Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 9/3-9/9

Happy Monday!

We have a very powerful week full of a ton of Earth and Water energy. This will make our emotional process and how we project that into the physical world a big focus for this week. This week we benefit from getting really clear about our goals, wishes, and dreams, and how we can manifest them into the physical.

Monday 9/3

Moon in Gemini

Moon Void of Course 11:37PM

Our minds are enhanced throughout the day with Moon in Gemini. We may be more prone to anxiety and overthinking. It is positive to get your body moving when air energy is enhanced as it can help ground your energy. It is also positive to give yourself space to journal or read and feed the mind with things that are positive.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Leo Sextile Venus in Libra 5:58AM

Communication and self expression is enhanced in the days leading up, today, and for the rest of the week. We could feel our hearts longing for connection with others. It will be important that we are extra mindful with the things we are telling ourselves or projecting onto others. Love is in the air, and we need to nurture it.

Moon Trine Venus in Libra 10:27PM

The mind wants to be nurtured in the evening. Journaling, connecting to a loved one, reading, meditating, being one with yourself are all positive ways to spend the evening. If you are in a relationship, connect to your partner in an intenful way. Give each other all the love, and tell each other how much you both mean to each other.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Leo 11:37PM

Self expression and communication is enhanced in the evening, we all feel like we want to share who we are at a deep level. It could also be positive for us to share who we are with those we love and allow each other to be nurtured. Be mindful not to project too much of yourself, as you are also capable of dominating the energy if you get too self absorbed.

Tuesday 9/4

Moon Enters Cancer 5:04AM

Cancer Moons cause us to feel the need for extra self care and self healing. We could feel like we want to stay in our nurtured comfort zone, and after a long weekend, it could be harder on us to return to the world. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to nurture those feelings while still moving forward on the work that needs doing.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Uranus in Taurus 8:52AM

Despite the Moon energy making us want to take it easy, the Taurus energy could help us to have more momentum on the earthly plane. Self care may take form in doing something with your body that is beneficial. Uranus can be ungrounding though, so we may find ourselves doing something a little outside of our comfort zone. Maybe you try a new yoga practice in the morning, or work out routine. Go for a morning walk before work as another option for self care and connecting to the earthly plane. We also could get some unforeseen news around finances.

Moon Opposition Saturn in Capricorn 9:22AM

Getting grounded in the morning is key, and doing grounding exercise or meditations could help get things moving forward as the day progresses. Find time to give yourself care while also being productive.

Wednesday 9/5

Moon in Cancer

We have a lot of water and earth energy during the day that will cause us to feel things deeply. We may find ourselves reflecting on our past, or our future, and finding it hard to feel grounded in the present. We are more prone to escapism and needing connection to the feminine. It will be positive for us to focus on spiritual work around healing and self care. Find love and empathy for yourself and others today. Do not fight the urge to cry, dance, sing, or express yourself through nurturing yourself in a sensitive way.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 6:27AM

There is a large chance we will wake up from intense or interesting dreams. We could feel like we are in a daze or a fog in the morning and we also may feel extremely sensitive. It might be a good day to unplug from social media and focus on soul work. This energy is great for creativity and expressing oneself through spiritual practice, art, music, poetry, and song. It is risky for the addict or people who avoid their deep emotions.

Moon Trine Jupiter in Scorpio 10:55AM

Emotional intensity gets amped up in the morning with all of this water energy but it is a positive flow of energy. You may feel more in harmony to your spirit and the feelings you feel will be deep. You may feel more connected to others and yourself. A need for emotional expansion will be prominent. Building a more positive understanding around your emotional self awareness is key to healing.

Moon Opposition Pluto in Capricorn 12:41PM

We will feel a need for emotional and physical transformation. This is a great energy for evaluating what you can do within, to change the frequency of what you are seeing around you.

Mercury Enters Virgo 7:39PM

Mercury in Virgo allows our minds to process things in a very meticulous and analytical way. It can also enhance judgment of others as we may feel like we see the details of a situation more in depth than we have before. Mercury in Virgo is positive for seeing all sides of a situation and problem solving. But be careful not too get too caught up in being overly analytical during this time.

Thursday 9/6

Moon Void of Course 5:43AM

Moon Enters Leo 6:54AM

Moon in Leo causes our hearts to need a lot of validation and self expression. We may feel more inclined to share on social media and with others, or to be more focused on who we are and our own needs, but how that is affecting the group think. Heart Chakra work is imperative when the Moon is in Leo, as healing any negative self talk is beneficial during this time. Self love is a positive focus as long as it does not become a dominating force over another.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Saturn Stations Direct 4:10AM

Saturn leaves its retrograde period and we may feel like our productivity level and ability to get grounded is enhanced. Focus on responsibilities and what takes priority in your physical. This is great energy for getting new routines and structures in place that maybe you have been struggling with over the past few months.

