Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 8/27-9/2

Last week of August!

Well that went by fast! This week is pretty mellow compared to the energy we have felt in the past few months. We do have some intense transits, but after everything we have been through with eclipse season, we should be able to face these things and get through them in a more grounded way if we are able to apply ourselves to the energy constructively. Relationships may not go so smoothly in the days to come, but this week is best spent focusing on yourself and your own accomplishments, not the accomplishments or flow of others. Stay in your own lane, get your priorities in order, take care of yourself, and get chipping away at those goals.

Monday 8/27

Moon in Pisces

Our Full Moon feels carry us into the week and we may have a harder time getting going when it comes to physical work and activity. We could have had intense dreams the night before and it will be important that we write down anything we may remember and reflect on what has been brought to the surface for us. We could feel an enhanced need to day dream or fantasize about our lives or to want to escape current structures we no longer feel are serving us. Try to connect yourself in a healthy way spiritually, take things slow, sing, listen to music, end your day with some self care, take things slow.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Neptune in Pisces 5:05AM

Early morning dream energy is enhanced and we could feel ourselves not connecting much to reality, our bodies, or the mundane world. Self love and finding ways of connecting to yourself spiritually early on, whether its through meditation, tarot, or just having an extra long shower this morning, could be beneficial to your mental state throughout the day.

Mars stations direct in Capricorn 7:05AM

We finally have Mars stationing direct today after a long period of retrograde. If you have been extra clumsy, or having a hard time getting things moving in the physical, this should start to change and you should begin to feel some momentum as the days progress. Mars in Capricorn likes to get things done and is very successful at pushing projects and work ahead. Use this boost to begin some projects you haven't had the energy to do.

Moon Trine Jupiter in Scorpio 7:25AM

Emotions are enhanced and our need to grow spiritually and expand into the void could bring us further away from being present. There is a need for escapism or spiritual growth at a deep level. This energy can manifest in a difficult way for those who do not like doing deep work within themselves. Avoid alcohol, or any kind of mind or emotion altering substances. This day is best being creative and finding ways to get grounded spiritually. Create art, poetry, music, sing, dance, things that enhances your connection to spirit and the void, rather than things that reinforce fear of it.

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 12:!3PM

The energy for physical and emotional transformation is enhanced and it is important we do something to help us feel grounded. Meditation is beneficial on this day and any form of self care. Also cleaning or reorganizing a part of your home, or desk at work, or getting something done you have bene putting off will help balance out some of the energy.

Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio 10:31PM

There may be some tension around communication and our perceptions of ourselves in the days leading up to and after this transit. We could have a hard time feeling self love or feeling like those around us are connecting with us in a deep way. We could also assert our emotions to intensely without thinking of the feelings it is causing the other person. Be mindful with how you are expressing yourself and try not to go too deep into overly emphasizing all of your feelings in an overreactive kind of way.

Tuesday 8/28

Moon Void of Course 6:54AM

Moon Enters Aries 9:35AM

The Moon in Aries causes temperatures within to be amped up. We could feel a lot of heat in our bodies needing to expel itself. It is positive to be active and also cautious during this transit. We could be more assertive about our feelings and we could be a little more hot headed than usual.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Mars in Capricorn 6:54AM

This energy gives us a great boost in the morning and we may feel like we are coming out of the Full Moon energy, reborn and recharged, ready to get some stuff done. Use this boost in energy to get moving on your work, goals, fitness, and any tasks you may have not had the energy to previously do.

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 2:37PM

We could feel tension in regard to our spiritual needs/desires and what we have to do when it comes to responsibilities. Its best if you knock out things you HAVE to do rather than avoiding them. There is potential for resistance around feeling grounded or doing things that could help you feel grounded. Don't fight it. Try to just give in to what needs to be done, you will feel better later.

Wednesday 8/29

Moon in Aries

We continue to feel energy in regard to pushing things forward. Keep the momentum going by knocking out any tasks you normally might procrastinate on. Aries heat is very beneficial for accomplishing things, but it also can be overly focused on control or "My way or the highway" kind of thinking. Be mindful with how you use your energy around others. You are likely to have a hot temper, but it can be useful if channeled in the right ways.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn 6:54AM

We feel tense in the morning and we may feel a bit resistant towards moving forward and getting things done. Move slow and don't over do or push yourself too hard. Try to have a nice even keeled way of getting things accomplished.

Moon Trine Mercury in Leo 10:02PM

Our ability to express ourselves is enhanced. We feel the need to share ourselves, our wants, our desires, and we may want to connect with others about it. Creativity also gets a boost and this energy is positive for working on any projects that require our full attention. Self love, self care, creativity, connection to the heart chakra...these are all positive ways of spending your evening with this energy flowing through the atmosphere.

