Monday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 11/5-11/11

Happy Monday!

This week we have a New Moon in Scorpio, Venus making it's way back into Libra, Uranus making it's way back into Aries, and Jupiter entering Sagittarius! This is an eventful week for expansion and growth and many changes are afoot.

We benefit this week by getting in front of our priorities and goals and setting clear intentions around restructuring routine and patterns that are no longer working for us. We also benefit from expanding our awareness of the world and getting educated on issues that matter.

Tarot cards for the week:

Judgement, Justice, Temperance, The World, The Wheel of Fortune, Death, The Tower, The Star, The Emperor, The Magician


Moon in Libra

Our need for connection is enhanced and we may feel like our minds also crave stimulation. The Moon in Libra emphasizes our need for justice and harmony within our own lives. We may evaluate where we feel imbalanced or what relationships we are in that need our attention. We also may feel more drawn to conflict, or try to avoid it entirely.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn 9:55AM

This transit causes us to feel a need to evaluate our boundaries and assess what dynamics within our family and/or relationships need structuring. We feel a need to mentally detach from things in the physical in a new way. We may feel a transformation taking place within our minds that we are ready to manifest within the physical.

Moon Trine Mars in Aquarius 6:43PM

We benefit from stimulating our minds. This energy also amps up the social justice and political energy within our sphere that we are feeling this week during election season. We may feel a lot of intensity around sharing our opinions regarding certain issues, and we may assert ourselves onto others more intensely. We need to be mindful with how we assert, but this is also a good time to act on things that are important to us in the long game.

Sun in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces 10:41PM

Our intuitive and emotional senses are enhanced in the evening hours and over the next few days. This allows for prophetic dreams, more psychic awareness, an engagement of empathy towards others. This is a great energy for shadow work, dream work and expression ones creative impulses. We benefit from getting in touch with our inner musician, artist, poet, and higher self. Avoid drugs and alcohol during this time as we are extra susceptible to all kinds of energies floating around.

Tuesday 11/6

Moon Void of Course 12:19M

Moon Enters Scorpio 5:02AM

The Moon has its Fall in Scorpio, meaning that this is the area the Moon is the least comfortable.

Because the Moon represents a lot of our childhood and past life Karma, and Scorpio energy enhances our need for inner reflection and Shadow work, the Moon here can bring a lot to the surface that we don't always want to see. We have a tendency to fall into victim or resentful patterns when the Moon is in Scorpio and we need to be mindful with what lens we are viewing the world through.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Opposition Uranus in Taurus 5:03AM

Emotional tension is enhanced in the morning hours and we could feel erratic or unstable. Theres potential for sudden or unexpected changes or contact from people that is triggering for us. We benefit from taking it slow in the morning hours and focusing on getting grounded through the body and breath.

Uranus Enters Aries 10:50AM

Uranus is Retrograde and makes its way back into Aries in the morning. We could feel that whatever changes within our perceptions of self get an enhanced boost during this time. The Scorpio energy has brought a lot up from the past, this Uranus Rx energy moving back into Aries allows for us to make the internal changes within our sense of Self and our ideas about ourselves that are imperative to our growth moving forward. Think outside the box and give yourself an opportunity to see yourself differently.

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 2:39PM

We feel momentum in the afternoon around getting serious about what needs to get done in our physical world. We benefit from focusing on our to-do lists and taking care of business. We also benefit from getting grounded and focusing on our bodies in a positive way.

Wednesday 11/7

New Moon in Scorpio 8:02 AM

The New Moon is a time for setting intentions, and this New Moon could be considered one of the most difficult of the year as it is the Moons Fall, having it be in Scorpio. Here we are being asked to set intentions regarding the past and how we heal from it. We are being asked always with Scorpio, on where we can let go, for new energy to be born. Here we must set intentions for where we wish to grow on a deeper level.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 5:31AM

Imagination and psychic abilities are enhanced in the morning hours. We are likely to have some intense dreams during this New Moon and it is positive for us to write them down and decode the meaning to work through the deeper layers of our psyche. We benefit from expressing ourselves artistically and focusing on feeding our hearts in healthy and positive ways. Spending time in water, taking a salt bath, purifying our emotional energy, are all positive ways of healing the self during this transit.

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 3:06PM

This transit allows for emotional and physical transformation to take place. We benefit from setting intentions towards new avenues, and releasing any fear around making these changes. Transformation under the surface is happening, and it will impact the physical reality.

