional process around our ego and sense of self could be challenged in the evening. We may begin to feel some fear and self deprecating thoughts may begin to creep in. Try to transmute these thoughts into love instead of fear and ask yourself where your ego prevents you from having excitement or happiness. A lot of time anxiety is a result of us turning excitement into fear. We will begin to feel excited but then fear if we allow ourselves to get too excited, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment later, so we will talk ourselves out of allowing ourselves joy, out of fear of that joy being taken away, which in turn, results in anxiety because this excited energy is now in a negative context and has no where to go. The best thing to do is to focus on self love and getting your brain into a different state of being. Anxiety needs some place to go, so doing something physical with the body and following it up with a self love or mindfulness meditation is extremely beneficial when faced with these challenges.

Friday 8/17

Moon in Scorpio

We benefit from spending some time with ourselves in a spiritually focused way. We may feel more in tune to art, music, or occult realms. Let yourself explore darker parts of yourself in a healthy way. If you need to process anything privately, do so and give yourself space to work through your emotions.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 6:06AM

We could have some feelings from the past get brought to the forefront of our minds in the morning. We are more susceptible to nostalgia and romanticizing our past. It will be important that we acknowledge anything that comes up and ask ourselves what its purpose is serving in our life now? What is the lesson? What needs healing? What needs letting go?

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 6:33AM

We are more empathetic and emotionally sensitive in the morning as well and our need to escape reality could be enhanced. It is positive to connect to the heart and spirit through more ethereal realms. Connect through meditation, music, art, poetry, or self care. Avoid alcohol or any mind altering substances. Be aware of any illusions you are buying into. Enjoy day dreaming but not to the point that you lose yourself.

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 1:11PM

We may experience new insights around areas that need transformation in our lives in regard to some of the things from our past coming up earlier for us in the morning. Make notes on things you can do to help aid this transformation process.

Saturday 8/18

First Quarter

Moon in Scorpio

And My Birthday!

Moon Void of Course 8:07AM

Moon Enters Sagittarius 9:45AM

First Quarter Moons allow us to set more intentions like the New Moon around what we wish to plant for the future. Use this day to get clear about some goals that need to be mapped out more clearly. It would be positive to spend your morning journaling things you wish to manifest into then next chapter.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Mars in Capricorn 8:07AM

Productivity in the morning is enhanced and we could have a lot of energy around getting things done in the physical or moving our bodies. It will be emotionally beneficial for us to be productive early on in the day.

Mercury in Leo Sextile Venus in Virgo 8:36AM

Communication gets a happy boost with this harmonious transit. We feel like we can articulate our feelings and who we are clearly and with love. We feel a deep need to connect to others, share with others, and be there for others. This is a great energy for doing some social with those you care about and being productive.

Mercury Stations Direct in Leo 9:25PM

Mercury goes back to our preferred state of being and we feel more in touch with who we are at a soul level within our hearts and minds. We could feel a pressure leaving our hearts and we could feel more love around sharing who we are with the world. Use this energy to be productive and shameless about loving yourself.

Sunday 8/19

Moon in Sagittarius

We feel a need for freedom and expression throughout the day. We may have more energy to go out and explore rather than stay home. This is a great day for going on a road trip, picnic, or doing something that stimulates your thirst for knowledge and expansion.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Jupiter in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces 12:48AM

This energy enhances our compassion and empathy and also causes us to feel more deeply. We could be more sensitive to others. This energy is great for creative types but can be harder on people who do not feel comfortable doing spiritual work or acknowledging pain or feelings from the past.This is a harmonious transit though and allows us to be more in tune with our dreams, fantasies and desires. We also are more susceptible to illusions. Use this connection to the spirit and ethereal realms to get more in touch with your higher self.

Moon Trine Mercury in Leo 8:13AM

Our minds get a boost in the morning around self love and our ability to articulate our feelings in who we are. It is important with Leo and Sagittarius energy that we have fun and not take things too seriously. Connect to your inner child, laugh, love, play. Don't be too serious or rigid. Your heart wants to feel happiness on this day.

Moon Sextile Venus in Virgo 10:13AM

This also allows our hearts to have the focus more rooted in the physical. Do something that feeds the soul and try to do it with someone you care about. Be mindful not to try and control too much as it could take the fun out of the adventure.

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 4:13PM

We could feel triggered in the early evening over our need for expansion, and our need for self care. We could want to do more than the day allows us and we could also be more inclined to be lazy, over indulgent, or focused on escapism. This is a dangerous transit for addicts and people who look to outside coping mechanisms to solve inner issues. You need to ask yourself where you escape reality in an unhealthy way and make sure that you do not over do anything in a way that is going to set you up for failure later.

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