Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 2019, Healing the Past, Igniting the Future

On January 5th at 5:28 PM PDT we will have our first New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the year at 15 degrees of Capricorn.

In her book Sacred Contracts, author Carolyn Myss pulls a lot of analogies from the classic movie and book series The Wizard of Oz. For some reason with this Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, I cannot stop thinking about the heroes journey that Dorothy plays and all of the archetypes and energies mirroring herself found in the characters within the story.

I often in a very personal way have always resonated with these old stories. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, James and the Giant Peach, are all some examples of the Heroes Journey and what it takes for us to discover that what we were searching for in our lives was residing within us all along.

In these stories each character is tested between good and evil, right and wrong. They seek answers, only to find that the answers always lie within the intuition of their own hearts.

Eclipses allow for us to reflect upon patterns within our lives, evaluate the loops or cycles (karma) that we are most likely feeling “stuck in” and decide what patterns and behaviors need altering, transformation, or to be thrown out and left behind altogether.

Eclipses illuminate the shadows, bringing what has been hidden out into the forefront of our psyche and our lives.

They can ignite our desires, our fears, and propel our lives forward in ways we could have never expected.

Eclipses define cycles of time that influence entire generations, or events over a period of many years. Their effects leave an energetic ripple effect and we can usually track defining life altering changes during the waning and waxing of these cycles.

Another thing to note about the energy adding to this Eclipse, is Mars in its home sign of Aries, giving us an energetic boost towards moving forward and taking action in our lives towards the new things we feel like implementing in regard to ourselves in a personal way.

The Lunar nodes which also play a part in every Eclipse are in Cancer and Capricorn and represent us taking things that we have learned from the past and revisiting them in new ways.

Talking about the Moon cycles can begin to feel repetitive every year, and that is because it IS repetitive. Time and cycles repeat, and such is the nature of the cosmic wheel.

You may feel like how many more blogs do I need to read about “letting things go” and “setting intentions” before I want to blow my brains out and give up on it all….and I feel you.

As I was scrolling through NYE and New Years Day social media posts, I saw a lot more pessimism towards setting New Year's Resolutions than I feel like I have in years past, and it bummed me out.

This pessimism could be a part of our collective consciousness right now in relation to the tone and energy we are experiencing during this eclipse. Maybe we are finally growing tired of our own bullshit? Doubtful, but I feel like exploring this more.

Let’s get into Capricorn as a sign.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn made its way into the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn last year in December.

I was born in 1989 and part of a generation who not only had Saturn in Capricorn at the time of our birth, but Uranus and Neptune were also in Capricorn as well.

Saturn represents boundaries, walls, blockages, structures, rules and order. Uranus represents change, innovation, revolution and shattering of old ways. Neptune represents the arts, music, poetry, spirituality, dreams, illusions, as well as dissolves what it comes into contact with.

In 1989 a perfect example of these planets influencing our world in Capricorn was the Berlin wall finally coming down….and with the help of Bono from U2 (Neptune) dancing and chanting the world into a new era.

Flash forward 29 years later and those of us born that year are experiencing our Natal Saturn Return, and those who remember it who are in their Late 50’s are experiencing their 2nd Natal Saturn return.

We are witnessing a government shutdown currently as the Eclipse in Capricorn approaches, and our current president is working hard to convince the nation that building a WALL ( SATURN IN CAPRICORN) is the answer.

I don’t want to get heavily into politics in this blog as I doubt that is what you came here for, but to shed some light on how cycles can mirror or reflect lessons of our past - which Saturn is the champion of doing, hits the themes for this Solar Eclipse on Saturday.

Capricorn, represented by the sea goat, represents what we pull from our intuition (fish tail) our innate talents we are born with, our hearts, and how we bring that out into the world (mountain goat). How do you materialize what resides within you?

One of the things that bothered me about people bashing NYE resolutions is that I equally saw people preaching on how we should be our “best selves” and work at growing, evolving, and taking less shit. How do you expect to grow and evolve in the way you want to if you do not plan on making a plan or being clear about what those intentions are?

NYE resolutions might sound cliche and like a lot of mumbo jumbo, but anytime we celebrate a pagan holiday with ritual, we are acknowledging the wheel of the year and the energy that we are supposed to harness at this time.

As humans within this time cycle of our solar system, we are children of the celestial forces and powers that be.

