Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 6/24-6/30

Our last week of June is here and we are right on the edge of Eclipse season. For those of us who are extra sensitive to the shadow period of celestial energies we may see a lot of foreshadowing begin to unfold for us this week in the themes that could come to us once the Eclipse happens on July 2nd. We benefit from taking it slow and easy this week and being open to whatever comes into focus or alignment for us in the days ahead, even if it seems unclear or confusing right now. Often we are unable to see exactly what will come out of an Eclipse season for us and it is often very surprising and cataclysmic to our journey. The goal is to be open and receptive to the lessons and growth that are within the cosmic plan for each of us. Do not try to control right now as that is not what is being asked of you.

Tarot Cards for the week:

The Moon, The High Priestess, Judgement, The Lovers, The Tower, The Emperor, The Empress, 7 of Swords, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, Ace of Cups, 2 of Cups, 3 of Cups, 10 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, 10 of Swords, 8 of Cups, 9 of Cups, Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands.

Monday 6/24

Moon in Pisces

Moon Void of Course 4:10PM

Moon enters Aries 7:38 PM

We have the Moon in Pisces for the majority of the day and it may be harder for us to get up and going. We may have had some powerful dreams over the weekend and we benefit from going within and asking ourselves what symbols or meaning we can derive from the dreams. Moon in Pisces energy can spark a need to connect with beauty, fantasy, music, and art. We benefit from singing along to our favorite albums, working with an art project, or writing something poetic and inspiring.

With the Moon entering Aries in the evening hours, and approaching our last quarter phase, we could feel a sense of urgency to let go of any habits or feelings that are preventing us from progress. We may have a boost of energy in the evening hours that inspires us to get passionate or serious about something we have been mulling over for the last week or so.

We benefit from getting energy out physically in the evening so going to the gym or for a walk could be helpful.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Venus in Gemini Square Neptune RX in Pisces 2:59 AM

This transit is difficult for our minds and our hearts and we will be feeling it for the next couple days. It allows room for confusion around communication and a hypersensitivity to the energy of others. We could also be more easily deceived by someone or a situation so this is not a good time to do anything drastic regarding financial or business decisions for now. There could be a lot of misunderstanding over the next couple days and room for us to take things the wrong way. We need to be mindful with what we absorb and what we put out.

Moon Trine Mars in Cancer 10:22 AM

We may feel like we are more able to express our feelings and assert ourselves in our environment today but we may need to be mindful as the above transit mentioned can make this more tense and confusing for everyone involved. We may need to find a way to express ourselves emotionally that is constructive, and working out our feelings with a family member or partner might not be the solution.

Moon Trine Mercury in Cancer 4:10 PM

Our need to express our emotions and feelings is enhanced in the afternoon hours and we could be feeling extra sensitive to the energy of others. We need to be mindful that the energy we are feeling may be someone else’s and not our own. It could be hard for us to tell the difference right now. We also may find ourselves feeling very sensitive and emotional throughout the day. Be kind to yourself and find some space to self care where you can.

Tuesday 6/25

Last Quarter Moon in Aries

(Exact at 3 degrees, 2:46 AM PST)

The last quarter Moon asks for us to let go of anything that is creating emotional, mental, or physical strife for us in our lives. The sign that the Moon falls in can help us to focus on what themes are being asked of us to release. Aries energy is self focused, impulsive, and action oriented. We need to examine in ourselves what our relationship to ourselves, action, and impulsiveness may be? Are we hot headed, egotistical, temperamental? Are we confident? Loving? Ambitious? Passionate? A constructive last quarter Moon activity to do today could be to write out what negative traits of Aries you possess, and what positive traits of Aries you possess. You may want to look at what house of your Natal Chart Aries falls in for you and see if that area of your life is where you possess certain Aries characteristics. You may also pull Tarot cards to help you discover these things about yourself. Aries and Mars cards in the Tarot are; The Magician, Emperor, The Tower, Ace of Wands, 2 of Wands, 3 of Wands, 10 of Wands, Knight of Wands, King of Wands.

