Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 2/25-3/3

Happy Monday!

This week we have a lot of push and pull transits causing us to want to break free from conventional and routine ways of thinking, but it will be important for us to not avoid or procrastinate on responsibilities. Finding a healthy balance towards feeding your imagination and wanderlust needs while still taking care of business is a major theme for this week. Our Last Quarter Moon in the middle of the week in Sagittarius will ask of us to let go of any blockages towards our own expansion and growth spiritually and we are given an opportunity over the weekend to indulge in those ideas and find new interesting ways of approaching old patterns, routines, and relationships.

Tarot cards for the week:

Page of wands, Temperance, Death, Judgement, The Star, The Fool, The Devil.

Monday 2/25

Moon Void of Course 4:14 AM

Moon enters Sagittarius 1:19 PM

The Moon Void of Course in the morning asks us to not make any severe or drastic decisions about anything in the morning hours. When the Moon movies into Sagittarius in the afternoon we may feel an intense urge for freedom, expansion and growth. It might be time to rework a part of our lives or routine to better feed our soul. We also have a tendency towards overindulgences when the Moon is in Sagittarius so we need to be careful not to over spend, over eat, or over socialize in a way that is destructive to setting up a healthy flow for the week. Some healthy ways of fulfilling the need for freedom and expansion is through taking an unplanned adventure somewhere for the day and letting yourself explore a new part of yourself or where you live doing something you wouldn't normally do on a Monday.

Tuesday 2/26

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

The Last Quarter Moon gives us an opportunity to work through the last little bit of some remainder energy we may have been processing during the Virgo Full Moon last week. In Sagittarius we are asked to release blockages around our hearts and it might be time we begin exploring what we want in new and exciting ways. We need to feed the curiosity of our inner desires and give in to being a spiritual student in our lives right now. The Daughter or Page of Wands is a good representation of this energy today.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 7:16 PM

Tension in the evening around fantasy and obtaining our dreams is enhanced in the evening hours. We may have large goals and fantasies about the future and it is very ungrounding for us to sit in all of the "what ifs" or possibilities. Creative visualization is a helpful tool towards manifestation but it is also important that we keep ourselves somewhat rooted in the here and now. Journal some of your desires and ask yourself what is tangible this year, and what maybe needs more time to marinate.

Wednesday 2/27

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon Void of Course 10:17 PM

Moon enters Capricorn 10:48 PM

The Moon in Sagittarius influences most of our day and we may feel restless and unfocused if we have too many practical matters that need our attention. Our minds may feel fed if we have a sounding board for philosophical thoughts and we benefit from socializing with people who stimulate our energy in expansive ways. This is a good time to learn so be open and receptive to learning from others at this time. It is also a good time to teach someone something you know, so be available to help guide someone else who may be seeking guidance at this time if you are in a position to give it.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius 6:33 AM

Our need for expansion in the morning hours is enhanced and we benefit from breaking out of our routine and giving our hearts something new and refreshing to experience. Sagittarius enjoys music, travel, philosophy, religion, spirituality, and other cultures. Maybe there is something along these lines you feel extra drawn to in the morning hours and it benefits you to start your day off feeding your mind and soul.

Moon Square Mercury in Pisces 5:10 PM

Tension in the evening around what we want and how we articulate it is enhanced. We are prone to misunderstanding things and falling into an escapist way of thinking. We are also vulnerable towards others manipulating us if we are not careful. We benefit from trying to use a healthy level of discernment with our thoughts right now and not getting too carried away with possibilities that are not rooted in reality.

Sun in Pisces Sextile Mars in Taurus 6:33 PM

We get an energy boost in the days of this transit and we might feel extra motivated working towards our dreams and goals. The Sun in Pisces can enhance our sensitivity and emotions, but it also has an artistic and poetic element to it that enhances our ability to see beyond mundane reality and into the possibilities and potential of life. Our imagination may be at an all time high and our ability to execute tasks in the physical word around accomplishing our dreams is enhanced.

Moon Trine Uranus in Aries 10:17 PM

Unexpected insights or changes in the evening hours that are beneficial to our emotional well being and future decisions is a character of this transit. We may see a lot of new ways we can think about or move forward on something that is important to us. This is a good time for making plans around the future.

