Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 9/10-9/16

Happy Monday!

This week we have a lot of powerful transits regarding the

relationship between our minds and our hearts. A lot will come to surface from our past. If there is anything you have been avoiding in your relationship or self love/healing journey, you may be forced to deal with it this week.

Monday 9/10

Moon Void of Course 8:1AM

Moon Enters Libra 8:20AM

The Moon in Libra stimulates our mind and our need for peace and harmony. We could feel like we want to connect with those we care about in an intellectually stimulating way. We also feel an enhancement to our attraction to things we find beautiful. This is a good day for doing something that causes peace and harmony within you. Get centered, read a book, connect to those you love.

Tarot Cards Associated with Libra: 2 of Swords, 3 of Swords, Justice, Ace of Swords

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Mars in Capricorn 8:12AM

Our ability to move forward in the morning is enhanced and we could see our productivity level in a positive place. It will be good that you knock out anything that takes priority so that you can easily achieve that mental peace you are striving for.

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 12:34PM

This transit creates tension around feeling grounded in the afternoon and we could find ourselves not enjoying a structure in place that we may have no say over. Try to find the lesson in where you are being triggered and move through the lesson rather than fight against it.

Mars Enters Aquarius 5:56PM

Mars in Aquarius pushes us to stand up for what we believe in and what we feel called to advocate for. We find ourselves having little room for BS and we may be more prone to getting in debates with people over social justice issues, or things we feel passionately about. This energy can help us move ideas forward, but it equally can get us into trouble if we are not mindful with how we are asserting our opinions. Use this as an opportunity to learn when to push forward with a thought and when to hold back.

Tuesday 9/11

Moon in Libra

Moon Void of Course 3:57PM

With the Moon in Libra we continue to seek peace and harmony and with some of the transits during the day we might succeed if we are able to tap into the balancing flow of our bodies, mind and spirit. It will be positive for us that we allow ourselves to experience our emotions while also finding time to get grounded and be productive. If we swing to far on any side of the pendulum, we cause an imbalance which could result in feeling ungrounded or anxious. Focus on connecting to your heart and being productive.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Sun in Virgo Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 5:10AM

Our need for expansion within our physical world is enhanced and we could find ourselves finding positive ways of finding that. Some may feel the need for a career shift in a new direction while others might feel more like doing something different around the home or within your health and fitness routine. We feel like we are ready to enjoy our resources that are available to us and we feel in harmony with our physical world and what we are pursuing.

Sun in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn 8:27AM

The Sun and Pluto are powerful celestial bodies and call on us to harness our power. In Earth signs we are asked to look at where we hold the power within our physical world. Our work, our homes, our confidence The Sun and Pluto are powerful celestial bodies and call on us to harness our power. In Earth signs we are asked to look at where we hold the power within our physical world. Our work, our homes, our jobs, and our bodies. Where can we take power in who we are and how we are establishing ourselves in the world? What needs to change so that we can step into our power and become the best at what we are setting out to do? Be open to seeing new ways of looking at things and maybe brainstorm ways that you can build your confidence within your physical structures.

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn 3:57PM

We could feel some resistance over what we discover needs changing. Sometimes change means there is a period of ungrounded energy and also some potential conflict. But through conflict we grow and that is how we transform. Think of every crisis you have had to overcome in your life and ask yourself if it wasn't work going through to get you to where you are now? Maybe you are currently in the middle of the conflict and can not see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. This is the perfect opportunity to ask yourself where you can take control to change your current situation. What actions need to be taken?

Wednesday 9/12

Moon Enters Scorpio 11:15AM

The Moon has its Fall in Scorpio, which means it is not it's strongest placement. With that, we also have a lot of intense transits all hitting today which can cause us to feel emotionally overkilled with feelings. My advice on this day is going to be to go with the flow and not push too hard or try to control anything too much. Control is not going to be your friend. This is a day, where even though there is a lot of positive energy in the air, it also is bringing a lot to the surface from our subconscious. We benefit from self care, self love, and being kind to others. Try not to be overly judgmental. Go home, take a bath, and do some healing meditations around self love, self worth, and letting go of pain and any kind of blockages to the heart.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Jupiter in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 12:37AM

We feel this transit all week and it enhances our need for spiritual growth. Deep rooted feelings call to us to be acknowledged and worked through so that the transformation that needs to take place within our physical lives can do so. We benefit from allowing ourselves to work through these feelings openly and readily.

Venus in Scorpio Opposition Uranus in Taurus 2:01AM

This transit causes for some unstable energy in regard to finances, work, relationships and friendships. We need to exercise a lot of caution in how we are expressing our feelings and the energy we are putting out with our subtle body. It is important that we make the changes within our dynamics in order to move forward but we also run a risk in pushing too much emotional energy out onto others if we are not careful. Big changes are happening below the surface that will cause changes within the physical.

Moon Square Mars in Aquarius 11:52AM

Tension within our emotional capacity for feelings and our mental process/beliefs ensues in the morning. We could feel at conflict with our hearts. Maybe we have a belief about something that is no longer serving us and it is time to let it go. We need to be vulnerable sometimes in order to heal. Be mindful. Mindfulness is key.

Moon Opposition Uranus in Taurus 2:50PM

This transit also stimulates the need for change. We know something is changing within us, but we may not be sure what. Work through letting go any feelings of control or tightness. Things will change no matter how hard you try to hold on to the past or an old state of being. Transformation is key right now. Trust in the journey.

