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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 1/1-1/6

Happy Tuesday!

I did not include transits for Monday the 31st as I am posting this on Tuesday the 1st and I figured it would be nice to start out this years blog with the first day of the New Year.

This year will be a very transformative year for all of us. We left behind a year 2/11 which was a High Priestess/Justice/ Strength year and we are embarking upon a Year 3/12 which is The Empress and The Hanged One in the Tarot.

The Empress is all about us learning to connect to our bodies, the earth, and Venusian energy. The Hanged One, ruled by Neptune and Pisces, asks us to learn to let go and go with the flow more willingly.

We will be learning a lot around what we can control vs. what we can't and how to manifest our dreams within the pocket of the vibrational qualities of manifestation.

Year 3's in Numerology focus on taking what we have learned and applying it within the world in new ways.

This Year we may explore new territory within and around us.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius also influencing the year, this year could be a year focused on educational pursuits and traveling to new places.

Our need for expansion is enhanced and our ability to manifest it into reality will be at an all time high.

Uranus will also be moving back into Taurus on March 6th where it will stay until July 6th of 2025.

Uranus in Taurus means big changes in our world around financial, physical, and political spheres. Within our own lives we will see a lot of changes in these areas and we benefit from letting go and moving along with these changes. These transits mirror The Empress and The Hanged One quite literally.

For 2019 I have created the following year ahead spread. For this Tarot Spread you will use 2 different Tarot Decks. One for the energy cards of the year, and another for your month cards.

Cosmic Lady Six

2019 Year Ahead Spread

1. Energy of 2019 in my life

2. Lesson of 2019

3. Main Challenge

4. Main Blessing

5. What energy helps me this year

6. What hurts me this year

7. What I am leaving behind in 2018 8. What energy I need to focus on this year

9. Divine Guidance

Now pull 12 cards, one for each month using your 2nd Tarot Deck.

Record this reading into a journal that you will use for the entire year so that you can reflect on how the energy is playing out in your life.

Things to remember:

You always have the ability to get in front of potential problems and change their outcome. Minor Arcana cards in a reading are easier to influence change than Major Arcana. Major Arcana cards symbolize karmic and major life lessons that you will most likely learn regardless.

You can change your year ahead outcome if you implement energy differently in the weeks or months prior.

If there is a month card that you get that you are not happy with, you can do a separate tarot reading on the side asking the cards how you can get in front of this potential problem and change your outcome.

Blessings and a Happy New Year to you all!

Tuesday 1/1

(Artwork from Jim Maynards Pocket Astrologer 2019)