Thursday 8/30

Moon Void of Course 4:04PM

Moon Enters Taurus 6:30PM

We get a nice stable and grounded presence when the Moon is in Taurus. It is positive to focus on your health and the body in a grounding way and to get tasks done that will help you feel connected to the physical.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Mars in Capricorn 4:04PM

This short period we feel a bit off in the physical, which is why it will be extra important that we focus our intentions on finding a way to get grounded within ourselves, even if unexpected changes occur.

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Taurus 10:50PM

We could feel some kind of change in the air around our physical. We may feel like we need to make a change, or we may feel that change is coming, or some kind of change may happen unexpectedly. This could be a change in perception, or a physical change. It will be important that we remain open minded towards new possibilities and not spend too much time focusing on things that may never be the same again.

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 11:17PM

In the later hours we feel more grounded with the here and now if we are able to center ourselves and not resist the energy that is trying to help us to be grounded in the present. Spend your evening nurturing your body and your surroundings.

Friday 8/31

Moon in Taurus

Last day of the week and we are gifted with the wonderful earth energy of Taurus to help us move through the rest of the work we have to do in a good even keeled and structured way. You benefit from putting positive intention in everything you put into your body, and every ounce of energy you put into your work. Allow yourself to feel stable and relaxed in who you are and where you are at right now in your journey. There is no need to push it too hard or too fast.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Sun in Virgo 9:42AM

This energy also enhances our work flow and allows us to accomplish a lot if we put our minds to it. This is a great day for getting priorities in line and chipping away at your to do list.

Venus in Libra Inconjunct Juno in Taurus

Relationship energy could feel off for the days leading up to and after this transit. We may not feel entirely connected to the people we share our homes with or our work. There may be a need for change within our relationships and dynamics around them. It is probably best if you spend more time focusing on your own work rather than the problems or inconsistency of others.

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 10:33PM

We feel more connected to our bodies and hearts in the evening and we may want to spend our Friday night at home nurturing ourselves after a busy week. This energy is good for staying within your comfort zone and allowing yourself to heal the body, mind, and spirit in a constructive way.

Saturday 9/1

Moon in Taurus

A lot of tense energy in the day around communication and relating to others. It may benefit us to focus on ourselves and getting more aligned within our personal work flow, bodies, minds, and spirits. We may benefit from not having an overly social weekend. Focus on tasks around the home, or work that needs doing. This is a great day for spending time outdoors away from people or the hustle and bustle of the city. Connect with nature, your garden, your body, or your home.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 5:15AM

We get a nice boost in the morning of earth energy and we may want to reorganize or clean something within the home or work space. Use this energy to be productive in your physical space. Maybe you spend this morning doing a physical activity that is beneficial to your health and well being.

Moon Square Mercury in Leo 12:07PM

Emotions and communication with others may be more of a miss than a hit on this day. We are best not to read too much into the actions or feelings of others as we may take things too personally or be too judgmental.

Mercury in Leo Square Juno in Taurus

Conflict around communication in our relationships is enhanced and our perceptions of ourselves within the relationship could be skewed. Our ego around our work and how we are recognized within the work or society or our relationships could be challenged and we could fall into comparing ourselves to others. Avoid social media and focus on self care, self love, and your accomplishments vs. where you are not. This may be a day where you need to reflect on why you are being triggered and what needs healing, rather than judging or projecting onto others your own insecurities and fears around where you feel like you are not meeting your goals.

Moon Trine Mars in Capricorn 10:56PM

We get an energetic boost in the evening and we could find ourselves having a hard time winding down. Go on a walk, a late night gym work out, a run, or do some evening yoga to get this energy working through the body in a positive way. We also could be up late working on something we care about. This is a positive way to spend the evening. Get serious about your goals.

Sunday 9/2

Moon Enters Gemini 1:02AM

Last Quarter Moon

in Gemini 11:01AM

Last Quarter Moons ask us to release the last bit of tension of anything residual that may still be hanging out after our Full Moon release. With the Moon in Gemini, this would push us to reflect on what our perceptions are. If you are prone to anxiety or self deprecating thoughts, this is a great day for letting that shit go! If you are feeling anxious or overthinking anything, go on a hike, do some journaling, listen to some self care guided meditations around calming the mind. Get out of your head!

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Sun in Virgo 7:37PM

We feel tension in the evening around our perceptions, thoughts, and how we accomplish things in the physical. We may have anxiety around our goals and work. It will be important you focus on getting grounded in the evening and being realistic with yourself. Are the things you are stressing out over worth over thinking and fussing about? Can it wait until the morning? What can you do in the evening to get real and focused. Maybe you need to make a to do list for the month of September and begin mapping out how you will get in front of anything that you are currently overthinking.

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