Thursday 11/8

Moon Void of Course 2:42AM

Moon Enters Sagittarius 10:59AM

We get a boost for freedom and expansion with the Moon in Sag and it only gets more enhanced with Jupiter entering Sagittarius in the early morning hours beforehand as well. We may feel extra impulsive and we benefit from finding ways to grow that feed our wild nature.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Jupiter Enters Sagittarius 4:38AM

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and will be here in it's home sign until December 3rd 2019.

The glyph of Jupiter represents the soul journeying above physical matter and obtaining knowledge based in metaphysical and other worldly experiences. Sagittarius rules the 9th house which is an expression of religion, culture, knowledge, philosophy, generosity, abundance, and expansion. Wherever Sagittarius falls in your chart is where Jupiter will be bestowing this energy in your life. Jupiter also can create overindulgence and excess in ones life. It is always important that we learn to be self aware on where we could be overdoing our quest for knowledge or truth. This energy also applies to the guru or messiah, and if knowledge falls into the wrong hands, it can sometimes be used in inappropriate ways as we have seen throughout history time and time again. Here we may find ourselves, and our culture, shifting into new belief systems. We may find ourselves wanting to learn new things, travel to new places, and follow new mentors.

Jupiter also rules manifesting desires into physical reality. We must be extra self aware of our thoughts within our hearts and our minds eye, as we will have an enhanced ability to create our reality during this time, especially with Neptune still being stationed in Pisces.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius 11:06AM

The need for expansion and growth is enhanced in the evening and we could feel as if we are bursting at the seams to make some changes that align us more with the path we wish to lead. Use this boost to get real about the things you can do in your life to propel you on your path in a postive way. May a goal list and write one action you can take every day to align yourself closer to your goals.

Friday 11/9

Moon in Sagittarius

We continue to feel the urge for freedom and be benefit from finding little ways to break out of routine. Also reading books that take us to further places can fulfill this need. We must be mindful to not fill this need by overindulging in over eating, over spending, or excess behaviors. Go take a hike, a road trip for the weekend, or journey through meditation in a healthy and positive way.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius 5:37AM

This energy boosts our minds and our need for mental expansion. We benefit from learning something new, or continuing our education around a subject that is important to us. We also may feel more inclined to share knowledge with others. Sagittarius also rules teaching and teachers, this may be an opportunity for us to learn from someone, or to be the teacher for someone seeking guidance.

Venus RX in Libra Trine Mars in Aquarius 7:12AM

This energy also boosts our minds, or need for fairness, justice, and peace in the world. We benefit from finding positive ways to express the energy within our heads. We also benefit from using this momentum to share our beliefs in a positive and inspiring way, or to educate ourselves so that we can align ourselves more with our beliefs.

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 12:42PM

Tension in the afternoon between our need for expansion and our fantasies around what is actually possible is enhanced. We may want more than what is feasible right now. We also are more prone to illusions and delusions about our reality during this transit. We need to be careful with what we are buying into. Be objective about everything, while still allowing yourself to explore. Channel this energy into creative projects.

Saturday 11/10

Moon Void of Course 7:35PM

Moon Enters Capricorn 7:55PM

We benefit from being productive during the day and getting things done. This is also a positive energy for getting physical with our bodies. Don't be lazy, you are prone to anxiety if you do not use the momentum to be productive.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Venus in Libra 11:55AM

An enhanced need for connection with another is needed in the morning and we may benefit from doing something social to feed this part of our minds.

Moon Sextile Mars in Aquarius 1:59PM

We could find ourselves sharing a lot in the afternoon around what we believe as well as needing to break free from any patterns or routines that we feel are holding us back.

Moon Trine Uranus in Aries 7:35PM

That need to break free and give ourselves a sense of expansion is enhanced for a brief period in the evening hours. Do something you wouldn't normally do on Saturday night and free your soul.

Sunday 11/11

Moon in Capricorn

We benefit from getting grounded today and being practical. We need to focus on taking care of our physical space and getting in front of any work for the week that will set us up for positivity.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Sun in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 7:18AM

Our need for growth and transformation is enhanced in the days to come. This is a great energy for restructuring patterns and routines that have not been serving you. Get a new plan and a new set of goals to help you restructure yourself into a more proactive energy.

Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 7:25AM

We need emotional grounding in the morning and we benefit from doing some Root Chakra Yoga and meditations. You can always look up guided meditations on Youtube. We benefit from connecting to the Earth at this time and getting focused on our physical world in a healthy way.

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 11:02PM

Dreams, fantasies, and creative energy is enhanced in the evening. We benefit from doing some self care and spiritual work to help us find peace and harmony in the evening hours.

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