Once you have done this exercise and have your list, you can see if there are any Aries themes in your life that manifesting in a way that could be helpful or harmful. For some people you may not have enough self confidence, or enough Aries energy. The challenge for you would be to examine what you need to release to allow for more Aries energy in your life. Write out a list of everything you wish to release in your life in this next cycle and burn it with a special flame in a safe container. Once you have done this, bury the ashes somewhere that you will remember and do a meditation on what you wish to grow in your life in the place of the energy you are burning away.

Wednesday 6/26

Moon in Aries

With the Moon in Aries today we could find ourselves feeling impatient, impulsive, and a little hot headed. We need to be mindful with how we assert ourselves during this time and we also may need to just spend some time focusing on ourselves and getting things done that are important for us right now. We benefit not projecting ourselves too harshly onto anyone else right now, we need to be mindful with how we are communicating as it could be aggressive during this time.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Jupiter RX in Sagittarius 6:20 AM

Our need for expansion and freedom in the morning hours is enhanced and we could feel a large desire to escape anything mundane or restrictive during this time.With so much heat moving through our bodies, we benefit from being physical and doing something that releases this heat.

Moon Square Saturn RX in Capricorn 7:38 AM

Tension around getting work done and being practical about mundane responsibilities is enhanced. We may feel resistant towards getting things done, or we may experience difficulties with work related projects. Slow down and check yourself before you wreck yourself. Expect the morning to not go as you had hoped. Find a way to empower yourself by proving to yourself you can do it even if it feels extra hard right now, whatever “it” is.

Moon Sextile Venus in Gemini 2:38 PM

Our need for connection is enhanced in the afternoon and we may find it through conversation. We benefit from having mindfulness towards the ideas or opinions of others and being receptive in a sensitive way. It could be hard for us to see things clearly or understand what we are working through at this time but it is beneficial for us to remain open minded with a healthy level of discernment. We may feel a lot of intense energy around our hearts and communicating our needs, so try to be mindful with how much you project onto others.

Moon Square Pluto RX in Capricorn 3:42 PM

A deep need for transformation is enhanced in the afternoon hours and we could feel a lot of frustration around what we are unable to move forward at this time. This transit makes me think of the Knight of Wands reversed and we need to possibly slow down and reflect on why we are feeling triggered right now. When our ego is in a fear based place it often will find ways of making us jealous or resentful of those who seem to have what we want from the outside. We may feel like there are so many barriers we have yet to break through before we achieve what we want, and it can feel frustrating. The best exercise for this is realizing that we all have our own journey and lessons to learn. Not everyone who has what you want is happy, and not everyone who has what you want got it easily or by envying or fretting over what others are doing. You must take responsibility for your own life, your own circumstances, and your own actions. Barriers are often in front of us to challenge us and help us grow, and sometimes the barriers we have in front of us are barriers we have built ourselves with our own belief systems or projections of what we think should be hard for us. Many people who struggle with finances have negative beliefs about money, many people who struggle with their jobs have negative beliefs about having to go to work, many people who do not feel successful have fear around what would happen if success happened to them. We often create dynamics or situations to validate the belief systems we have whether they are belief systems we have consciously chosen, or were ingrained in us by our society or parents at an early age. This is not to discount very real barriers that marginalized people have had to deal with in a society that is biased towards race, or gender. But we have seen many people rise and become pillars of strength despite these barriers within our society time and time again. While some things may be harder for some than others, we still have the ability to find the will to break through to new levels within ourselves, despite what may seem impossible. This transit is an opportunity to reflect on what barriers need breaking for you in your life to elevate you to the next level.

Mercury enters Leo 5:20 PM

Our planet of communication enters Leo and will be there until July 18th. During this time we may feel empowered to express ourselves more confidently. Leo energy loves romance, drama, play, creativity, and flamboyant displays of expression. This is a time to step into who you are at a heart level and share it with the world.

