Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 12/17-12/23

Happy Monday!

Our last week before X-mas, and we have a lot of powerful transits. This week the Sun makes its way into Capricorn, Mercury conjuncts with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus and Neptune make an exact Water Trine, the Sun and Uranus make an exact Fire Trine, we have a Full Moon in Cancer, and Mercury Squares Mars.

It will be important that we find time for rest this week as it should be a pretty intense time with a lot of socializing and personal break throughs. Issues from our past come up and it also allows for emotional healing between family members to take place if we are able to work through it in that way.

Tarot cards for the week in relation to these transits:

The Emperor, The Moon, The High Priestess, The Fool, The Magician, The Empress, The Chariot, Death, The Lovers, Judgement, The World

Ace of Pentacles, 2 of Wands, 2 of Cups, Ace of Cups, 3 of Wands, 2 of Pentacles, King of Pentacles, 8 of Wands, 9 Of Wands, 10 of Wands, 10 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, 6 of Cups, 5 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords

Monday 12/17

Moon in Aries

Moon Void of Course 11:21 PM

With the Moon in Aries for the majority of the day, we can feel a bit of intensity around getting moving on things we know we need to do. We also feel a need to assert ourselves or be driven around what we may need in a personal way rather than the needs of others. Be mindful with how you are asserting yourself as you could come off aggressive.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn 7:20 AM

Tension in the morning around getting things done is enhanced and we could feel like what we want to do vs. what we need to do is challenged in some way.

Moon Trine Sun in Sagittarius 6:27 PM

We get a harmonious blend of fire energy in the evening hours and this may help us to move forward or expand something in a way we had been hoping. We also have the potential to over indulge greatly and may need to be mindful with not overdoing it.

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Aries 11:21 PM

A need for change within the self is enhanced. We could experience an urge to break free from a self we are no longer resonating with. We could also experience new insights to how we can achieve those changes. We also could experience some intense and/or aggravation in the late evening hours. Finding a way to be peaceful is needed.

Tuesday 12/18

Moon Enters Taurus 1:37 AM

With the Moon in Taurus over the next couple days we find comfort in finding ways to be grounded. We may feel extra connected to indulging ourselves with food, spending money in lavish ways, and getting work done that will help us to enjoy the holiday season more efficiently. Because of the influence of Sagittarius this week, with the Moon in Taurus, we need to be careful not too over eat, over drink, over spend, or over indulge in ways that will hurt us later. Getting grounded and connected to our bodies is helpful.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 7:27 PM

This energy enhances our ability to get grounded in the evening as well as to be serious about getting any work done that we need to.

Moon Opposition Venus in Scorpio 10:54 PM

We could feel some tension in the evening hours around how we connect to ourselves and others. We may feel insecure or like we are triggered from issues around the holidays that stem from childhood or earlier years. Feelings of inadequacy could be present and it could cause us to need validation or attention in some way. Try to find peacefulness in yourself and work on deep healing through self care.

Wednesday 12/19

Moon in Taurus

Moon Void of Course 4:42 PM

Feeling connected to our bodies, our homes, and our work is enhanced during the day. For some of us we may feel driven to work hard so that we can relax later, for others we may be in self nurturing mode and just want to curl up in a ball and enjoy the pleasures of our lives we have created for ourselves. The best thing to do is find a balance between both, feed yourself in healthy ways, take care of your body, do some yoga or work out, but also chip away at your responsibilities to ensure that you will be stress free.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 2:34 AM

Dreams are enhanced during this transit and we may find ourselves having some meaningful symbology coming to us from the astral plane. Journal anything that feels significant when you awake in the morning.

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 1:40 PM

We get a boost of positive energy towards transforming parts of ourselves or our lives towards something more in line with who we are becoming rather than where we have been. This is a positive time for contemplating how we can restructure order in our lives to better serve the goals we have for the new year.

Moon Sextile Mars in Pisces 4:42 PM

Our ability to dream big and begin working towards goals is enhanced. We may still feel some confusion around exactly what it is we want to do and who we are, but we are beginning to see more opportunities and avenues that we could be pursuing. We are prone to illusions during this time as well so it will be important that we remain grounded and focus on bring dreams into reality that are realistic.

