Monday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 12/10-12/16

Monday 12/10

Moon Void of Course 1:27 PM

Moon Enters Aquarius 3:39 PM

The last few weeks have been emotionally draining to say the least, and with the Moon in Aquarius we may get a bit of a break from feeling as attached to these feelings as we have previously. It is time time to focus more on how we intellectually process things. We benefit from working on calming out minds and detaching emotionally in healthy ways.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Mercury in Scorpio 12:38 PM

Communication is enhanced in the afternoon hours and we may feel inclined to talk or work out things on a verbal level. It may be important for us to work through things that we have been feeling under the surface

by journaling or talking it out with someone who "gets" us.

Moon Square Uranus in Aries 1:27 PM

We could feel emotionally ungrounded in the afternoon and we need to be mindful with how we react to those around us. Our ego could be called into question and we could have some insecurity around who we are. Sudden insights or changes around how we feel about ourselves and others is enhanced.

Tuesday 12/11

Moon in Aquarius

New insights and ideas could be coming to us at this time with the Moon in Aquarius. It would be beneficial for us to focus on meditating and writing down insights that come to us. We also find ourselves feeling the need to potentially share or communicate things we are going through. There could be an urge to socialize, or an urge to overly isolate depending on how we are working through things.

Aquarius energy enjoys being of service to the community. Find a way you can use this energy to benefit those around you in your community.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius 6:34 AM

This energy enhances the need to be charitable or helpful within our communities. We also may feel more inclined to new pursuits around spirituality and education during this time. Jupiter expands our need for awareness within our belief systems and the world around us. We may have new insights as to how we want to impact our world and the role we play in it.

Wednesday 12/12

Moon in Aquarius

Intellectual stimulation is beneficial today. Reading, writing, and learning something new are all beneficial ways to use this energy. We also benefit from exploring or experiencing parts of our world or community that we have not before.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Sun in Sagittarius 9:36 AM

We may feel inclined to break free from a mundane or traditional outlook we have had in the past. Our sense of self is asking us to broaden our horizons and step into a new role. Our need or quest for expansion may bring us to new insights about ourselves and what our hearts want in the morning hours. We benefit from exploring these possibilities and being open to them. Creative freedom and expansion is also enhanced during this time and we may feel a spark of energy towards new creative potentials in areas we are interested in pursuing.

Mercury Enters Sagittarius 3:43 PM

Mercury makes its way in Sagittarius in the afternoon which enhances the energy of the above transit. We may get the urge to want to travel, go somewhere new, or educate ourselves in something we have been interested in. This is a time for mental expansion and growth and our creative impulses will get a boost. We need to be careful however not to over do or over indulge right now as the energy also enhances that as well.

Thursday 12/13

Moon Void of Course 2:20 AM

Moon Enters Pisces 4:40 AM

With the Moon in Pisces, feelings come back to the forefront. The beginning of the week hopefully gave us a nice break from our emotions, but with the Moon in dreamy Pisces we may be revisiting some of the emotions we had last week. We benefit from using this energy in creative and artistic ways, moving slow, and being kind to ourselves. We will feel overly sensitive during the days of this transit.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Mercury in Sagittarius 5:39 AM

Morning hours are not the best time for travel or communication during this transit. We may find ourselves having a harder time getting up in the morning and we also may have some intense dreams. Move slow and do not put too much pressure on yourself to feel clear headed today as you probably won't.

Moon Trine Venus in Scorpio 8:10 PM

This transit enhances our emotional energy in the evening hours and we may feel a longing to spend time with a loved one. Sexual and intimate connection is wanted and we benefit from either focusing on self love or sharing this energy with a significant other.

Moon Square Jupiter in Sagittarius 8:44 PM

Tension around how we feel and what we want is enhanced in the evening with this transit and we could feel like there is something we want that we are unable to have at this point and time. Jupiter is always wanting more, and sometimes we need to ask ourselves why we are trying to take on more than we can handle at this time. Do we really need more or do we need to find more ways to be grateful with what we have? A lot of times when we want more, we actually just need to learn how to use what we have in more constructive ways.

