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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 3/18-3/24

This week marks the Astrological New Year!

This week we have a lot of amazing transits including a powerful Full Moon in Libra the day our Sun moves into Aries. This is a special time for releasing energy preventing us from feeling empowered within our relationships and also a powerful time for Spring cleaning and renewal into a new chapter.

Tarot cards for the week:

The Lovers, The Magician, The Empress, The Fool, The Emperor, Death, The Star, Judgement, Justice, and The Hanged One.

Monday 3/18

Moon Void of Course 8:18 AM

Moon enters Virgo 6:41 AM

The Moon in Virgo helps us to find momentum in getting things organized and done in our physical world. We benefit from moving our bodies in healthy ways and being practical about our responsibilities.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Mars in Taurus 5:06 AM

Tension in the early hours and potential for challenges around getting going is a character of this transit and we benefit from slowing things down and not being too emotionally reactive towards anyone or anything.

Moon Trine Jupiter in Sagittarius 8:19 AM

We have the potential to try to do too much too fast and need to be mindful that we don't overwhelm ourselves in the early hours.

Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus 7:39 PM

Unexpected changes could occur in the evening hours and we benefit from going with the flow rather than resisting any cogs that come up and get in the way of our plans. We could feel a sense of urgency around getting things done and we may have a hard time slowing things down.

Tuesday 3/19

Moon in Virgo

We continue to benefit from moving forward on things we need to do in a proactive and responsible way. Use the energy of Virgo to be practical and pragmatic in your approach to your responsibilities. This is also a good time for getting yourself on track with your diet and exercise if you haven't been taking good care of yourself.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Opposition Neptune in Pisces 9:14 PM

We may feel tension in the evening hours around things we need to do and indulging in self care. Since this is an evening transit, it may be time for you to let go of any rigidity and focus on winding down and letting yourself relax.

Wednesday 3/20

Vernal Equinox

Moon Void of Course 8:22 AM

Moon in Libra 6:28PM

Sun enters Aries 2:59 PM

Full Moon in Libra 6:43 PM

W e have a big day of transits today as our Sun moves from the emotional waters of Pisces and into the activating renewal energy of Aries. This is the Astrological New Year and represents the changing from winter into spring time. Aries energy is ruled by Mars and represents coming into the world as a spiritual being. It is the marriage of soul into matter and invigorates dormant energy that has been waiting to bloom. We may feel a lot of intensity during the day as we also have a Full Moon and we could be feeling like we are discovering new parts of ourselves and how that relates to others in our own lives. Our Full Moon in Libra asks us to reflect on what parts of our relationships maybe are not serving us. Are there areas that need improvement, or conversations that need to happen around things that need to evolve for us in our dynamics with others? Are we relying too much on codependent patterns or are we being too self reliant and pushing others way in an unhealthy way? These are all great things to ask ourselves during this time. We benefit from reflagging on whether this could be in our relationships with partners/lovers, or close friends. With Mars as ruler of Aries and Venus as ruler of Libra, the masculine and feminine polarity comes into view and we are asked to evaluate those parts within ourselves and our relationship to them. Are we living in harmony with both halves of our own masculine and feminine, or is there potentially a part of ourselves that needs more attention and love? Doing a ritual tonight that focuses on marrying and honoring the masculine and feminine as well as the entry point into spring is a beneficial way to spend your evening. Buy yourself some flowers and thank the Sun for its warmth.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST