Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 10/15-10/21

Happy Monday!

We have a First Quarter Moon in Capricorn this week and some intense transits as the week progresses around our past and how we have healed from it. The weekend will require a lot of down time and we benefit from working through our deeper, subconscious, and spiritual realms of being.


Moon in Capricorn

With the Moon in the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn to start out Monday morning, we feel a drive to get grounded and task oriented. It is important that we use this momentum to get a good start to our work week. This energy enhances our need to be productive and we benefit from being physical with our bodies.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Venus in Scorpio 6:05AM

We feel a harmonious blend of energy in regard to our emotional nature and our physical needs. We could want more physical connection with the world in a deep way. Spend some time in nature today if you can.

Mercury in Scorpio Conjunct Venus in Scorpio 1:20PM

This energy enhances communication around our sexual, emotional, romantic, and transformative needs. We may be feeling a death and rebirth around memories or issues from our past relationships. This is an opportunity to heal and work through deep shadow layers of the subconscious in relation to our past and how it is influencing the present.

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 4:27PM

Emotional energy is enhanced in the afternoon and we could feel like we are more prone to illusions around our physical world. We could find ourselves fantasizing about things being different. Use this energy to help you manifest more of what you want into your life, but be mindful not too get too carried away in fantasy land. Try to be realistic about your dreams while not hindering your imagination.

Tuesday 10/16

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn

Moon Void of Course 2:49PM

The First Quarter Moon in Capricorn asks us to set intentions around our physical goals. What projects have we left undone? What are we procrastinating on that we could get working on? Use this Moon to set an intention to finish something you've started, or to get more focused on building a healthier relationship to tasks, responsibility, and your health and body.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Sun in Libra 11:02AM

Our perceptions and beliefs around ourselves conflict with our ability to be productive in the morning. We could feel extra critical of ourselves and we need to be mindful with what we a perceiving to be unfair. Be mindful not to fall into a victim game in your head.

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio 2:49PM

Our needs for expansion is enhanced in the afternoon and we could find ourselves wanting to do something that makes us feel nostalgic about our past.

Wednesday 10/17

Moon Enters Aquarius 12:36AM

The Moon in Aquarius can make us feel more detached from our feelings and more connected to our minds. We may feel overly critical or analytical about the systems in place around us, and our desire for change or empowerment is enhanced.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Venus in Scorpio 4:44PM

Our perceptions conflict with our feelings during this transit. We could have some sort of heart break arise to the surface from our past and we may need to work through a new layer of it. This can be anything from a past relationship, friendship, or life event that caused an emotional trauma or wound. If you are triggered on this day, ask yourself where the trigger stems from and what is causing you to react.

Thursday 10/18

Moon in Aquarius

We benefit feeding our minds on this day and being mindful with our words. We may have a need to read or educate ourselves on current events. We may also feel a need to share our beliefs or ideas on subjects we care about. Politically there is a lot going on and we could feel triggered on this day. It results in us sharing our point of view and wanting to stand up for what we believe in.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Mars in Aquarius 4:50AM

This energy empowers our need to speak our truth and act on it. We need to be careful in how aggressive we are and we need to watch what we say as it has a potential to hit in a harsh way.

Friday 10/19

Moon Void of Course 5:27AM

Moon Enters Pisces 1:20PM

After a less emotional start to the week, the Moon in Pisces brings empathy back to the table. We may have been caught up more in our physical world and mental process at the beginning of the week, but now as the week comes to a close, our hearts will be at the forefront and we will feel extra sensitive and emotional to it all. We need to find time for self care and we benefit from being creative and artistic.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces 2:48AM

Emotions are enhanced in an extreme way during this transit and it has an intense impact on our subconscious. It is likely a lot of us will be having some intense dreams on this night and buried feelings will come to surface. Those who are prone to escapism through substance abuse need to be extra careful and getting grounded is going to be important. It is best to channel this energy into music, poetry, or artistic expression as the energy works best when utilized in that way. For creatives, there could be a wonderful boost of inspiration and some of our best work could happen over this transit.

Moon Trine Sun in Libra 5:27AM

Harmonious blend of energy mentally in the morning and this is great energy for learning something new or passing on information. We may feel overly inclined to share or communicate ourselves with others.

Mercury in Scorpio Square Mars in Aquarius 10:23AM

Tension around us communicating our feelings in an effective way arises as the morning progresses. We could find ourselves having some buried resentments towards someone or something in our lives and we run the risk of communicating it in an aggressive way.

Moon Sextile Uranus in Taurus 2:47PM

We could experience some unexpected changes to our home or work environment, or we could feel an inclination to make those changes ourselves. We may feel a shift in energy around our domestic routine.

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 9:26PM

This energy enhances our domestic energy and our need to get grounded in the evening. We may feel inclined work on something around the house we have been putting off. It is a good energy for getting physical with the body and grounded within the home.

Saturday 10/20

Moon in Pisces

Our need for creative expression and emotional self care is enhanced and we benefit from doing things that feed our heart and soul. We may enjoy going to a movie, a concert, an art gallery, or staying home and doing something creative, spiritual, or kind to ourselves.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Neptune in Pisces 5:08PM

We are susceptible to having some intense spiritual insights during this time and our psychic energy is enhanced. We are also more prone to fantasy and illusion during this time and we need to be careful not to lose our sense of reality. Channeling these insights into artistic or creative expression is beneficial. Doing something spiritual, some meditation, tarot, dream work, or self care is recommended. Avoid drugs and alcohol especially on this day. Old memories may come to surface that require us to work through.

Moon Trine Mercury in Scorpio 10:14PM

This energy enhances the above energy as well as prompting us to want to communicate what we are feeling. We also are more connected to the spiritual realm and could feel like we are picking up on the frequencies of others more easily. Be careful with who you surround yourself with as you will absorb their energy more than usual. You will have intense dreams on this night, keep a journal by your bed so that you can record them in the morning. Using a crystal or stone under your pillow helps to aid in this. Celestite or Smokey Quartz are recommended.

Sunday 10/21

Moon Void of Course 4:47PM

Moon Enters Aries 11:58PM

With the Moon in Pisces for the first half of the day, Sunday self care should be on the menu. We need to not be too action oriented with the Moon Void of Course in the evening and we benefit from having a relaxing night at home recharging for our week ahead. With the Moon in Aries to start us off Monday morning, we need to just focus on recharging.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Jupiter in Scorpio 4:47PM

Emotions are enhanced in the evening and we benefit from lots of self care and creative expression. Memories from the past could arise, and we could feel extra nostalgic. There may be a need for transformation in some deep way around things from our past and related to our families or the women in our lives.

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