We do not have a say on when the Sun rises, or when the Moon wanes or waxes. It is the current nature of our reality, and the cycles of these celestial bodies influence everything within our world.

Our agriculture systems are even based on these cycles. Ancients tracked the cycle of the Sun. Moon, and Venus, and figured out when the best times were to plant crops.

Things may feel repetitive and that is because they are, and they always have been in various ways. We achieve the same things, many different ways. And as we evolve, and the planet and stars evolve- as they are doing, we will begin to see more changes.

Despite these cycles and repetitions, we can attest that nothing last forever. These cycles may happen every year, but we age with them, and we eventually grow old and die.

The evolution of climate change and the resetting of the earth is a part of this death and rebirth.

And our planet Pluto who also happens to be in Capricorn at this time, is helping, and has been helping us restructure, and transform the nature of our physical world over the past decade. It was this time 10 years ago that Pluto made its way into Capricorn.

So what should you be doing with the energy of this Eclipse?

Define your patterns of behavior and how that is helping or hurting you .

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn exercise:

  • Make a list of patterns or behaviors that you continue every year that you enjoy, that help you fulfill your basic duties. This can be everything from taking a shower every day, to brushing your teeth, to going to the gym...any kind of routine or structure that you enjoy in your life that you feel helps you in your day to day. Include why you enjoy these routines next to them.

  • Now make another list exactly like this but of all of the patterns of behaviors that you have that you currently feel like are holding you back or getting in the way of you accomplishing the things you wish to accomplish. This can be anything from having messy spending habits, not keeping your living space clean and organized, not keeping in touch with people you care about, not having a healthy mindset or lifestyle, self deprecating thoughts, self sabotaging thoughts, thoughts around envy or jealousy, road rage...any kind of loops you feel might be preventing you from feeling like you are continuing to grow into a self you are proud of. If you are currently proud of yourself and do not feel like you have anything you need to add onto your list of things to do..than you can reflect on reactive behaviors or trauma drama you feel you wish to heal.

  • Make another list of why you feel stuck to certain habits or areas in your life, and when you remember developing the habit or belief system around that habit or pattern.

  • After you have done this, write down what you would do different if you were to change that pattern or loop. Who would you be if you just cut out all the shit holding you back in your mind right now?

Another question we can ask and analyze is why do we need to let things go or evaluate patterns of behavior at all? This would be the lesson of both Pluto, Saturn, as well as the energy within an Eclipse.

Because we age, and because things change, we have no choice but to learn to adapt and evolve with the changes.

We do not stay the same in our bodies or minds with every year that we age. And if we continue to act the way that we did when we were 20 by the time we hit 50, a compound effect of unhealthy patterns and behaviors will begin to build up into mental or bodily ailments that will force us to change the way we have been living and conform to a new set of rules that is more in line with the current state of our present reality.

To reject intention setting or letting go of patterns and behaviors we are denying the reality that if we do not actively get off of our loop willingly, the universe and powers that be will find a way to force us, for better or worse. We are, for whatever reason, experiencing a karmic path based on cause and effect of choices made previously. Our birth chart is the map of our karmic path and like a mirror, can reflect back to us the patterns or loops we are most prone to making in our lives.

By acknowledging the loops within these cycles, we are more likely to evolve like a spiraled cone moving up ( or down depending on which part of the cycle you view yourself in) into new phases of understanding. I think of it often as the peeling of an onion. We may be repeating a cycle for better or worse, and our job is to see the lesson in it. Sometimes our gifts that we have been given enable us to repeat positive lessons that help society or others, but at other times these loops or patterns can keep us from taking risks, or getting off patterns and behaviors that are keeping us stuck in a self that is ageing us faster, and causing more distress and pain in the world than need be.

In summary, this Eclipse in Capricorn will be activating a defining period of learning from past mistakes, and reworking how we approach things in the future.

On a global scale this may imply large changes in government and environmental politics.

On a more personal level this could go from how we manage our finances, business affairs, health, goal setting, and our own footprint on the Earth.

Regardless of who you are, and where you are at, the energy we are embarking upon is bringing us into a new energetic phase with a new set of opportunities for where we are going in the years to come.

Set your intentions directly, mindfully, and wisely.

Blessings and Peace to you all and may all of your dreams come true.

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