Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 5/13-5/19

Happy Monday!

I am finally back writing the weekly forecast after a really rough last couple weeks I have had personally. I have to say it could be worse, but I have been sick and overworked and it has been hard for me to find adequate downtime to rejuvenate. I am still sick as I write this but I am finding the strength to push forward and get the forecast out to you all. As I finish this, my vertigo is setting in so I am going to keep this short. I hope you all enjoy this weeks forecast and I wish you all many blessings for the week ahead.

This weeks Tarot cards:

The Tower, The Empress, The World, Knight of Cups, The Moon, 2 of Swords, 3 of Swords, Ace of Swords, 4 of Cups, 5 of Cups, 6 of Cups, 10 of Swords.

Monday 5/13

Moon in Virgo

We start our week off with a need to put things to order. It is positive for us to focus on getting in front of anything that needs our attention for the rest of the week. Find ways to stay grounded through organizing your space and chipping away at your to-do list. Try not to be overly critical of your productivity level, or the productivity level of others, just do what you can where you can.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Mercury in Taurus 7:48 AM

This is a very positive energy for getting work done and having a strong connection to our physical world through our intuition and minds. We benefit from using this energy in a way that allows for us to be productive with our work, health, and tasks for the day.

Moon Opposition Neptune in Pisces 4:15 PM

Our feelings and intuition are enhanced in the afternoon and we may have a hard time balancing our need for creative freedom and practical application of responsibilities. We benefit from learning to integrate the two sides of ourselves and not getting too lost in the clouds, or too regimented.

Moon Trine Saturn RX in Capricorn 7:39 PM

We may feel inspired or motivated to get on top of our mundane world in a grounded and organized way. This is a beneficial time to evaluating our goals and priorities, as well as our finances and current spending habits. We benefit from making a plan and figuring out what needs our attention when it comes to our responsibilities in the material world. This is also a beneficial time for getting our home in order and focusing on domestic tasks.

Sun in Taurus Trine Pluto in Capricorn 8:04 PM

This is a beneficial time for expressing ourselves in new ways when it comes to our work life and physical world. We could feel a new urge for power and independence in our physical world and we may feel ourselves ready to make changes or let go of old ways that have prohibited us from moving forward in the past. It is time to evaluate where we can grow into a more empowering self when it comes to facing our responsibilities and the world we create around us.

Moon Square Jupiter in Sagittarius 11:32 PM

Tension in the evening around our need for expansion and our need to stabilize and nourish ourselves is enhanced in the evening hours. We may have so many things we want to experience in this life, but life is asking us to focus on building a sense of stability before we can go out and experience that expansion. Learning when to stay and build is just as important as learning when to take risks and change things up.

Tuesday 5/14

Moon Void of Course 10:19 AM

Moon enters Libra 11:51 AM

The Moon in Libra creates a need for peace and harmony in the days ahead. We may feel like we want to detach from conflict and disruption and find ways to experience love and beauty in the world. We benefit from spending time with ourselves possibly reading or writing, or creating a peaceful and relaxing environment for ourselves.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Venus in Aries Sextile Mars in Gemini 6:58 AM

The feminine and the masculine come together and this could be a harmonious time for passion between the sexes (regardless of physical gender ) .This transit is also positive for socializing and sharing ideas as well as creative expressions in art and music. Because this transit is happening in Fire sign Aries and Air sign Gemini, we still might be coming off a little too strong if we are not careful. We need to be mindful with how we assert our energy during this transit, but a Sextile expresses itself harmoniously so this seems like it is beneficial for romantic relationships , creative projects, and sharing ideas and energy with friends.

Moon Square Mars in Gemini 10:19 AM

Tension in the early morning between our need for peace and also our need to assert our ideas is enhanced. We could have a hard time expressing our feelings in the hours of this transit and it could be challenging for us to get our needs met or our point across. Try not to get too aggressive our reactive when sharing what you need to share. You can be honest without being hurtful.

Wednesday 5/15

Moon in Libra

The Venusian energy is enhanced throughout the day and we benefit from finding ways to find peace and harmony in our mundane world. This is a beneficial time for unplugging and meditating out in nature, or curling up with a good book that stimulates your mind. We may also feel drawn to enhancing or changing our physical appearance in some way and we may enjoy putting more effort into our physical appearance today.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Venus enters Taurus 2:46 AM

Venus rules Taurus and loves being here. We can think of The Empress card in the Tarot when we think of the energy of Venus in Taurus. Think of the Divine Feminine planted into the Earth and spreading her seed for a all of life to grow and be nurtured by her essence. Venus will be stationed in Taurus only for a short time -until May 21st. During the week of this transit we may feel inspired to do something to our physical appearance, or the physical appearance of our home or surroundings. This is a favorable time for that and we benefit from surrounding ourselves with beautiful things during this time.

Mercury in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces 6:21 PM

Creative visualization and psychic awareness are enhanced during the days of this transit. If we are artistic in any way we may feel an incredible surge of inspiration this week and our ability to channel what we imagine into the physical is at a high. This is a great energy for musicians and artists of all kinds and we may create some really amazing art during the days of this transit.

Mars enters Cancer 8:10 PM

Mars is not comfortable in the Water signs typically and this can cause us to have a harder time containing our emotions in a positive way during the course of this transit. Mars will be stationed in Cancer until July 1st, so we will have some time to work through this energy in a meaningful way. This placement in Cancer is considered to be Mars’s Fall, and with Saturn, the South node, and Pluto in Capricorn, we may be working through karmic or family issues in a more intense and direct way while Mars is in Cancer. We are more likely to hold in our feelings in an unhealthy way which can cause us to feel moody, irritable and erratic during this transit. We need to find healthy ways to work through family issues or conflict over the next month rather than holding everything in and avoiding the healing process. We may feel prone towards isolation but that is not the answer.

Moon Square Saturn RX in Capricorn 10 PM

Tension in the evening hours can have us feeling unsure or ungrounded in ourselves and we may feel slow and depressed about our mundane reality.. We may have a lot of things that require our attention right now and it may be hard to know where to rest and where to push our energy. It may be hard to find energy in the evening so we benefit from unplugging and resting rather than trying to push ourselves to think too hard about things right now.

Thursday 5/16

Moon Void of Course 2:37 AM

Moon enters Scorpio 2:26 PM

The Moon has its Fall in Scorpio and is not the easiest energy to cope with. I think of the Knight of Cups with this energy where we are trying to learn how to express our feelings but may not feel entirely sure of them to begin with. The Moon in Scorpio requires us to sit with the darker parts of ourselves and do the shadow work around what needs healing during this time. It may bring up a lot of insecurities but it allows for us to work through our fears in a real way if we are willing. This transit of the Moon in Scorpio is part of our Waxing Gibbous Moon leading up to the Blue Moon on Saturday and we may feel a buildup of things we are working on releasing finally coming to a head in the days to come.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Mars in Cancer 3:18 PM

This is a powerful transit as the Moon is in Mars’s home sign of Scorpio, and Mars is in the Moon's home sign of Cancer, this transit activates our feelings in a strong, fast and intense way and we may feel overly emotional and like we need to retreat into ourselves and work through some intense things from our past that are coming to surface. Self care is advised and we may need to spend some time alone during the hours of this transit.

Mercury in Taurus Trine Saturn in Capricorn 4:09 PM

This is a beneficial transit for communication in matters of work, business, and educational forums. We may get council or give council in regard to our finances or work life in some way. This is also a beneficial time for getting goals and priorities in order. I think of The Hierophant and The World cards in the Tarot as a good way of representing the energy of this transit.

Moon Opposition Venus in Taurus 5:47 PM

This transit can be tied to upsets within relationships, home and family and cause us to be overly sensitive and emotional in our ability to cope with what is being brought up. We are also prone to being impractical with our spending habits during this time and we need to be mindful with how we are coping with our feelings.

Moon Opposition Uranus in Taurus 9:03 PM

We may experience sudden changes our insights to our physical world and our ability to cope with those changes may not be at its best. We could find ourselves feeling irritable and erratic during the hours of this transit and we may need to spend time away from friends or group environments during this time as we are more easily susceptible to being triggered.

Friday 5/17

Moon in Scorpio

On the eve of the Blue Moon in Scorpio, we may find it beneficial to do our ritual tonight. Scorpio and Full Moons are linked to letting go and transformation. During this time we may feel ourselves shedding deep parts of emotional process and it may be a difficult time in our lives. I think of the Death card and 4, 5, and 6 of Cups cards in the Tarot for this transit. It is time for us to evaluate what is not working for us in our emotional process and ask ourselves where we need to let go of any need to give into victim or martyr dynamics.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Neptune in Pisces 10:03 PM

Our psychic awareness is enhanced and this is a beneficial time for doing spiritual work around healing. We may have powerful dreams and meditations during this transit and our ability to tap into the unseen realms is more easily accessible to us. The Moon card in the Tarot is a good way to imagine the energy of this transit.

Mercury in Taurus Trine Pluto in Capricorn 10:46 PM

This transit is also tied to clairvoyant and psychic insights. Our ability to see what needs transformation and rebirth in our lives is heightened and we may feel empowered to begin stepping into new territory when it comes to our physical world. We may see that old structures that worked for us in the past are no longer working for us in the present. We may feel like we are being pushed to reevaluate our relationship to our physical world, our belief systems, and our physical bodies. It is time to let go of the past and work on building the new.

Saturday 5/18

Blue Moon

Full Moon in Scorpio 2:11 PM

Moon Void of Course 2:11 PM

Moon enters Sagittarius 6:21 PM

This Blue Moon in Scorpio will be a catalyst towards change for us this year. We are ready to let go and move on with a new part of ourselves after days of deep insights and unpacking things from our past that are calling us into healing. It is time to release fear, and any blockages preventing us from moving towards our higher self. We may have issues that revolve around ego expression come to surface, fear of losing control, or fear of power dynamics. These fears need to be worked through in a healthy way and we need to let go of the fear preventing us from taking charge of our lives and living the life we are capable of living.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Pluto in Capricorn 6:04 AM

All of the transits of the day are pointing to deep healing and transformation and this one is no exception. We feel a large need to transform and heal parts of our relationship to our world and how we feel empowered within our world and this transit makes that healing more accessible to us during this time.

Moon Opposition Mercury in Taurus 7:26 AM

Communicating our feelings in a grounded way may be hard and we may just need to feel things rather than articulate them. It could be beneficial for us to avoid trying to work things out with a family member or partner today as we are not likely to express ourselves in the best way. There is a lot of room for disagreements and misunderstandings.

Venus in Taurus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus 9:16 AM

This transit opens up spontaneous changes and experiences through relationships, friendships and financial experiences. It will be more specific to the individual when looking at how it is transiting and influencing your natal chart, but in a broad way we may experience a lot of sudden changes within our relationships and mundane world over the days of this transit. We can think of the Empress meeting the Tower here.

Sunday 5/19

Moon in Sagittarius

With the Moon in Sagittarius being our only significant energy for the day, (besides the orb of influence of the previous days transits still in effect) our need for freedom and expansion is at an all time high. We may find ourselves making a spontaneous decision to get out of the house or out of town for the day and we benefit from finding ways to feed our hearts that free us from responsibility or rigidity.

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