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 11:31 PM

Things we are working through emotionally get a grounded boost of energy from Saturn in the evening. This helps us to stabilize some of our feelings and see the benefit in taking our time with things.

Friday 12/14

Moon in Pisces

We continue to feel a lot of dreamy and illusive energy during the day, especially with the Moon meeting up with Mars and Neptune during the day. This can make us feel mentally foggy and we could lose ourselves in dreams and fantasies about the future during these transits. This energy is best channeled creatively. Listen to music, make art, write poetry. Avoid drugs and alcohol during this time as this energy is not good for addicts.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Conjunct Neptune in Pisces 8:35 AM

We may experience psychic insights during this time and our dreams may have been very intense in the early morning hours as we were or are waking up.

Moon Conjunct Mars in Pisces 6:19 PM

We may feel confusion around what priorities or action we want to take in our lives during this time. It is important not to take action when Mars is in Pisces as we are more prone to making decisions not based on things that are tangible right now. We need to allow ourselves to dream big, but wait for the right timing.

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 9:04 PM

We may have insights in the evening hours to how we can make changes in our physical world to align more with our goals. We feel a need for transformation in our physical world and we are seeing more ways to make this happen.

Saturday 12/15

First Quarter Moon in Pisces 3:49 AM

Moon Void of Course 3:49 AM

Moon Enters Aries 4:44 PM

First Quarter Moons are times to plant seeds towards our future. The New Moon in Sagittarius we had last week was the major event for releasing and making space for new growth. The First Quarter Moon allows for us to begin making some of the first steps towards this process. In Pisces we can see this Moon being beneficial for us setting intentions around spiritual growth and healing as well as artistic and creative endeavors.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Mercury in Sagittarius 10:48 PM

With the Moon in Aries for the last half of the day, we benefit from using this harmonious Trine to Mercury to see ways we can take action around our creative and educational pursuits. We may feel more driven in the evening hours to go after something that has been culminating in the back of our minds over the past few weeks.

Sunday 12/16

Moon in Aries

We feel a lot of heat in the body and spirit with the Moon in Aries and there is potential for us to be hot headed and temperamental if we are not utilizing this energy in the proper ways. It is beneficial to do some yoga or exercise at some point during the day and to be mindful we how we are communicating our feelings as we could be overly assertive.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Venus in Scorpio Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 6:27 AM

This enhances our energy around getting serious about things in our life. If we have been affected by the Neptunian fog over the past couple weeks, we may begin to feel like some of that is lifting and that we are ready to make a plan towards future goals. For some this transit could also mean getting more serious about a new relationship and taking things to the next level. This also could relate to our home or work environments. We may be ready to get grounded and get to work during the next few days.

Moon Trine Jupiter in Sagittarius 9:12 AM

Harmonious energy in the morning hours allows for us to have easy access to creative energy and our needs for expansion. We benefit from getting out of the house potentially and exploring our environment. Also a tendency to overindulge here so we need to be careful to not over do anything too much.

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 11:21 AM

Tension could arise over moving forward towards something we feel we want to do, and some sort of block preventing it from making it happen. Over all we need to go with the flow and not let any blocks or restrictions derail us from moving things forward. All obstacles are opportunities for growth.

Mars in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 10:53 PM

We get insights and inspiration towards self improvement and taking action towards it. We benefit from an evening work out, or doing something physical with our bodies. We also may have new insights towards our goals and the energy to move forward with them. Because Mars is still in Pisces, we are also prone to having some overly indulgent fantasies or deceptions around what is possible, so some level of discernment still needs to be taken. Dream big, but be realistic. This may be more of a time for investigating possibilities than taking direct action on them, but the veil is beginning to lift and we are starting to see things in new ways.

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