Monday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 10/1-10/7

Happy Monday!

I am happy to announce my first ever Tarot Challenge with fellow Tarot reader Kathleen @daughterofwands has launched today! We are doing 31 days of Lunar Shadow work through the tarot with you all and if you participate in all 31 days, you will be entered to win in a giveaway that includes a free hour tarot reading with myself and some flower essences made by Kathleen! I am so excited to launch this challenge on October 1st as we work our way into the darker days of the year. October has always been a favorite time of year for me. Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos have always been significant holidays in my life and continue to be very pivotal times in my spiritual growth. It was this time of year that I began working with my Tarot cards again and had my first initiation experience with the Dark Goddess. Since that time, I have started this practice and my entire life has changed. Witchcraft, astrology, tarot, brujeria, buddhism, yoga, and occultism have become a central focus of my life. I continue to work with the energies of the Dark Goddess in many forms such as Hekate, the Dakinis, and Sante Muerte. As we grow closer to this time, and the veil between worlds begins to thin, it is important that we begin to ask ourselves what our connections to our past, present, and future are doing to influence the patterns in our lives. Venus will station retrograde this week, and we have a lot of transits asking us to visit old wounds, past traumas, and experiences that maybe we have been suppressing in the back of our subconscious. This is a time for healing and self care. Let the shadows come to surface so that they can be met with the light as we work through letting go the history of where we have been and begin to carve a path to where we are headed.

Monday 10/1

Moon Enters Cancer 11 AM

With the Moon in Cancer for the majority of the day we may feel a large need for self care. Cancers ruler is the Moon, and it is here that we find our ability to nurture ourselves and others. We benefit from connecting to our inner feminine energy and being kind to ourselves. Take things slower than you did over the weekend.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Uranus in Taurus 1:29PM

This transit causes some potential unexpected changes to arise within our personal lives. It could be an emotional, mental or physical change about our family or home life. We benefit from seeing opportunities within the changes. If no changes are taking place, we may be having new insights as to where changes need to take place. We could have things come up regarding our connection to our mothers or a significant woman in our lives.

Moon Opposition Saturn in Capricorn 4:18PM

This energy in the evening causes the potential for is to feel sluggish or disconnected from family or those we care about. We could feel tension around feeling grounded and there is potential for us to need to nurture ourselves away from others. This transit is beneficial spent connecting to your body in a healthy way and getting grounded.

Tuesday 10/2

Moon in Cancer

We continue to feel deeply and intensely and we benefit from having empathy and compassion for healing. We may need to spend time focusing on recharging and self care.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Venus in Scorpio 5:18AM

Harmonious energy around our hearts is enhanced. This is a positive energy for expressing and getting in touch with our inner feminine and reflecting on how we can have healthy relationships with women in our lives, including but not limited to women in our families. This energy also gives us a boost in working through anything regarding healing from current or past relationships in regard to sexuality, romance, and how we are cared for by those we love.

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 11:47 AM

Creative and spiritual energy is enhanced during the morning. This energy also enhances our imagination. We benefit from channeling this energy into an artistic hobby or expression if we can. If we are unable to do that, singing along to your favorite album or doing something that allows your heart to experience creative energy is a positive way to use this energy. Avoid alcohol or mind altering substances as this might take you further down the rabbit hole in a way that will be hard to get out of later.

Mercury in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn 5:01PM

Tension on the communication front arises and we could be having some difficulties at work in regard to moving things forward or communicating with our peers. There is a lot of potential for misunderstandings and disagreements. Be mindful with how you are presenting information.

Moon Opposition Pluto in Capricorn 7:10PM

We are more likely to be impartial or lack sensitivity to the needs of others. We could be focusing too much on our own feelings and our own needs. We need to be mindful with how we are projecting judgements and feelings onto others and we may need to be more open to seeing where we can transform our methods into a healthier place. If you begin to feel depressed, this is an opportunity to find new ways of working through these emotional patterns.

Moon Square Mercury in Libra 7:27PM

Tension between our emotions and how we communicate them arises in the evening hours. We could feel triggered by something from our past. We need to focus on building self awareness to the things we are telling ourselves about our situation and figure out positive methods for healing. We benefit from working on our communication and expression around healing and trauma.

Wednesday 10/3

Moon Void of Course 1:33AM

Moon Enters Leo 2:12PM

The Moon in Leo causes our inner child to need attention, expression, and validation at this time. Our hearts may long for creative expression and emotional connection with others. We also can seek a lot of outside validation at this time and may find ourselves feeling self conscious if we feel we are not getting the attention we deserve. It is best to work on self love and giving yourself the validation you seek, rather than looking for it outside of yourself. Focus on having joy and fun in your life during the next couple days, and ask yourself where you can be your own cheerleader.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Jupiter in Scorpio 1:33SAM

This energy enhances our need for emotional expansion. We may benefit from watching a movie, or visiting a place that speaks to our inner child. We benefit from healing the past with positive actions in the present. We could feel an intensity of emotions, and it is best expressed in ways that channel this need for expansion into something positive for us. Artistic expression, shadow work, spiritual work, are all positive ways to work through this energy. Heart chakra and Sacral chakra work as well.

