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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Moonscope 8/13-8/19

Happy Monday!

This week we have a lot of positive energy manifesting in the air that allows us space to continue to work through some themes during the eclipse but in a more grounded and intentional way. This week also is a countdown for me until my 29th birthday and I feel extra grateful that my birthday ( the 18th) falls on a Saturday as well as the day of the First Quarter Moon and when Mercury stations direct! Lucky me! This week we will find us taking more action around our goals and needing to connect more to loved ones and focusing on spreading our love rather than hoarding it to ourselves. We benefit from being more social and in tune to our work and relationships.

Monday 8/13

Moon Void of Course 9:37PM

Moon Enters Libra 9:57PM

With the Moon in Virgo most of the day we can expect to feel motivated to get a lot of small projects done within the personal life and work. It is important to connect with the body today in a healthy way and not procrastinate as it could manifest negatively later in the week. Focus on gettin grounded, organized, and in tune with your body and physical world.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Mars in Capricorn 9:37PM

We get a boost of energy around our physical world in the evening and could have more energy around getting things done or being physical with the body. An evening work out or cleaning of some sort could be positive. Also doing something to ground you to the Earth like Yoga, a walk/hike, or meditation.

Tuesday 8/14

Moon in Libra

The Moon in Libra allows us to find more detachment to our emotions, but more connection to our partners and friends in an intellectually stimulated way. We benefit from connecting to those we care about, sharing ideas, and feeding our own minds.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Venus in Libra 11:05AM

Love, partnerships, and close friendships come to the forefront of our minds and our day. We may want to feel romance, or connection more intensely than we normally do. This is a good day for doing something special with someone you love and surrounding yourself with beauty in nature or your home. Admire the beauty in simple things like flowers, the sky, the nature of the Earth. Admire the beauty in others and yourself. Share that with yourself and a loved one today. Give compliments. Be grateful. Enjoy your space.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Leo 7:09PM

Communication gets an enhancement in the evening and we could feel a need to share ourselves, our hearts, and our feelings in the evening hours. It will be important that we connect in a loving way to those we care about. We still need to be mindful of ego projection and not getting too caught up in our own story to the point where we romanticize ourselves and disregard others.

Wednesday 8/15

Moon in Libra

Libra energy enhances the mind and allows us to think more clearly around love and what we want in our relationships. Focus on feeding your mind in a healthy and positive way. Spread love and focus on your belief systems around love and how you spreads your own joy and happiness to others.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn 6:51AM

The early morning could feel tense. We may feel more like lounging around and doing things we want to do rather than being productive in the physical. Use this as an opportunity to not feed into old habits and patterns that inevitably create unhealthy routines. Try to get proactive and see the benefits of pushing through.

Moon Sextile Sun in Leo 1:22PM

Our ego gets a little boost in the afternoon and it is beneficial to focus on connecting to the mind through the heart. Try and get yourself in a happy place and share that with those around you. Don't worry to much about what other people are projecting. Ask yourself where you can transmute energy around you into a more loving place.

Thursday 8/16

Moon Void of Course 12:56AM

Moon Enters Scorpio 1:54AM

When the Moon is in Scorpio we can begin to feel like we need space to work through things in