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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 5/20-5/21

This week marks the last day of Taurus Season and the transition into Gemini Season! Happy Birthday to all you crazy Gemini babes out there! We may feel like we have a very stimulating and active week for most of the following days, but by the weekend we may be tapped out and ready to stay home rejuvenating. Take some time to get things in order and chip away at your goals actively and intent-fully so that you can relax peacefully as you move into the weekend.

Tarot Cards for this week:

The Lovers, The Tower, The High Priestess, The Moon, 7 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, The Star, , Temperance, The Devil, 2 of pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, 3 of Pentacles, 4 of Swords, 5 of Swords, 6 of Swords.

Monday 5/20

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon Void of Course 10:05 AM

The Moon in Sagittarius and Void of Course for the day means it is best for us to break out of our regular routine today, as well as avoid making any large decisions. It is not wise during a void moon to sign any contracts or make any longer decisions. We benefit from allowing ourselves some freedom and spontaneity in the day. Do something different that you wouldn't normally do on a regular Monday, and let yourself have fun with it.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius 10:05 AM

With the Moon conjunct Jupiter, we feel a deep longing for expansion and growth. There is potential for us to overindulge so we need to be mindful with where we put our energy today. Try not to overspend or do anything you may regret later.

Tuesday 5/21

Moon enters Capricorn 12:06 AM

The Moon has its detriment in Capricorn and blocks us from feeling more in tune to our emotional state. Sometimes this can be beneficial if we are able to direct our energy more towards finding healthy ways to stay grounded. I personally find myself more productive and goal oriented with the Moon in Capricorn, despite it not being the most comfortable placement. We may feel confused about our goals during this time, but it is beneficial to chip away at our to-do list and responsibilities where we can during the days of this transit. We may have less patience for other people and their feelings, it is a good time to focus on yourself rather than others.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Sun enters Gemini 12:59 AM

Happy Birthday to all the Gemini babes out there! Our Sun enters Gemini in the wee early hours of the morning and this should get us moving more towards craving the summer “care free” energy that can be so invigorating as we move out of May and into June. Today we are a full month away from the Summer Solstice, and I always feel when Gemini season starts we all are just waiting for the weather to begin to feel like Summer. Gemini energy stimulates the mind in fast and energized ways. We may feel a huge need to socialize in the weeks ahead.

Mercury enters Gemini 3:52 AM

Mercury rules Gemini and enjoys being here very much. This energy is positive for stimulating great conversations, learning new things, and short distance travel. On the flip side, because Gemini is mutable Air, it can also stimulate our minds in a way that causes us to be more prone to anxiety. It is important we find healthy ways to feed our brains. Read a book, work on an artistic project, have fun and intellectually stimulating conversations. Maybe start a new audio book or podcast during this time. Pranayama yoga and meditation can also be positive for the overactive mind, but only if we have grounded the body and moved heat through the proper channels. Maybe you take up kundalini yoga this month and work on calming your mind through creative visualization.

Sun Conjunct Mercury in Gemini 6:07 AM

Our ability to articulate and express what we think is at an all time high. This is a powerful energy, as when the Sun makes a Conjunction to a planet, it is also known as a “Combustion” and it can be extremely energizing and powerful. Mercury will be overshadowed by the Sun in this combination, but in the quick mutable Air sign of Gemini, we may have very clear and intense insights around something we are mentally processing, and it may be hard for us to know why or where it came from. This may be a time when our need to verbalize or articulate something we are thinking comes out and there may be no way to hold it back. This is great energy for people who teach, write, or enjoy learning.

Moon Opposition Mars in Cancer 7:35 AM

Mars is not comfortable in Cancer, and the Moon is not comfortable in Capricorn, these two celestial bodies in signs of discomfort could lead to confusion around how we interpret or share our own feelings. The Gemini energy of the day may allow for us to express this in a more enhanced way, but it still may be hard for us to emotionally contain ourselves, or share ourselves in a way that is graceful. We run a risk of being too assertive with our own agenda and we need to be mindful with how we project what we are going through onto others.

Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus 8:43 AM

We may experience spontaneous changes in the morning hours around our physical routine. It is best to go with the flow rather than try to make things go a certain way.

Moon Trine Venus in Taurus 3:58 PM

This energy enhances our connection to nature and beauty and we may have a positive day feeling grounded in our world and the work we are doing. This is a great energy for cooking, putting things to order, or going for a nature walk.

Wednesday 5/22

Moon in Capricorn

Moon Void of Course 8:57 PM

With the Moon in Capricorn for most of the day, we continue to benefit from focusing on our responsibilities and getting ourselves grounded