Moon Square Uranus in Taurus 4:29PM

This transit causes tension and difficulty in the evening hours. We may feel resistant towards changes that need to take place, or if any memories from the past regarding mother figures or women in our life come up, we could feel triggered. We need to work through these feelings in healthy and constructive ways and learn to see the opportunity for growth. Any changes that we feel need to take place within the physical are best made when the tension dies down. Be mindful to not be overly reactive as the energy will pass.

Thursday 10/4

Moon in Leo

We continue to feel our inner child at play and a large need for sharing and social validation. We may feel a compulsive urge to over share on social media, we may feel a need to connect to those we love. Find ways of tempering this energy and focus on self love and heart chakra healing.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Venus in Scorpio 8:22AM

Tension in regard to our relationships and expression of our hearts is enhanced in the morning. We are more likely to take things personally and get into a conflict with our significant other or someone we care about, including ourselves. Our insecurities are enhanced and if we feel we are not getting the validation we need, we may cave in on ourselves emotionally. We need to see what stories we are telling ourselves that are not helping. What in regard to our hearts needs healing and how can we constructively give it to ourselves?

Moon Sextile Sun in Libra 9:19AM

I f we are working through our feelings in a healthy way, this transit helps us to gain clarity on our self expression and sense of self. We benefit from trying to see things from all sides and having compassion for others as we are all on this journey. Reading something that helps the healing process is beneficial during this transit.

Friday 10/5

Moon Void of Course 4:34AM

Moon Enters Virgo 4:19PM

The Moon in Virgo asks us to get grounded as well as productive and organized in our physical world. We may feel a need to evaluate our goals and see where we can be more proactive in achieving them. This is a good time for getting things in order within work, our homes, and our health and fitness routines.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Venus Stations Retrograde in Scorpio 12:05PM

This transit lasts until November 16th and causes us to really have to sit and work through some heavy emotional traumas from our past in regard to previous relationships, sexual identity, and how we love others and ourselves. We may feel like some heavy duty healing is taking place, and that is because it is. We will need people in our corner to help us get through this, but we could also feel some tension and resistance towards accepting that help. Having a therapist or trusted person to work through some of this stuff with is reccomended.

Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus 6:26PM

Unexpected changes in the physical could take place in the evening. We also benefit from doing something physically grounding and active with our bodies. Treat yourself well and connect to your body and physical world in a positive way.

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 9:34PM

The need for grounding is also enhanced with this transit in the evening. If we have energy to go to the gym or do some yoga, go for it!

Saturday 10/6

Moon in Virgo

Our need to connect to the earth and our bodies is enhanced during the day and we benefit from doing something physically active or out in nature. Cleaning the house and organizing areas that need it are also positive ways of using this energy. Being productive will go a long way.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Venus in Scorpio 10:16AM

We feel a nice blend of energy around our connection to our physical and emotional world. We may benefit from spending time with our significant other in the morning in a way that nurtures the physical, sexual, and emotional. With Venus in Retrograde we could be sensitive, so be mindful with how you are communicating or establishing your needs with another.

Moon Opposition Neptune in Pisces 4:05PM

A push and pull between our physical world and spiritual world is enhanced. On one hand we could feel like we want to get a lot of things done in our physical, but on another hand we could feel a large need for self care and creative expression. Try finding space to do both in the evening. Also be mindful to what illusions you are buying into at this time.

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 11:27PM

We feel a need for physical transformation in the evening and we benefit from being open to it. If you are thinking about all of the things in your physical life you wish to be different, maybe you spend the evening writing our goals or strategies on implementing those things into your life and making them a reality.

Sunday 10/7

Moon Void of Course 7:03AM

Moon Enters Libra 6:10PM

This energy is our New Moon energy for our New Moon in Libra we will have on Monday the 8th. New Moon in Libra asks us to see what perceptions or ideas we are buying into about our beliefs. This is a time to ask ourselves where we can find more balance and harmony in our lives. What seeds need planting to create more peace and harmony? What conflict needs resolution or acknowledgment at this time?

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 7:03AM

Our need for emotional expansion is enhanced in the morning and we could find ourselves feeling overly nostalgic. We benefit from finding positive ways to work through feelings and we may benefit from some spiritual self care in the morning hours.

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 11:47PM

Tension in the evening is enhanced and we may have a hard time sleeping. It is possible that we experience some anxiety about going back to work on Monday. We need to do some kind of grounding exercise in the evening to work through this stress or tension.

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