Moonday Monday, Your weekly forecast 7/1-7/7

July has officially started and off with a bang and we are on the eve of an Eclipse in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. Mercury will also be stationing retrograde at the end of the week, Mars enters Leo, and Venus enters Cancer. The stage is already being set for many of us in what this new cycle will bring for years to come. This is a very intense and meaningful time for us as a collective and individually. Self care, self love, and being kind to others and yourself is much needed during the week.

Tarot Cards for the week:

The Tower, The Moon, The High Priestess, The Chariot, The Hermit,

4 of Wands, 5 of Wands, 6 of Wands, 10 of Wands, Queen of Wands, King of Wands, Ace of Cups, 2 of Cups , 3 of Cups, 10 of Cups, Page of Cups, King of Cups, The Magician, The Sun, Judgement.

Monday 7/1

Moon Void of Course 2:48PM

Moon enters Cancer 6:24 PM

We start our day off with the Moon in Gemini. I know for me the Moon in Gemini over the weekend had me having some mild anxiety for no reason. I took a rest day with my husband on Sunday and we were both having a harder time allowing ourselves to relax. If you were stagnant over the weekend, you may be feeling some anxiety about going into the week. It is positive for us to stay busy and keep our bodies moving when we feel anxiety as it allows for the energy to have somewhere to go. With the Moon entering Cancer in the evening we will begin to feel the shadow effects of the Eclipse tomorrow if we are not already. I have already found for a lot of people the stage is already being set over the last week to prepare for the individuals journey in this next 2 year cycle. You may want to begin your night of ritual for the Eclipse tonight as it will help you ease into this intense celestial energy.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Venus in Gemini 2:48 PM

We feel a need for connection on a deep level with friends and lovers. We may feel extra inclined to talk things out with someone in a way that allows for us to feel heard and validated. This energy we can think of the Lovers card for our closer relationships for we can also look to the 7 of Swords as maybe some of the themes we are feeling that are not the most comfortable but require a bit more attention in our lives at this time. The 8,9 and 10 of Swords are also cards that may feel prominent in our lives right now. Working through conflict, trials and tribulations of life, and how that is relating or being perceived and reflected back out into the world.

Mars enters Leo 4:20 PM

Mars will be in the fixed fire sign of Leo until August 17th of this year and will allow for us to harness our inner flame more intentionally and directly than maybe we have felt in previous months. Mars is in what is called “peregrine condition” when it is in Leo as it operates within this sign in a neutral way, meaning it is not good or bad, but comfortable. With Mars in Leo we are more able to access our inner passions and channel them into creative projects, or outward expression in healthy ways that enhances our perceptions of self. This may be a very creative time for us, or a productive time, where we are able to accomplish a lot that is of value to us. This is a beneficial energy for performers as it will enhance their ability to tune into the more theatrical parts of themselves.

Tuesday 7/2

Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Exact at 10 degrees 12:16 PM

If you follow as many astrologers as I do you have probably been seeing posts about this week's Eclipse for months. Eclipse’s are a large deal in the astro community because the effects of them tend to last for a couple years and they can dramatically shift or alter the trajectory of our lives. The way an Eclipse will impact an individual is going to be unique to that individual. The area of your life that will be impacted most is determined based on looking at the House position the Eclipse will be happening within your chart and whether that is aspecting any other celestial bodies in your natal chart. You may need to book an astrology reading if you are unable to decipher this on your own. You can book a reading with me by emailing if you would like to find out more on how the Eclipse’s of the year are influencing your life.

With that said, this weeks Solar Eclipse is in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. Cancer as a sign is ruled by the Moon and rules the 4th house. Cancer is also tied to the mother, the stomach, and the womb, and themes around how these parts of our lives esoterically, while literally can come up for us at this time. With the nodal influence in the polarity of Cancer and Capricorn, and this Eclipse making a Square to Chiron in Aries , issues around how we go forward in our lives and the ancestral karma we have inherited from our families could come up. A Solar Eclipse happens on a New Moon and the New Moon is about activation of a new cycle. This cycle with the Solar Eclipse will be activated in our lives and we will see the effects for over the next 2 years. We are healing potential hang ups or issues from our past that began with our families, and how that influenced our beliefs about who we are at a soul level. We may be asked to level up right now and it will require leaving some ingrained patterns behind that began in the family environment.

As a collective, we are seeing a large shift politically and socially in how we relate to the structures that have been put into place within our government and social structures. We are in a place where we know for the future of our planet and civilization, many large changes need to be made. The activation of this cycle from this eclipse we may not see right away, but something bigger is brewing. We will be challenging the “old ways” for the next few years and this Eclipse may be the activation of some large changes we see in our mundane world.