Moon Opposition Mars in Capricorn 5:43AM

What we want emotionally and what we need to do in the physical will be the focus in the morning. We benefit from balancing the polarity by giving energy to each side. Where can we nurture our feelings while still being active and productive in our physical world?

Moon Square Uranus in Taurus 10:30AM

Tension around an unforeseen event in the physical could come up during this transit. We may get news we were not expecting, or we may feel resistant towards information or a change in the plan being presented to us. Know that through change, and surprise, we are challenged to learn and grow. Try not to resist the opportunity for growth. Ask yourself where you can be open to receiving the lesson presented to you in the form of something you may not like. Also be mindful with how you spend your money today.

Friday 9/7

Moon in Leo

Our emotions run hot with the Moon in Leo and we feel a deep need to fan the fire deep within. We may feel an intense urge to create and share our creative spirit with others or to find some sort of more introverted self expression than fans our internal flame.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus 12:40AM

Our ability to articulate things in the work place is enhanced over the days of this transit and we are also very productive around establishing change around our physical world whether it be with our health, work, or homes. If you feel an urge to rearrange, move, leave your job, or do something new with your routine, this transit enhances that urge and need.

Mercury in Virgo Trine Saturn in Capricorn 5:20AM

Our ability to articulate, and organize our physical structures around us is enhanced. This is great energy for moving projects forward and getting things solidified and grounded.

Sun in Virgo Opposition Neptune in Pisces 11:27AM

Our goals that stem from the heart center are present win a major way. We could also be likely to some deception or illusions in regard to what milestones are physically possible for us right now. We could feel a large duty to fulfill a soul purpose. The ability to manifest what we desire into the physical is enhanced greatly. Think of Tarot cards the 9 of cups ( the wishing card) and 9 of Pentacles ( the abundance card.) This is a great time for setting intentions for abundance. Ask and you shall receive. Equally so, be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it.

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 12:21PM

Tension around the heart is enhanced and we could take things personally or be overly sensitive. Be mindful not read into it too much as you may be over reacting.

Saturday 9/8

Moon Void of Course 6:31AM

Moon Enters Virgo 7:29AM

We benefit from getting grounded on this day and focusing on being productive in the home and connecting to nature. We could feel like reorganizing, cleaning, and spending time in the garden or out in our favorite park.

Put good things into the body and be productive, you will enjoy the energy flow of connecting to the earthly realm.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Venus in Libra 6:31AM

We benefit from connecting to loved ones and experiencing physical touch. Do something nice for yourself and your partner.

Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus 10:58AM

We benefit from focusing on grounding practices in the first part of our morning. Maybe we have been neglecting a part of our home or body that needs our attention. This is a great opportunity to clean your space and get a new flow of energy established within your home and body.Wellness is key during these transits.

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 11:36AM

This reinforces around need to be productive and grounded throughout the day. Do not neglect any responsibilities. You are best off if you focus on your body, home, work, and finances in a practical and diligent way.

Venus in Libra Square Mars in Capricorn 1:39PM

We could feel some tension around our productivity in the afternoon and we are prone to accidents or disagreements. Be mindful with how you are moving forward through your day. Try to be patient and slow rather than reactive.

Moon Conjunct Mercury in Virgo 3:54PM

We are able to articulate the way we feel and observe a situation from all angles. This energy is great for manifesting things we need in the physical and connecting to our physical world and Mother Earth in an intentional way.

Sunday 9/9

New Moon in Virgo 11:01AM

We are blessed with a New Moon in Virgo at divine timing 1:11! This energy is wonderful for setting intentions around your goals and manifesting things into the physical reality. Set your intentions wisely for the next cycle as the Universe is ready to hear your prayer.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Venus Enters Scorpio 2:26AM

Venus will spend a lot of time in Scorpio and moving back through Libra and back into Scorpio until January of 2019. Venus stations retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th and then enters Libra again on November 1st until it stations direct on November 16th where it enters Scorpio again December 3rd. This adds a lot of intense energy for us in our relationships throughout the rest of the year and also causes a lot of deep rooted issues to surface that call for us to actively heal in the months to come. We could find ourselves revisiting some old wounds and needing to work things our with partners, family members, and close personal relationships.

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