Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 2/4-2/10

Happy Monday!

We have a wonderful New Moon to start our week off in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is the leader of social justice and ignites awareness around social structures that may need changing or revolutionizing. For us in our personal lives, sometimes we need to advocate for ourselves or those we care about. This could be a time where we are learning more of how to stand up for ourselves in our own lives as well as expanding our belief systems within our social structure.

Chinese New Year is also this week and we enter the Year of the Pig on the 5th.

This week should bring us to new insights around our educational and spiritual pursuits and we are likely to make some changes that help align us more with our soul purpose.

Tarot cards for the week:

The Empress, The Moon, The Magician, The Emperor, The Devil, The Star, The Fool, and Temperance.

Monday 2/4

New Moon in Aquarius 1:04 PM New Moons call for us to set intentions towards something in our lives that we feel needs changing. Luckily Aquarius is an agent of change, having both of its planetary rulers as Uranus and Saturn, both which happen to be in cardinal signs Aries and Capricorn. The combination of the planetary influences with this transit suggests that we need to set intentions around what we wish to change about ourselves moving forward rather than others or outside influences. Sometimes we need to reflect on the life we are leading in our minds, and the beliefs we possess. Is our mental story helping or hurting us during this time? The 5 of Swords card in the Tarot is ruled bu Aquarius and represents mental challenges that pertain to the ego. We can get caught up in comparison games, or even the idea that the mental fight or struggle we are in is some how the way we will "win" at something in this life. But it often just creates more tension and struggle regardless of what the outside circumstances may be. Sometime tension and challenge helps breed confidence to push forward, or sometimes the challenge is the fun part and actually is what keeps us interested in this life in the first place. Not all challenge is negative and we benefit from seeing challenges from a positive perspective. With this New Moon in Aquarius, ask yourself what your relationship is to challenge and competition? Is it from a healthy place, or is from an ego place that keeps you from experiencing or cultivating happiness in your life? We benefit from finding some time to make peace ( The Star) in our day today and do a meditation and intention setting ritual around our inner dialogue and how we wish to manifest or evolve our mental awareness in the months to come.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius 6:35 PM

We feel a large need for expansion intellectually and spiritually in the evening hours. We may enjoy reading a good book or watching a documentary. We may feel called to begin volunteering in our community or educating someone or a group on something we are well versed in. Or maybe it is we who are seeking the education. Feed your soul and your mind by expanding your cultural and mental awareness.

Moon Conjunct Mercury in Aquarius 11:11 PM

Our need to communicate the changes we wish to make in our lives could be enhanced well into the evening hours for those who stay up late. We also could find ourselves up late trolling or scrolling social media depending on how we use our energy. We benefit more from reading or writing and channeling the energy of our minds into more studious pursuits. Educate yourself on something that wants your attention and see how maybe you can become an advocate for change within your community, or contribute to society in a new and beneficial way.

Tuesday 2/5

Chinese New Year, Year of the Pig

Moon Void of Course 3:59 PM

Moon enters Pisces 6:02 PM

I am not a Chinese Astrologer but I think it is always important and special to recognize Chinese New Year as their Zodiac holds much meaning for the yearly energetic influence on culture and our world. In Chinese Astrology the Pig is a symbol for luck, wealth, and abundance. Pig is represented by Earth and Yin energy for this year. Pig energy for the year 2019 in my mind pairs nicely with Jupiter in Sagittarius, as Jupiter is in its home sign this year and also is a symbol of wealth, luck, and abundance. Supposedly this Year of the Pig is meant to bring more success into our lives and is a great time for investments and new opportunities towards growth in regard to money and business.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Mars in Aries 5:49 AM

We may awake abruptly or energetically in the morning with a nice boost from Mars and we should take the boost as the Moon will be in Pisces the next couple days and it may be harder to get out of bed midweek. If we feel a lot of energy in the body it will be helpful to do a morning work out or yoga routine or get a head start on any work you have planned for the rest of the week.

Moon Sextile Uranus in Aries 3:59 PM

We may feel like making some changes to our routine or plans in the middle of the day and this is a beneficial time for that. We also could feel we want to make some changes around our homes. Use the positive energy to do things you may have been putting off.

Moon Sextile Venus in Capricorn 11:33 PM

If we are awake for this transit we may feel a positive connection to our work or home life during this time in a grounded and practical way. We are able to see our goals more clearly during this transit and we may also see how we can manifest our desires into our lives in a way we were not able to see before. Our hearts may also crave physical contact and connection from another at this time and we may be proactive about getting it.

Wednesday 2/6

Moon in Pisces

The Moon in Pisces enhances our connection to spiritual realms of being. This energy can cause us to feel heightened sensitivities to others emotions so it is important that we are careful with who we surround ourselves with at this time. We benefit from working on artistic projects such as art, poetry, song writing, or any activities that promote our creative spirits. This is also a beneficial time for dream work and meditation.

Thursday 2/7

Moon in Pisces

Moon Void of Course 2:13 PM

We may awake from some pretty powerful dreams in the morning hours and it will be important we pay attention to the messages coming through. Journal anything noteworthy for you that comes up. With the Moon Void of Course the later half of the day, we benefit from not making any large decisions regarding any important matters.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Conjunct Neptune 12:43 AM

This energy enhances our dream world and we will most likely have some powerful insights from behind the veil. Shamans believe that the dream plane is just as real, if not more real, than our physical reality. It is in the dream world that we go to work on our deepest fears and desires. Our dream world is an honest world and our spiritual guides speak to us through our dreams. I often advise clients to meditate and ask their spirit guides to give them guidance before bed when working through deep and important issues. There may be confusing symbols that come up for us in dreams that we typically would not pay attention to, but in my dream work I have found that every single thing you remember when you wake up usually is serving some kind of deeper meaning regardless of how simple it may seem. You can also do a Tarot reading when you wake up to help decipher your dreams, asking the cards what the dream meant and what you are supposed to take away from it.

