Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 3/25-3/31

Last week of March already???!

Where is the time going?

This week marks a Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn, Venus entering Pisces, Mercury stationing direct in Pisces and Mars entering Gemini! A very powerful amount of Planets entering new energies and the week before our New Moon in Aries.

This week we may feel like we are beginning to come out of the Fog that was Pisces Season and Mercury RX in Pisces. Spring is upon us and although we may not feel entirely renewed yet, we are beginning to move more in that direction. Allow yourself to move slowly with the energy this week although that may feel counterintuitive with some of the faster moving transits.

Tarot Cards for the week:

Page of Swords RX, Knight of Swords, The Fool, The Star, The Emperor, 9 of Cups, 10 of Cups, 8 of Cups, 7 of Cups, Page of Cups.

Monday 3/25

Moon in Sagittarius

We start our week off with the Moon moving through the expansive and adventurous energy of Sagittarius. It may be harder for us to stick to a routine or plan today and we may be more likely to blow off responsibilities and do something out of the ordinary, I can say getting to writing this blog late today definitely felt like a Moon in Sag type of day, I also took a super random weird way home from my day job today for some reason...another very Moon in Sag type of thing to do. Find some way of feeding your need for expansion without overindulging or doing anything you would regret later....

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Sun in Aries 7:30 AM

This energy enhances our will and drive in the morning and we may feel an intensity towards expressing ourselves or doing something we want rather than what is good for others. We could find ourselves being a little overly selfish or focused on our desires.

Tuesday 3/26

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon Void of Course 7:37 PM

We continue to feel a need for adventure and expansion during the day and we benefit from working in some fun rather than taking anything too seriously. We need to ground ourselves at some point though and not let our will to break free from the mundane make us neglect much needed tasks on our to-do list. Try to find a balance between getting things done while giving yourself room to do things that excite you.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Mercury RX Pisces 5:01 AM

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 6:08 AM

We may wake up from some powerful dreams in the morning and we could experience some tension around mentally processing what is coming up for us emotionally. It is possible to feel mentally foggy and have a harder time getting going in the morning hours. Both of these transits can imply some difficulty with thinking clearly. We also have an inclination towards misunderstanding things or not seeing a situation for what it really is. We could also be feeling extra sensitive and our need to escape things stressing us out could be at a high. Those prone to depression may also feel more at odds with themselves and we may feel over all a layer of sadness in the atmosphere. Don't try to force yourself to be happy if it just isn't happening, and don't look at yourself feeling out of sorts as a failure. Find a way to honor and observe as well as move through your feelings, and do healthy things throughout the day to help ground yourself mentally. Gratitude journaling and pulling a couple Tarot cards for guidance is a positive way to spend the morning hours.

Venus enters Pisces 12:43 PM

Venus is exalted in Pisces and ramps up emotions and sensitivity within our love lives. We may feel extra needy in one sense, or we could also feel like we want to isolate ourselves as we may feel extra sensitive to the energy of our partners. Venus Pisces people tend to be very romantic and enjoy showering their partners with love and affection. For some, too much attention or love can feel smothering, for others, there can never be enough. Either way, we will all be emotionally feeling more sensitive to this dynamic and it may cause us to explore some new things within our relationships. We must be careful though, as Pisces energy can also be deceptive and we can tend to misread situations with partners, or fall for someone who may not be best for us. Another trait of Venus in Pisces can be more empathy and compassion towards the collective, and this is something we may feel very much during Venus's stay here.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius 7:37 PM

Our need for emotional growth is at a high in the evening hours and we could feel ourselves coping with our need for experience by overindulging or overspending if we are not careful. It is helpful to feed the want or need for more by looking at what you already have and asking yourself if "more" is really going to fulfill any empty feelings you have. It might be time to revisit some things in your life you have been neglecting. A lot of times when we feel we need "more" in our life, we search outside of ourselves, but in reality we tend to be happier when we find ways of giving ourselves more spiritually and creatively. Maybe doing a creative project in the evening will be more fulfilling than going out and spending more or eating more.

Wednesday 3/27

Moon enters Capricorn 7:07 AM

Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn 9:10 PM

The Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn is here to help us let go of any left over habits that are holding us back from making progress around our financial and physical goals. This could be any bad habits with money, our health, or our environment. Today is a great day for some spring cleaning and getting yourself in line with your priorities and goals moving forward. It is time to cut the chord with bad habits and immature behaviors that are not helping us evolve.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Venus in Pisces 9:06 AM

This is a harmonious energy in the morning hours and makes us feel extra in tune to our feelings and how we relate to others. We could feel extra lovey and like we want physical attention during the hours of this transit.

Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus 9:10 AM

We could experience some unexpected changes to our routine in the morning or our physical surroundings. It may not be something we want but we will not have much of a say depending on where this is hitting in our own charts. It also could be something not too noticeable. Try to go with the flow and move with any disruptions rather than against them.

Venus in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus 9:44 AM

We may feel very motivated to change things in regard to our relationships, our homes, and our physical appearance during the days of this transit. For some we may be ending or starting a new relationship, moving, or establishing a new image or identity during this time. The area of our lives that we want to focus on will be dependent on where we have Pisces and Taurus in our birth charts and what planets are being affected by this transit. Consulting an astrologer (like myself) for more personalized information of how this transit could influence you is recommended as it has a potential to play out in many different ways. Over all we will feel extra in tune to where we are being guided and a lot of changes are taking place in our relationships and how we feel grounded within the environment we create for ourselves whether that be job, home, and/or body.

