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Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 8/6-8/11

Happy Tuesday!

Today is Mars day and we focus on the expression of our Will during this time. This week we have a lot of transits in the fixed fire sign of Leo. Leo rules the heart and the spine. Currently, we are being called to seek deeper meaning when it comes to our hearts and our belief systems. Compassion, integrity, love, brother/sister/ humanhood and a quest for deeper meaning within our relationships is a theme for the week. We may be questioning the love in our lives, the love we have for ourselves, the love we have for others. There has been a lot of pain in the world these days, and many people are scared, angry, and feeling defeated.

Many times when we see injustice in the world caused by a troubled or angry soul, we meet it with more anger, more frustration, and a lot of time the response can be a justified response that equates to more violence, and more anger.

But the truth is, that if we seek peace and justice in the world, than we must model what that looks like, for we cannot have a world that models peace and justice, if we ourselves do not hold up the value of peace.

We must meet anger and violence with the polarity of peace, if peace is something we wish to cultivate in the world and in our own lives. Anger is a powerful tool, and can activate a lot of much needed growth and change, and for some of us, it will be valuable to be angry and to channel that anger in constructive ways. With that anger fueling us at this time, we also need to remember what the goal is, and for me, I know my goal is to advocate for more peace, compassion, and love in the world. We must work more kindness into our daily lives for those who are not experiencing that in order to transmute and lift the vibration of humanity into higher realms of being.

And we must use a healthy level of discernment on when anger is constructive, and when it is cataclysmic to the progress of those around us.

Learning discernment of the heart is a hard task, but this week our judgement and what we make room for in our lives will be called into question.

Find a way to work more love into your life, and find a way to be discerning about what energy you allow to manifest within your being.

Tarot Cards for the week:

Strength, The Sun, The Tower, Temperance, 5 of Cups, 5 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles, Judgement, Knight of Wands, Page of Wands, Knight of Cups.

Tuesday 8/6

Moon Void of Course 12:36 AM

Moon enters Scorpio 8:31 AM

Tarot cards ruling this phase: 5 of Cups, Knight of Cups

With the Moon in Scorpio building to its first quarter phase, we may be feeling a sense of urgency in letting go of emotional patterns or relationships that are no longer serving our higher self. We could be feeling like we are having insights towards parts of our nature that may be igniting insecurities and frustrations under the surface. This is a positive time for evaluating what shadows of our nature are creating unhealthy thought patterns and how that manifests into our lives in the physical. This could be with our health, our work, our relationships, our income. . This is a time to work through those deeper layers of the self and begin find constructive ways of healing from our past and letting go of emotional patterns that are hindering us from growth.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Opposition Uranus in Taurus 7:55 PM

We feel a need to make some serious changes and we benefit from acknowledging where we play the victim role in our lives. The 5 of Cups and 5 of Pentacles are 2 cards of the Tarot we can look at to symbolize this opposition. On one hand we have the victim dynamic in the emotional realm, on the other hand we have it in the physical. We know that playing the victim role no matter how much we can justify our feelings, does not help us be productive or proactive in accomplishing a healthier set of actions. Deep insights will present themselves during this time in regard to how we are functioning in the world right now. It is time to listen to your higher self and find a way to change the story you are telling yourself.

Wednesday 8/7

Moon in Scorpio

First Quarter Moon in Scorpio 10:31 AM

The First Quarter Moon Phase is about the activation of a new cycle, and our ability to set intentions around what we wish to cultivate or manifest in the emotional realm is increased. This is a positive energy for getting rid of things, starting over on a project, or setting intentions on feelings/patterns that we are ready to discontinue in our lives.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Sun in Leo Trine Jupiter RX in Sagittarius 12:31 AM

Our need to expand in the days ahead is enhanced and we could feel a sense of urgency to grow and develop our personal identity in a large way. We may be feeling like we want to evolve in our spiritual insights and the higher self is calling for us to align more with our purpose during the days of this transit. There is also potential for an ego inflation if not careful. We need to be mindful with how we fill the room with our energy in the days ahead and this is a beneficial time to learn how to contain yourself while still pursuing what you want. We can think of the Temperance card in the Tarot as a way to define this energy.

Moon Square Venus in Leo 7:01 AM

Tension in the morning hours in our hearts is enhanced and with our Moon in its Fall in Scorpio making a challenging and uncomfortable Square to Venus the planet of love and beauty, we may be feeling a heightened sense of insecurity, jealousy, or envy in the morning hours. We benefit from stepping away from social media or a romantic situation and getting grounded in reality. Self love meditation and ritual is advised and finding ways to pamper yourself rather than seeking outside validation is beneficial.

Moon Square Sun in Leo 10:31 AM

Insecurities around our identity is enhanced during the hours of this transit and we could feel uncomfortable in who we are and expressing who we are in a healthy way. There is a potential for us to overcompensate by pushing our energy onto others. We need to cool off and get grounded.

Moon Sextile Saturn RX in Capricorn 11:02 AM

This energy enables us to gain some footing in reality and we are working through our relationship to the physical and how we relate to our world. We may feel sluggish throughout the day but this slowing down process could help prevent us from making any rash or ego based decision that the previous transits may have ignited.

Moon Trine Neptune RX in Pisces 4:16 PM