Thursday 2/28

Moon in Capricorn

After an ungrounded last couple of days, the Moon in Capricorn comes in to try and bring us back down to Earth. The Moon however is not comfortable in Capricorn as Capricorn is its Detriment. We can feel cold, blocked or resistant towards feeling empathy towards ourselves and others despite the Pisces energy in the air. This coldness might be refreshing if we have been overly sensitive or emotional though as it can help us protect our energy and we might need some space from absorbing others emotions at this time. Focus on being productive in your physical environment and don't get too caught up in what other people are doing.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Mars in Taurus 6:26 PM

Lots of beneficial energy towards working hard in the physical is enhanced. We benefit from getting our bodies moving or getting a head start on our work day. This is a favorable time for knocking tasks off the "to-do" list that we have been putting off and we have the boost from Mars to help us.

Moon Sextile Sun in Pisces 7:09 PM

The urge to improve ourselves and our domestic environment is enhanced in the evening hours and we may feel extra creative and imaginative towards our goals. Emotional and artistic expression is enhanced and this is a positive energy for creatives.

Friday 3/1

Moon in Capricorn

We continue to benefit from finding ways to be grounded and practical with our energy. This is a good day for putting our nose to the grindstone and being productive so that we can enjoy our weekend without any worry. Don't procrastinate today, just get things done that need to get done. You will feel better for it.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Venus in Capricorn Square Uranus in Aries 4:31 AM

This energy influences the next couple days negatively and can lead to a lot of tension within our relationships and expression of self. There is a potential for us to be selfish and cold towards others at this time and we run the risk of offending others. We may need to have space from groups, family members or partners at this time. We need to be mindful with our energy and we benefit from having some alone time over the next couple days.

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 6:40 AM

Our sensitivity to others energy at this time is enhanced and we may absorb others more easily at this time. It will be important that we ground and protect ourselves from unwanted energies. Taking a break from social media is beneficial.

Venus enters Aquarius 8:45 AM

Venus in Aquarius gives us the ability to become a little more detached emotionally while we are in Pisces Season. This is helpful as Pisces season can cause us to be extra sensitive. Venus in Aquarius will help us to gain perspective in an unconventional way towards our relationships and feelings. We benefit from allowing ourselves to grow in our relationships in new and unconventional ways during this time. It is important that we feel free to do what we want at this time and that we socialize with people that stimulate our minds in new and interesting ways.

Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 10:23 AM

Our need to get grounded in the morning is enhanced and we benefit from doing tasks focused on responsibilities that may not be the most interesting but will help us down the line. Figure out what loose ends need to be tied in your mundane world and get to work.

Moon Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 7:48 PM

Hopefully we had some momentum towards productivity in the physical world during the day and it opens space for us to get to focus on some other goals we have been putting off. This transit asks us to be open to letting go of certain expectations we had or may have in the future and to be more open towards changes that may be coming whether we want them to or not. We may struggle a bit with wanting to control our physical environment in ways that are not accessible to us during this time. Find small ways you can make changes that feed your desire for transformation. Try not to get too power hungry about your environment right now.

Saturday 3/2

Moon Void of Course 10:47 AM

Moon enters Aquarius 11:06 AM

The Moon in Aquarius allows for us to detach emotionally and use our minds in new and interesting ways. We may have been overly focused on our goals in the days previous and this energy lightens us up for the weekend if we allow it to. We may have a desire to socialize or involve ourselves in worldly issues at this time. However, we need to be careful with what energy we surround ourselves with and absorb during this time as the influence from earlier transits could still have us in a combative mood.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Mercury in Pisces 8:54 AM

Imagination, dreams, and creative energy is enhanced in the morning hours and we may feel an inclination towards listening to music in the early hours, reading a good book, meditating, journaling, or sharing ourselves in ways that inspire us.

Moon Square Uranus in Aries 10:47 AM

Tension around self expression and assertion is enhanced during this transit and we may find ourselves trolling the internet and getting upset about worldly issues. It may be beneficial for us to spend some time off social media today and more focused on ways we can be of service to our communities rather than focusing on all of the injustices in our lives or in the world.

Moon Conjunct Venus in Aquarius 2:03 PM

We feel a need to socialize and connect with others that share our values or stimulate conversation around our thoughts. We may benefit from having a conversation with our partner about thoughts we are having during this time in terms of what we need out of our relationship and lives moving forward. This is a positive energy for brainstorming new ways of approaching old problems.

Sunday 3/3

Moon in Aquarius

We have a desire today to break out of routine and do something unconventional. We benefit from hanging out with people that get us out of our emotions and into a new and refreshed way of being. We may also feel inclined to hang out with ourselves but to do something different than we normally do on a Sunday.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Mars in Taurus 10:54 AM

Tension in the morning around feeling grounded is enhanced and we may feel more resistance towards getting things done. We also could be prone to accidents or hurting ourselves physically so we need to be careful with our movement.

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