Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 4/1-4/7

Its April! Happy All Fool's Day!

I love starting a Monday off with a first day of the Month. There is something about that, that makes me feel more refreshed and like we are truly at the beginning of a new chapter. We start the week off with energy that may be more aligned with endings and letting go, but this letting go energy is only to make space for our New Moon at the end of the week in Aries that is allowing for us to set intentions around putting a new self out into the world and in our own lives. Spring cleaning and making space for new opportunities is a huge theme for the week, and we benefit from getting rid of all things not aligned with where we wish to go in the months ahead.

Tarot cards representing the transits of this week:

The Moon, The Hanged One, 7 of Cups, 8 of Cups, 9 of Cups, The Magician, The Emperor, The Empress, The World, Temperance, Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands, Page of Cups, Page of Wands, Queen of Cups, King of Wands.

Monday 4/1

Moon enters Pisces 7:48 AM

Starting the morning off with a Pisces Moon can be difficult in that it isn't the most energizing energy when it comes to getting things done in the mundane and physical world. We may have a harder time getting going in the morning and we may want to hit snooze extra long on the alarm. Pisces energy can cause us to be a bit ungrounded so it may be important that we find time to rejuvenate and focus on some self care throughout the day.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Mars in Gemini 9:44 AM

Mental and emotional tension in the morning hours characterize this transit and we may have a hard time moving forward in a productive way. We also could be more prone to anxiety, misunderstandings, and not communicating in effective ways. We need to be slow with what we try to do and not push any agenda too much as it may not go the way we hoped.

Moon Sextile Uranus in Taurus 10:29 AM

We may feel like we need to give into some changes around how we are emotionally processing what is in front of us and we may have an easier time letting go of our need for control and giving in to how things are going. This energy helps enable you to look at things from a new perspective and not be so adamant about needing it to go your way all of the time.

Moon Conjunct Venus in Pisces 11:31 PM

Our hearts get a boost in the evening hours and we could be feeling extra sensitive and like we want to cuddle up with our partner and enjoy an evening in together. If you are alone this is a good time to focus on some rejuvenating self care and self love time for yourself.

If you are able to draw a bath for yourself and do some meditations in water, that is a positive way to spend the evening.

Tuesday 4/2

Moon in Pisces

With so much Pisces energy in the vibrational atmosphere, we continue to feel disassociated and ungrounded and this is a time where we benefit from doing deep spiritual work rather than trying to escape our current reality. Pisces energy can cause us to want to escape through art, music, and beauty, which is fine if we find healthy ways of allowing our imaginations to stimulate us rather than distract us. We want to avoid escapism through alcohol or avoidance of responsibilities to the point where we end up regretting it later. This is a beneficial time for creating art, poetry, music, or meditating and doing dream work.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Pisces Conjunct Neptune in Pisces 2:38 AM

We are likely to have some powerful dreams during this transit and for the next couple days. Leading up to the New Moon, these dreams could provide deeper insights to shadow work that we are still needing to do at this time, and we benefit from journaling these dreams and working on decoding them in waking life to see what we can work on manifesting in our lives moving forward.

Moon Conjunct Neptune in Pisces 6:26 PM

We could feel out of touch with reality and our need for space and peace in the evening hours is is heightened. We benefit from focusing on spending some time alone and doing self care work.

Moon Conjunct Mercury in Pisces 6:58 PM

We are more prone to psychic insights during this time but we are also likely to misinterpret things. We need to not jump to conclusions about anything as we are likely to take things personally and potentially in the wrong way today. For those who have developed a strong relationship to their intuition and psychic abilities, this energy could manifest more positively where we are able to see the messages being delivered to us. We still need to maintain a healthy level of discernment where we can.

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 11:58 PM

We have an easier time getting our emotions grounded in the evening hours and we may be able to see how the insights that came to us earlier in the day can be harnessed and brought down to reality.

Wednesday 4/3

Moon Void of Course 8:36 AM

Moon enters Aries 7:56 PM

With the Moon Void of Course most of the day we do not want to make any large decisions if we can help it.

The Moon entering Aries may ramp up our energy in the evening hours and we may begin to feel more inspired to push towards our goals in the days to come.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 6:09 AM

This is a harmonious transit where we are able to let go more easily and make space for new energy to enter our emotional and physical life. Spring inspires us to want to purge and make way for new energy so this is a good time to do deep cleaning and get rid of anything in your space that is not aligning with your higher self and the direction you wish to go in.