Moon Conjunct Venus in Scorpio 3:31PM

In the afternoon our hearts may get hit hard with some melancholy or moody feelings. We may feel overly protective or aggressive. Slow down and try to ask yourself, what is the root of my fear? Where do I feel vulnerable? Where do I fear vulnerability?

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 3:46PM

If we are practicing mindfulness throughout the day, we benefit from finding some stable grounding when this transit hits. Deep breathing and meditating on your emotional process being in a safe space is beneficial. Give yourself some structure in the day that will help you find your footing when things from your past come to surface. You are protected in the cradle of the divine. Don't get too caught up in the drama of the day to day, get grounded in knowing this too shall pass and that there is a bigger picture going on in the world around you.

Venus in Scorpio Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 8:58PM

This energy enhances our ability to get emotionally grounded in the evening. Practicing a grounding meditation, grounding Yoga, or some Kundalini Yoga to get heat moving through the body is beneficial! Let go of any stress from the day and do some self care and self healing. You may feel an enhanced sexual energy and connecting to your partner or yourself sexually could help release some of that tension.

Thursday 9/13

Moon in Scorpio

Energy continues to be intense throughout the day and we will benefit from taking things slow and focusing on self care. We may feel extra moody, but doing things that get us in touch with our capacity for love, and connecting to our deep self will help us immensely. Those of us who are comfortable in emotional energy may have a really good week of working through feelings and getting in tune. But those who tend to block out their inner demons and turn to drugs or alcohol or overeating to escape themselves will struggle a lot this week if not actively trying to work through the feelings rather than escape them. You will not benefit from running away from your problems. The universe is giving us a major opportunity to heal and grow, running away from yourself only leads to harsher lessons in the future.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Mercury in Virgo 1:02PM

Our ability to articulate our emotional needs is enhanced today and we may find ourselves needing to work something out with someone. It is positive for you to find a way to ground your feelings and your mind.

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 1:51PM

Psychic energy is enhanced during this transit and we could have some past life memories, or memories from our younger days come up to the surface to ask us to reflect on what needs healing. We are extremely sensitive during these transits which causes us to find more empathy for sentient beings and mother earth. Maybe this is an opportunity to evaluate more ways that your energy effects your sphere and finding ways you can make a difference in the world, even on the smallest level.

Mercury in Virgo Opposition Neptune in Pisces 6:32PM

Our mental energy is tapping into the universal collective. We are more likely to experience a psychic connection to others and to experience a spiritual breakthrough. This energy is very powerful and very intense. Dreams are enhanced in the days leading up to this transit and after. Recording your dreams will help you work through what needs healing or acknwoeldging.

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 8:58PM

The evening allows us for deep emotional and physical transformation. We are shedding some old pain bodies. Allow the shedding to take place and let go of the past.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 9:33PM

Our need for transformation and rebirth is enhanced. We find ourselves wanting to spiritually expand and all of these transits are enabling us to do so. You may receive guidance form your spirit guides, you may feel more connected to the divine feminine. You may realize it is time to pursue your dreams and let go of remaining fears and limitations holding you back from stepping into your best self. Spend the evening allowing this spiritual transformation to take place and make sure you have a dream journal or meditation journal so that you can record any insights that come to you.

Friday 9/15

Moon Void of Course 1:54AM

Moon Enters Sagittarius 5:45PM

Moon in Sagittarius has our hearts wanting to break free and explore the world around us. After an emotionally intense last few days, we may find ourselves needing to take the weekend to get out of town and go do something that feeds the mind and the soul.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Mars in Aquarius 7:23PM

We have an enhanced boost to that break free energy we feel. It will be important that we allow ourselves to do something that feeds the wild at heart feeling. Go on a weekend trip, get outside, feed your mind philosophically.

Saturday 9/16

Moon in Sagittarius

If you are able to, use this energy to either study something that expands your mind, or go on a weekend trip, get outside, and explore the world around you. This energy wants you to expand and explore.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn 7:52PM

We are able to communicate our needs in a powerful way. We know we want to make some changes in our physical world, this is the time to start planning it out and chipping away at the goals.

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 10:13PM

We feel tension between what we want and what we know we need. We may need to relinquish more control and allow the process to take place. Try to find empathy and release tension in the body. A meditation or yoga session in the evening focused around the heart chakra and releasing tension is beneficial.

Sunday 9/16

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 4:15PM

Moon Void of Course 4:15PM

The First Quarter Moon is a great time for setting more intensions around what we wish to cultivate in the weeks to come. Sagittarius wants us to expand and discover our world in a way that opens us up to opportunities that come from our hearts desires. What intensions can you set today that will help you get closer to your goals?

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Virgo Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 4:51AM

We are able to communicate our feelings and our need for expansion in a very articulate and grounded way. We know the heart wants to work through these deep feelings, but that the mind also needs to stay logical and grounded. How can we heal while also staying productive? What does productivity look like to us? What does expansion look like? How do we learn to balance all of these polarities within our lives? We are being asked to marry the emotional and physical in a way that allows us to be our best selves.

Moon Square Mercury in Virgo 7:48AM

Tension around our need for expansion could take place in the morning. There could be some responsibilities that prevent us from doing what we want to do. Try to find a balance.

Moon Square Sun in Virgo 4:15PM

We feel tension around our sense of self and we may not feel grounded throughout the day. We may need to balance our need for expansion and the benefits of being grounded. Maybe we do some work that needs to get done, but also find some time for play.

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