New Moon in Virgo, A Guide to Manifestation and Renewal

On Sunday, September 9th at 11:01 AM we will have our New Moon in Virgo. Venus will also be entering the Mars/Plutonian ruled sign of Scorpio. This energy will be great for shedding old beliefs around relationships and establishing to patterns our routines in our work or health to get us to the places we want to be rather than where we have been.

This summer called for us to evaluate a lot of patterns and behaviors that we thought were in the past, but maybe still needed to be worked through and reflected upon more in depth.

Leo season we spent a lot of time focusing on self love and our heart chakra. Virgo season calls for us to become less self focused and more focused on where we can spread the love and get more grounded within our being. If you have been feelings over indulgent, lazy, or inactive, now is the time to start focusing on getting grounded and where we can reign in our health and healing habits.

Virgo represents the vestal virgin, a time of purity and and the transition of the seasons towards the Autumn Equinox where in most cultures, this was a time of celebrating the harvest and sharing the bounty of the earth with your community.

Virgo has meaning that ties in well with these rituals. The Virgo sign in astrology is associated with the Roman goddess Ceres, who is associated with harvest. In Greek mythology she is Demeter, and in Egyptian mythology she is Isis.

Virgo, in many ways, is a symbol of the goddess that rules the earth. She is everything associated with being self sufficient, individualistic and motherly. Virgo rules the 6th house in astrology which is the house of healing, and public service. It is here in the chart where we see how we will be of service to others and where our ability to heal ourselves as well as others plays out.

Because Virgo has a strong association with the body and healing, this energy will be best used to also focus on our own bodies and our connections to mother earth, as well as how we manifest that in our work and how we are of service to the earth, animals, plants, and people in our communities.

Here are some areas we can focus on in our lives that are great for this New Moon in Virgo energy:

* Body and Health

* Finances

* Home and Family

* Order and Structure ( whether it be in the home or at our jobs.)

* Plants and Animals

* Healing others

*Volunteer work or donating time/money to organizations

Chakras to focus on in meditation:

  • 1st Chakra- Root Chakra

  • 2nd Chakra Sacral Chakra

  • 10th Chakra


  • Green, Gold, White, Blue and Black spell candles ( Do not have to use all of these colors but can choose from them)

  • Virgo, Health,Money and/or Business Prayer Candle

  • Virgin Mary, Chango or Yemaya Candle

  • Grapes and Apples

  • Rosemary

  • Citrine, Jasper, Azurite, or Jade crystals

  • Valerian

  • Basil

  • Sage

  • Salt

  • Rice

  • Essential Oil blend of your choosing- I am using Isis oil and an Earth blend oil. Scents you can use for this are bergamot and gardenia.

  • Tarot Cards

  • Pen and Paper


Make sure you have cleansed and taken a bath before you begin.

Also before you cast your circle or do any work, you will want to carve a hole out of the middle of your apple so that you can place one of your candles in the center of the apple, this apple will be in the middle of your candles and a part of your altar. I fill my apple with rice or a grain if the candle is too small the apple. Rice is a great thing to use during the Autumn Equinox on your altar as it is a grain which is an easy thing to use to represent the harvest and fertility we are embracing at this time.

Before you begin your ritual, find time to spend out in nature. If you have a yard or easy access to outside, spend some time putting your feet in grass or the ground to connect to the earth.

This allows you to feel the earth on your body. As you feel the dirt on your feet, close your eyes and imagine yourself growing like a plant up out of the soil. Imagine the life of a plant. At first it is a seed, that slowly grows and fights its way up out of the soil before it comes out of the ground. Not all seeds make it, not all plants survive, but some do. Thank mother earth or whatever deity you are using in your ritual for making this possible. You are like the seed that grows up out of the earth. Once you have given yourself an adequate spiritual bath in the earth. Move yourself to your altar.

Step 1:

Set up your plants and candles on your altar - make it look festive. You can add autumn like foods as well like corn, squash, or pumpkin. I like to have feathers I find out in nature as a part of my altar and things from my garden or plants in my home occasionally if I am making an altar dedicated to the earth.

Step 2:

Cast your circle once you have lit all of your candles and incense and have anointed yourself with your oil.

Step 3:

Do manifestation Tarot spread below:

Card 1: Energy of Virgo in my life

Card 2: What blocks me from manifesting my hearts desires

Card 3: What energy helps me achieve my goals

Card 4: How can I build a healthy relationship to the earth

Card 5: What my body needs from me

Card 6: What my work needs from me

Card 7: Where I need transformation and renewal in my life

Card 8: Guidance from the Dark Mother

Card 9: What to release

Card 10: What to cultivate

Step 4:

Once you have completed the Tarot spread, write down a list of everything you wish to manifest into your life and put this list underneath your apple candle or one of your prayer candles.

Step 5:

Sit for 15-20 minutes doing the following visualization meditation:

Close your eyes and count backwards from 20. While you are counting backwards imagine yourself somewhere outdoors that you find peaceful and happy. With you in your pocket is a letter filled with all of your hearts desires and dreams. Everything you have ever wished for. Divine mother wants you to bury this letter into the soil. As you are walking through whatever peaceful outdoor terrain, you come across a well. The well has a latch that opens to the well with a bucket filled with soil. You are asked to put the letter into the bucket and cover it with the soil. You then lower the bucket into the well. Once you have felt the bucket hit the water at the bottom of the well, your letter has been taken by the earth. Imagine the earth receiving these wishes and say aloud “ And mote it be.”

Sit at the well and meditate thanking mother earth for all she provides for us.

Step 6: When you are done with this meditation, take another few minutes to deep breathe. Do some yoga or stretching if you wish to connect to your body.

Step 7: Close your circle and thank your guides. Make sure to let your candles burn all the way down and light the prayer candles every day until they are finished.

I hope you enjoyed this ritual and I wish you all to receive everything you wish for.

Blessed Be,

Analisa Six

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