Wednesday 7/3

Moon Void of Course 7:25 AM

Moon enters Leo 8:19 PM

With the Moon in Cancer and Void of Course most of the day, we may feel like we are in a post-eclipse fog. It is important that we take it slow and be kind with ourselves as we are probably going to feel overly sensitive. It is not wise to make large decisions during a Void of Course Moon.

With the Moon entering Leo in the evening we may feel a need for validation and recognition at this time. The Moon in Leo can be a little overly dramatic and starved for attention and romance. We need to be mindful with how we project our insecurities onto others at this time but doing a self love meditation and connecting with someone you love may help feed the inner fire for the time being.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Neptune 1:41 AM

It is likely that we are going to experience some very intense dreams the evening of the Eclipse and the days leading up to and after. It is important that we pay attention to the messages coming through as they will show us on a deeper level what our subconscious is working through. Plan on journaling your dreams when you wake up and pay extra attention to the scenarios you found yourself in while you were sleeping.

Moon Opposition Pluto in Capricorn 7:25 AM

We may spend our morning reflecting on things that came up for us during the Eclipse that we realize we need to let go of or transmute into new areas of our lives. It is possible that we are reading to let go of a certain pattern in our lives that we know is not serving us anymore.

Venus enters Cancer 8:18 AM

Venus in Cancer will amp up our sensitivity and we may feel a lot of maternal energy. A need to nurture or be nurtured is enhanced and we need to make sure we do not overly project our need to be needed onto those who will not value it.

Venus will be in Cancer until July 27th.

Moon Conjunct Mars in Leo 10:41 PM

Our need for validation and connection is enhanced in the evening hours and we benefit from some acts of self love or connecting with family or partners in a way that fills our hearts. We also need to not take things so seriously and find some time to let loose and feed our inner wild child.

Thursday 7/4

Moon in Leo

Moon Void of Course 11:24 PM

With the Moon in Leo for the majority of the day we benefit on working some fun and play into our day. Leo enjoys connection with others at a heart level and a need for recognition. If we feel like we are wanting that connection more than usual, it might be beneficial for us to do something social at some point during the day. If we feel more reclusive this energy can be expressed well in creative projects such as art, music, or performing arts.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Uranus in Taurus 6:11 AM

Tension in the morning is enhanced and we might experience some unexpected changes within our physical world that disrupt our idea of how the day was supposed to play out. It is beneficial for us to not let this derail us emotionally and find a way to embrace the changes happening.

Moon Trine Jupiter RX in Sagittarius 11:24 PM

Our need for expansion is enhanced in the evening hours and we may feel like anything that feels restrictive is something we can’t handle in our lives right now. We may be evaluating ways we can break free into new territory and we benefit from finding ways to release our hearts that are positive, explorative, and exciting.

Friday 7/5

Moon enters Virgo 9:25 PM

With the Moon Void of Course in Leo most of the day we may need to slow down and take a chill pill. It is possible our egos could be a bit overly sensitive over the week enough as it is. With the Moon entering Virgo in the evening we may begin to feel like we are getting more grounded and practical about our approach to the things we want to manifest in our lives. It is time to get organized and less egocentric.

Saturday 7/6

Moon in Virgo

We benefit from getting things checked off the to-do list over the weekend and trying to find some footing in reality again after an intense emotional week. Connect to Earth energy as best you can by spending time in nature, getting your home and health organized in a constructive way, or just getting finances in order.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Uranus in Taurus 7:24 AM

We feel a need to change things within our physical environment and we may take a new approach to mundane tasks. We could experience some sparks of insights that we have not had before that allow for us to see how these changes can influence our lives in positive ways.

Moon Sextile Sun in Cancer 9:49 PM

We may feel a deep need to connect to the home environment in the evening hours and we benefit from nurturing ourselves with good healthy food and some self care. Go to bed early and give yourself a relaxing end to the day.

Sunday 7/7

Moon Void of Course 9:50 AM

Moon enters Libra 11:07 PM

We spend another full day with the Moon Void of Course but in the sign of Virgo. Things may not go the way we had them planned but we do best not getting worked up about it and just rolling with the punches. Do the best you can where you can, try to stay somewhat organized, but don’t get too surprised if some unexpected changes disrupt your plans.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Pluto in Capricorn 9:50 AM

Our ability to feel empowered and in charge of our own destiny is enhanced in the morning hours. We can feel a need for deep transformation around how we relate to power within our physical world whether it be work, finances, or relationships with family.

Mercury stations RX 4:15 PM

Mercury will be retrograde until July 31st in the signs of Leo and Cancer. This will be an important time for us to reflect on the cycle that has been activated since the Solar Eclipse first hit. Since Mercury is retrograde in the cardinal water sign of Cancer, issues that stem from our past, specifically having to do with our mother figure or maternal figures in our lives may come up for us. This will be a time where we may feel sensitive and vulnerable.

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