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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 10/29-11/4

Happy Monday! This week is one of the most powerful of the year as the veil thins and we approach Samhain, Dia De los Santos, and Dia De los Muertos. This has always been my favorite time of year, and as a practicing witch, it is when I truly feel the most within my element.

Cards in the Tarot associated with the energy of this week are as follows:

Death, The Tower, The Lovers, The Crone/Hermit, 2 of Swords, 10 of swords, Queen and King of Swords, King, Knight, Queen of Cups, 9 of Cups, 4,5,6 of Cups, Judgement, and The Devil.


Moon in Cancer

The Moon in Cancer starting of the week amps up our sensitivity to others and those around us. We may feel like we want to spend more time nurturing ourselves rather than being social. We may have had a social weekend, and now we feel we need some self care time. Move slow and try not to push yourself too hard as the energy is extra intense right now causing us to be more sensitive than usual.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Scorpio Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio 4:05AM

The energy is enhanced around travel, expansion, and the need for acquiring or passing on of knowledge. "The Seeker" is activated within us, and in Scorpio, the journey may be more inward than outward. We may feel like we are working through some new energy around how we communicate in our lives, and we may be realizing that we need to learn some new methods. Old ways are being presented as an opportunity to figure out what pattens of behavior are not working any more, and what new found wisdom you have gained along your journey is applicable in a way that helps you transcend the darkness we are being forced to sit with at this time.

This would be a good time to pull some past, present and future cards with the Tarot.

Where have you been? Where are you now? Where are you going?

Moon Trine Neptune in Scorpio 4:13PM

Psychic energy is enhanced during this transit, and we may feel like our feelings are overflowing out of us in the early evening hours. We could feel ungrounded so it is important that we are aware of our feelings and do not get too lost in them. This is a great enhancement for creative energy. This day is beneficial for artists, writers, poets, musicians, day dreamers. Avoid alcohol or substances as the veil is thin and you are more susceptible to negative energies latching on to you if you are not mindful of who or what you surround yourself with at this time.

Tuesday 10/30

Moon Void of Course 7:31PM

Moon Enters Leo 7:42PM

The Moon in Leo can affect everyone in a myriad of ways. As a Leo Sun, I tend to have a really difficult time when the Moon is in Leo as I feel more insecure for some reason, but I have learned a lot of people find themselves feeling more creative or expressive and feel more in tune to their inner child when the Moon is in Leo. With all of the nostalgic energy of Scorpio hitting us right now and this Squaring the Moon energy, I would assume that most of us may be in the mood to put on our costumes and dive into our inner child, but we may feel some tension, or have some seeds from the past sprouting up that could be ungrounding. There is a lot of tension in the atmosphere that could use us to feel more aggressive and temperamental during this time. This Leo energy however can be channeled in a positive way. Get out of your mundane structures this week. Go to a Halloween party and let yourself shine.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Jupiter in Scorpio 4:32PM

Our need to connect to tradition and family is enhanced in the evening and we could feel a lot of nostalgia. We may feel a need for ritual or honoring parts of ourselves or our lives that are dear to us. This is a great energy for connecting to those we love.

Moon Trine Mercury in Scorpio 7:31PM

Communication is enhanced in the evening around self expression and the parts of ourselves we are transforming and healing during this time. we benefit from sharing ourselves with those we care about.

Moon Square Uranus in Taurus 8:09PM

Tension arises in the evening and there could be some sudden or unexpected changes within or around us that could cause some mental or physical challenges.

Moon Square Venus in Scorpio 8:21PM