Moon Square Sun in Aries 9:10 PM

Tension in the evening is enhanced and we may have a hard time processing our feelings around ourselves. We may feel insecure or blocked in some way and it is important that we find a way to work heat through our bodies slowly to get some of this tension out. We are also prone to hurting ourselves potentially on accident so be mindful with your mood and don't be too quick to react to anything emotionally or physically.

Thursday 3/28

Moon in Capricorn

It is important that we find ways to ground ourselves during the day and handle tasks in a practical and pragmatic way without thinking too much about it. We may feel a bit burnt out on absorbing other peoples feelings during this time so taking a time out and focusing on tasks could help redirect some of the sensitivity in the air.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury Stations Direct 6:59 AM

Our dear friend Mercury leaves retrograde but will be in the shadow of the retrograde for the next week. When Mercury stations retrograde or direct it is said to be at its most "trickster" like phase of motion as the energy is unreliable and a bit more chaotic. We are not in the clear yet so don't get too excited. Continue to proceed with caution as we work our way out of the fog.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Pisces 2:46 PM

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 4:34 PM

I like addressing these two transits together even though Mercury and Neptune are very different energies, the way they can manifest together in Pisces can be a collective feeling. A Sextile is a harmonious aspect and means that the energy of the Moon is flowing harmoniously with both Mercury and Neptune in Pisces during this transit. Because the Moon is in Capricorn it may allow for us to take the creative qualities of Pisces and apply it into our physical world in a tangible way. This could be a good time to implement any ideas we have been fantasizing about and begin working on moving things forward within our goals around these ideas.

Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 10 PM

I love having Saturn in Capricorn right now and I feel that I will be very sad when it moves into Aquarius next year although I am sure it will be a great shift in energy. When the Moon is conjunct Saturn I feel it is such a special time for grounding our emotions and getting ourselves into a place where we can be more objective about our process. As someone who personally has a Pisces Moon, my emotions can get the best of me quite often. I feel although I know the Moon is technically in its "fall" in Capricorn, I actually really enjoy the grounding qualities of this energy. It gives me a break from feeling things so intensely all of the time and I think that all of us can benefit from seeing the energy more in that way rather than the shadow or difficult qualities we tend to focus on.

Get grounded in the evening and connect to your body in a healthy way. Doing some late night Hatha Yoga is a positive way to utilize this energy.

Friday 3/29

Moon Void of Course 5:05 PM

Moon enters Aquarius 6:46 PM

We spend the first half of the day with the Moon still in Capricorn and the evening with the Moon in the detached energy of Aquarius. I always feel the Moon in Aquarius ramps up our social awareness on ethical and political issues as well as gets us wanting to share our opinions more loudly and openly with others. It is common for people to be more prone to getting in arguments on social media about belief systems, or feeling passionate about advocating for an issue they care about. I think it can be healthy to verbalize things we are processing and going through when the Moon is in Aquarius and we benefit from stimulating our minds in healthy ways.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Mars in Taurus 5:05 PM

We are likely to feel a lot of intensity around our feelings and how we process them during the hours of this transit. We may need to be mindful with how we are communicating and also how we are moving our bodies. We benefit from slowing things down as much as we can help and not overreacting or responding to things without thinking it through.

Moon Square Uranus in Taurus 9:10 PM

Tension in the evening is enhanced and we are likely to want to make a lot of changes, or to have some changes come up for us that we were not anticipating. This transit only lasts for a couple hours so it might come and go as fast as it came. I feel this is a beneficial time for evaluating change rather than acting on it.

Saturday 3/30

Moon in Aquarius

Focusing on being more detached in our emotional process is a positive way to use the energy of the day. One of the ways we can think of Aquarius energy is with the Tarot. The Fool and The Star are both ruled by Aquarius and both of these cards have a light hearted, peaceful and neutral tone to them. In the Fool we learn to have a sense of wonder about the world, and with The Star we gain wisdom and clarity and fall in love with the simplicity of all things.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Sun in Aries 2:53 PM

This is a harmonious transit and enhances our ability to express ourselves in a positive way. We may feel in love with who we are in our minds and our soul and we benefit from building ourselves up.

Mars enters Gemini 11:12 PM

Mars in Gemini enhances our mental process and Mars will be here until May 16th 2019. With Mars in Gemini we may find ourselves moving quicker on things we wish to activate in our lives. We also could feel more impatient and overly communicative about our process. I think of the Page of Swords reversed and the Knight of Swords as a good way to think of the energy. Verruca Salt " I want it now" is a good definition of the Page of Swords reversed and we could see ourselves moving swiftly towards things without much thought. We need to be careful with this even though it is a beneficial time for getting things done. Try not to over think things during this time and try to have some patience while you move swiftly towards your goals.

Sunday 3/31

Moon in Aquarius

Moon Void of Course 8:02 PM

We continue to have a light hearted and detached energy with the Moon here in Aquarius for most of the day and we benefit from doing something social.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius 8:02 PM

We may feel a need for expansion in the evening hours and it may be beneficial for us to focus on a creative or educational project that we have been putting off if we have the energy.

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