Moon Square Jupiter in Sagittarius 8:36 AM

Tension in the morning around our emotions and need for expansion is enhanced. We are likely to make some poor choices in the early morning hours if we are not careful. This transit could cause us to over indulge in an unhealthy way and we want to be mindful with whether or not we aligning ourselves with the right choices. Sometimes we need to make choices that are aligned with being responsible to get the things that we want later, rather than indulging our immediate desires.

Thursday 4/4

Moon in Aries

Over the next two days, the energy of the New Moon in Aries will be inspiring us to set intentions towards establishing a new sense of self and identity into the world. This is a good time for deciding who we want to be in the next year and setting intentions around that. Write a list of all of the things about yourself you love, and all of the things you wish to manifest into your life around who you are at a soul level. This is not about what you want in the physical, but more of how you want to relate to yourself and who you are and how that impacts others in an energetic sense.

Friday 4/5

New Moon in Aries 1:50 AM

Moon Void of Course 7:15 PM

Our New Moon in Aries hits in the early morning hours, we may have done our ritual the evening before, which is recommended, but if not, you can try to do your ritual sometime before the Moon is Void of Course later in the day. We do not want to set intentions when the Moon is Void of Course so it is better for you to do any intention setting before 7:15 PM PST. This is a time for spring cleaning, setting intentions around a new identity or relationship to yourself. Mars energy is all about our will and our ambitions and Mars is the ruler of Aries, so we benefit from identifying where we are at in ourselves when it comes to the energy that drives us to be who we are. Spend some time journaling about what drives you and see where you can harness that energy in a positive way for yourself in the months to come.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Saturn in Capricorn 11:02 AM

Tension in the morning hours is enhanced and we have a hard time feeling grounded. We are more prone to resisting responsibilities and we also need to be careful with how we are moving our physical bodies during this time.

Moon Square Pluto in Capricorn 4:50 PM

This is also a tension inducing transit and we may have resistance towards letting go of things we have in the physical world even though we know it is time to move on. Sometimes when we are doing spring cleaning and energy work we begin to realize how certain objects symbolize times in our life that we are not quite ready to move away from. We need to work through these feelings and ask ourselves why we fear or resist change, and whether holding onto the past is serving us well, or keeping us stunted.

Moon Trine Jupiter in Sagittarius 7:15 PM

We feel a boost towards a need for personal expansion and freedom in the evening hours and we may benefit from getting out of our mundane and going and doing something new or different that inspires us in the evening hours.

Saturday 4/6

Moon enters Taurus 6:06 AM

The Moon in Taurus is exalted, and it is a welcomed energy after an ungrounded week. The Moon in Taurus allows for us to feel more in touch with our mundane and physical world in a healthy way and we benefit from honoring the earth and our bodies. Cooking, walks through nature, and getting our physical world in order are all positive ways to utilize this energy today.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Taurus 9:09 AM

We may feel inspired to make some much needed changes to our physical surroundings today. We could feel more inspired to reorganize our house, or work on some projects we have been putting off. We also could experience some unexpected changes to our physical world and we may need to adjust to allowing more space for new energy to infatuate our routine.

Sunday 4/7

Moon in Taurus

We continue to benefit from connecting to the Earth and our physical world in a positive way. Spending time moving our bodies, getting grounded , and spending time in nature are all positive ways to utilize this energy.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Mercury in Pisces Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 2:17 AM

This energy inspires and influences our productivity over the next few days and it is a positive energy for taking ideas and things from our imagination and bringing them into the physical world. This energy is great for artists, musicians, and creatives.

Moon Sextile Venus in Pisces 9:04 AM

This is a harmonious energy for our hearts and we may feel more romantic in the morning hours. We could feel in touch with our emotions in an enhanced way and our need for love and connection could be at an all time high. Today is a great day for spending time with someone you love and showering each other with affection.

Moon Sextile Neptune in Pisces 2:47 PM

This is a harmonious energy for the imagination and we also may feel more in tune to our psychic abilities and how we connect that to the physical world. Earth and Water energy are harmoniously enhanced here and this enables us to nurture ourselves and others in a positive way.

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 7:59 PM

We feel grounded in the evening hours and we benefit from nurturing our bodies and our physical world in a positive and healthy way.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Pisces 9:04 PM

This energy is positive for communicating feelings to others and getting in touch with your own mental and physical relationship to yourself.

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