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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Moon Forecast 9/24-9/30

Happy Full Moon in Aries!

We start the week off with our Harvest Full Moon in Aries. This is a time for acknowledging everything we have created, being grateful, and releasing layers of self doubt that are still lingering below the surface.

The focus of this week is productivity in the physical and getting ourselves more aligned with the behaviors needed to propel us forward in the ways we want. Let go of routines or patterns that are keeping you from your goals. Implement new routines and structures and get yourself in a place where you feel you are moving towards the self you wish to become.

Monday 9/24

Harvest Full Moon in Aries 7:52PM

Tonight we have our Full Moon in Aries and we benefit from doing some kind of letting go ritual around self doubt and lack of confidence. Aries rules the first house in Astrology and represents our discovery and birth of self. It is our discovery of our own power and what we are capable of. We live in a fear based culture that has been in a transitional period of moving more into being open to self love and self healing practices. As the New Age movement has some what of a revival in the past couple years, we see more and more people taking responsibility for their own healing and working on self love and discovering their abilities to carve out the live for themselves they want. Aries is about how we feel inside in regard to what we want rather than what others want of us. Libra rules the 7th house and is the polarity of Aries. The 7th house rules our relationships and partnerships. With an Aries Full Moon we may be asked to see how we are operating within relationships and what energy we need to work on moving away from in order to develop healthier relationships and a stronger sense of self.

Tarot Cards Associated with Aries : Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands, Magician, The Emperor

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 9:27PM

Tension in the evening around the things we have to do to obtain structure and what we want to do could come up. We could feel frustrated with our idea of how we feel something should be vs. how it is. Sometimes we have to do a lot of something that we do not want to do in order to get closer to the things we want to obtain. Consistency, perseverance and sticking with something and doing even the boring parts of it help us get to our goals in the long run. With the Moon in Aries Squaring Saturn during this time some issues with our fathers could come to surface. We may need to reflect on the masculine energy in our lives and see how it is impacting our sense of self and ability to move forward.

Moon Sextile Mars in Aquarius 11:23PM

A harmonious blend of energy is enhanced in the later evening as the Aries moon makes this harmonious aspect to Mars. This enhances our ability to see things more clearly in our lives as to what we need to do or change about our perceptions. We benefit from being open to new perspectives about our lives and ourselves. This is a good time to come up with a new game plan for pushing ideas forward.

Tuesday 9/25

Moon in Aries

We continue to feel the effects of the Full Moon in Aries and we benefit from spending time releasing aggression in healthy and constructive ways. Moon in Aries can make emotions rise to the surface in a heated way. People with this as their natal placement tend to be hot headed or tempered and can explode when triggered. We all have a potential to do this during this transit if we are not exercising healthy ways of getting this energy out. Healthy ways to get anger out would be going to the gym, kundalini yoga, dancing, archery, playing a sport, doing something that gets heat moving through the body.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Sun in Libra Square Saturn in Capricorn 4:50PM

This transit we should be feeling in the days leading up to and after and it causes a lot of tension in regard to our relationships and productivity within our structured environments like work and home life. We may feel resistant or resentful towards responsibilities and this could cause us to project this onto those we see as being part of the problem. This is not a positive time to be trying to force things at work or to be lazy. We benefit from focusing on tasks at hand and moving through them and acknowledging where we feel frustrated without over reacting.

Wednesday 9/26

Moon in Aries

Moon Void of Course 3:28AM

An extension of the previous days energy continues to have an effect on us and this is a good time to work through releasing tension and practice focusing on mindfulness and the story we tell ourselves about our own lives. We benefit from not focusing on feelings of loneliness or resentment, but more on how we can develop a stronger bond to ourselves and respecting the cycles in our lives that help guide and teach us to new opportunities. Sometimes it is hard to see beginnings in endings when we are in the middle of the storm. It is important to always remember that every thing is cyclic and nothing stays this way forever. Find the opportunity for growth in your situation.

Thursday 9/27