Moon Square Jupiter in Sagittarius 8:16 AM

Tension in the morning around escapism and expansion is enhanced in the morning hours. We may feel resistance towards the practical and we may feel this deep desire to break free from structure. Find a healthy way to feed this energy by possibly doing things a little different with your morning routine to help change things up.

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 2:13 PM

We have more awareness around things in our personal lives that are not serving us anymore and we may feel inclined to do some spring cleaning whether it be physical or spiritual. This is a good time for purging what no longer is serving you and getting rid of energetic connections to physical items that have been keeping you from growing or moving forward.

Sun in Aquarius Sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius 4:33 PM

This transit over the next few days ignites our need and pursuit for spiritual growth and education. We benefit from seeking teachers, guides, or institutions that help expand our growth and awareness in subjects we feel passionate about. This could be an online course, or a physical work shop, or even deciding to go to a new school or education program. We also seek more from our group dynamics and need to find ourselves within them in a new and expand way. For some of us our growth may come through traveling to new places and learning first hand from another culture. Be open to spiritual growth at this time and don't be afraid to seek guidance from someone with more experience.

Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Mars in Aries 5:25 PM

This is an amazing time for establishing and pushing forward ideas around intellectual, scientific, and educational pursuits. If we want to take a class, teach a class, or establish ourselves in new ways within our work environment this energy over the next few days is giving us the confidence to do so. Follow the educational and spiritual call in whatever way it is guiding you. The time is now.

Friday 2/8

Moon enters Aries 6:34 AM

The Moon in Aries gives us a boost in pushing energy forward during this time. We may be a little more prone to being hot headed or irritable and it will be important we are mindful with how we assert ourselves on others. If channeled appropriately this energy can help us to get things done in a timely manner.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Venus in Capricorn 6:21 PM

Tension in the evening hours in our relationships and work environments is enhanced. We are prone to over asserting ourselves and it has potential to go sideways really fast if we are not aware of how we are projecting our feelings onto others. We also run the risk of taking things the wrong way or too personally.

Saturday 2/9

Moon in Aries

We benefit from getting out of the house and doing things that get the heat moving through our body. We may need to feel in control of our environment so doing things that facilitate this need is beneficial. It may be best to give ourselves some alone time to work through things that are important to us as we are likely to be irritable with others interfering with our process.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 2:06 PM

Tension in the afternoon around feeling grounded is enhanced and something may not be going the way we want it to. We need to not force our agenda at this time as it will likely go sideways. It is best to try and let things go and not get too concerned with whether they go our way or not.

Mercury in Aquarius Sextile Uranus in Aries 2:53 PM

Some sudden changes may occur during the days of this transit and give us new insights towards things we want to change about ourselves and the way we assert ourselves in group dynamics whether that be friendships, the work place, or culturally in the world. We may have some very insightful conversations and exchanges during this time and it is a positive time for pursuing education. Socializing is enhanced during the days of this transit and we benefit from seeing many points of view regarding matters we are interested in.

Moon Trine Jupiter in Sagittarius 8:42 PM

Expanded awareness in the evening hours leads to potential overindulgence in things that free our hearts. We may feel a surge of ambition and spontaneity in the evening hours. We need to be careful not too overdo anything too much, but to indulge this expansion of energy by giving ourselves something fun and exciting to do. We may enjoy going out with a group of friends and getting out of our mundane environment.

Sunday 2/10

Moon in Aries

Moon Void of Course 3:48 PM

Moon enters Taurus 5:28 PM

With the Moon still in Aries in the first part of the day we will still feel a need for action. We benefit by moving heat through the body or getting things done in our environment that gives us a sense of accomplishment. We will begin to slow down in the evening hours and connecting to our homes and bodies in a more grounded way is beneficial.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Mercury enters Pisces 2:51 AM

Mercury has its fall in Pisces and causes us to be more prone to fantasy and illusions during the time of this transit. We will not have a clear mental idea of our circumstances, or the intentions of others during this time. We also may feel extra intuitive and sensitive to others and we may experience psychic insights during this time. It is easy to become ungrounded and out of touch with reality when Mercury is in Pisces. We need to be open to receiving spiritual insights during this time, but also keep a clear sense of reality and what is tangible for us. Whatever house we have Pisces in will dictate what area of our lives we experience this energy in and it may be a confusing time for us. A need for escapism is enhanced and recreational drug users need to be careful to not fall down a rabbit hole that leads to bigger problems with substance abuse later. Dream journaling is important during this time as we are likely to experience a lot of powerful and lucid dreams during this time.

Moon Conjunct Mars in Aries 12:48 PM

Action and assertion characterize this energy and we may feel an explosive amount of energy. We need to be careful not to project or overly assert onto others. This energy is beneficial for working on projects by ourselves or doing some sort of physical activity.

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Aries 3:48 PM

Unexpected insights may come to us about things we wish to change but today is not the time for action. Maybe do some journaling and brainstorm your ideas. Get a plan, don't randomly act on a hunch.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Pisces 7:57 PM

We feel an enhanced need for art and beauty in our lives and we benefit from surrounding ourselves with things that are beautiful. We may want to escape reality through physical and spiritual connection and we benefit from listening to music or watching movies that bring us into more fantastical realms.

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