Thursday 12/20

Moon Enters Gemini 6:34 AM

The Moon in Gemini enhances our mental and social energy and we may feel like we are prone to overthinking or internalizing the energy of others. We may feel a need to share what's on our minds our get out of our heads in some way. We benefit from calming the mind through physical activity.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Sun in Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aries 8:21 AM This energy enhances our need for self expression and may bring new insights to how we can establish ourselves in new and interesting ways. We feel this transit for the days leading up to and after and it enables us to connect with others in new ways that help to promote our self esteem. We may feel more in the holiday spirit during the day and we enjoy socializing and connecting with those we care about. Our need for self expression is enhanced and we also may feel a need to break free out of mundane routines, try something new, and do something that feeds the wild nature within our soul.

Moon Opposition Mercury in Sagittarius 9:41 PM

Tension around communication and the sharing of information is enhanced in the evening. Try to slow your mental process down as much as you can in order to not overwhelm anyone with the steam of information coming to you.

Moon Opposition Jupiter in Sagittarius 10:36 PM

We may feel an enhanced need to expand our social circle or to share information. We could feel anxious in the evening as well. It is important that we find ways to get grounded. Our need to break free, get of town, or get our of our minds is enhanced. Do something new to feed these urges.

Friday 12/21

Moon in Gemini

Winter Solstice Sun Enters Capricorn 2:23 PM

The Winter Solstice was a time to honor the darkness and peacefulness of Winter, as well as to honor the Sun for making its return the following day. In the Ancient times, the rituals would focus on praying for light to return. We give thanks to the celestial body of the Sun for returning every day to us for it's light is what gives us life.

The Sun moving into Capricorn is welcomed greatly as it will help us to get grounded in reality more than we have been over the past few months. Even though the water ethereal and emotional energy will be enhanced over the weekend, the Sun in Capricorn helps to anchor us into the earthly realm, and allows us to begin the process of moving forward towards the things we hope to accomplish.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Venus in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces 9:12 AM

We may experience some intense and powerful dreams over the days of this transit. Emotional sensitivities and psychic energy is enhanced as well as connection to our childhood, families, and past. This is a harmonious energy, but it can also bring up things that are triggering for us. We benefit from finding space for self care and doing spiritual work at this time. We are likely to absorb the feeling of others at this time, so we will need lots of space and rest time in between socializing with anyone.

Mercury in Sagittarius Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius 9:37 AM

Communication, socialization, and over indulgence is enhanced during the days of this transit. This energy can be difficult for addicts, as well as the above transit, as our need to escape or over indulge through substances is greatly enhanced. We can overspend, over eat, over drink, over socialize. We need to make sure we are finding adequate time for rest in between festivities.

This energy is positive for travel plans.

Moon Square Mars in Pisces 9:41 PM

Emotional tension in the evening is enhanced and we could feel a lot of aggressive or fast energy moving through us. If your mind won't stop overthinking things, try to find some time to take a hot bath or shower in the evening and meditate on calming your thought process.

Saturday 12/22

Full Moon in Cancer 9:49 AM

The Full Moon in Cancer gives us a chance before the New Year to release any energy stemming from childhood and family dynamics that no longer is serving us. Do a ritual focused on healing family and ancestral karma during this time.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Uranus in Aries 6:21 AM

We feel an enhanced energy around changes we want to make within ourselves and who we are. New insights to how we can make those changes are enhanced. The energy around us establishing goals for the coming year is harmonious.

Sunday 12/23

Moon in Cancer

We feel the Full Moon energy from the day before carried into the weekend and we benefit from self care and taking it easy. We may feel more in tune to spiritual energy and it is beneficial for us to rest, sleep in, and do what we can to nurture our hearts. Dreams are enhanced during the day.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 7:04 AM

Emotional energy is enhanced in the morning and we may find ourselves sleeping in and waking up from powerful and insightful dreams. This energy during the day is positive for artists, musicians, and creatives and we could feel a boost of inspiration in the morning hours.

Moon Trine Venus in Scorpio 9:55 AM

Shadow work from our childhood, past, or previous lovers is asked of us during this time. If we feel like we are still healing something from our past, this day may bring some of those things up to the service. We feel overly sensitive and it is important that we find time to work through these feelings in constructive ways. Tinges of resentment and jealous could spawn if we are not careful.

Moon Opposition Pluto in Capricorn 5:23 PM

Tension in the evening is enhanced around our feelings and how we want to transform things in the material world. We may feel like we have a lot more healing to do before we can see ourselves making the changes in our lives to create the reality we desire.

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