Thursday 6/27

Moon Void of Course 12:51 AM

Moon enters Taurus 6:32 AM

With the Moon in Taurus today we benefit from doing things that help to ground us in our material world. This can be everything from spending time in nature or cooking a recipe that connects us to the element of Earth in an intentional way. The Moon is Exalted in Taurus which means it expresses itself positively here. Wherever Taurus falls in your chart is where the Moon will be expressing herself in your life in the days to follow. You may enjoy focusing your energy on that area of your life for the next two days as that is where Taurus bests expresses itself for you.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Mercury in Leo 7:23 AM

Tension in the morning hours is enhanced and we may feel challenged by our need to express ourselves in ways that maybe we do not feel entirely confident in yet. This is a positive time to work through any of those feelings. We may have some egoic issues that come to surface and we may need to ask ourselves what our relationship is to pride.

Sun in Cancer Sextile Uranus in Taurus 10:44 AM

This transit is beneficial to breaking open new parts of ourselves around our self expression. We may feel free to express ourselves or release energy in ways that we previously have not felt confident in. This also enhances energy around new friendships or group associations that connect us to things we are interested in. We are letting go of an old comfort zone and allowing ourselves to step into some new territory during the days of this transit. Be open minded to how things are being presented to you in your life right now as there is a lot of potential for growth and new insights.

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Taurus 5:34 PM

We may want to change something about physical environment, or some space in our home. We benefit from getting rid of things that are no longer serving a positive purpose for us. We could also have deeper insights to how we are operating within our work or physical bodies. This is a good time for establishing some new positive habits around our health and relationship to our daily tasks.

Moon Sextile Sun in Cancer 6:07 PM

We feel positive in the evening about the insights and work we are doing. We may feel more connected to our physical environment after working through the above mentioned energy. We may feel like we want to express how we are feeling and it feels good to be open about thos feelings.

Friday 6/28

Moon in Taurus

We continue to benefit from connecting to the elemental energy of Earth today. Spend time in nature, cook a healthy nourishing meal for yourself, get lost in art and culture.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Saturn RX in Capricorn 4:20 PM

Our ability to apply ourselves intentionally in our work and physical habits is enhanced in the afternoon and we feel better if we get things done on our to-do list rather than procrastinating. We may take a different approach to mundane tasks than we have in the past.

Moon Sextile Neptune RX in Pisces 5:39 PM

This energy is beneficial to those who are artistically and musically inclined or those who have an appreciation for the arts. We may find ourselves wanting to get lost in the beauty of the world or in a creative project and we benefit from harmonizing ourselves with frequencies that enable us to do that.

Saturday 6/29

Moon Void of Course 11:38 AM

Moon enters Gemini 2:09 PM

Our minds may feel stimulated with the Moon in Gemini and we can be prone to overthinking or having anxiety if we do not find ways to stay grounded. On a positive note we may feel an increase in our need for social activity and we benefit from staying busy over the next two days.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Mars in Cancer 11:38 AM

We could feel extra in tune to our emotional process and we may have a lot of intense feelings or opinions about it. It is a harmonious energy but also an intense energy so we might need to find a healthy way to express or work through emotions in the morning hours.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Leo 5:51 PM

We benefit from being social and connecting with others and sharing our feelings over the hours of this transit. Our need for validation could be enhanced and we have a lot on our minds. Make sure you let others share themselves as much as you want to share yourself and things will go well. Try not to dominate any conversations as you run the risk of being egocentric.

Sunday 6/30

Moon in Gemini

We continue to feel a lot of mental and emotional stimulation and it is positive for us to find healthy ways to expel what's on our minds. Writing in a journal or talking with someone you love could be helpful for working through any mental chatter. If you find yourself anxious, get your body moving and go for a walk. This can help to ground the thoughts.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Opposition Jupiter RX in Sagittarius 8:06 PM

We may feel a need for expansion in the evening and we benefit from reading a book that enables us to open new parts of our minds. Higher learning and the seeking for truth or meaning is enhanced in the evening. Align yourself with being open to what spirit has in store for you. You may be surprised at what comes from just so open mindfulness.

Moon Square Neptune RX in Pisces 11:04 PM

Our need for escapism is enhanced and we need to be careful that we do not spin out into anxiety or fanatatical/delusional thinking. A grounding meditation before bed is advised.

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