Your Weekly Forecast 9/3-9/8

This weeks energy flow: Actions speak louder than words.

This week is full of so much intense Earth energy as all of our planets in Virgo make aspects to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, with some hits to Uranus in Taurus. Neptune in the mutable water sign of Pisces and Jupiter in the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius also plays a role in some of our transits this week and may influence where we are planning or trying to envision the future we want to build. I know for me on a personal level, I have been feeling an immense amount of nostalgia, as well as an immense amount of pressure to envision the next batch of years I am hoping to work towards.

Tarot cards for the week:

7, 8 , 9 of pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Page of Pentacles, The Devil, Judgement, The Hermit, 9 of Cups, 7 of Cups, 8 of Cups, 10 of Wands, Page of Wands, Knight of Cups, Knight of Wands.

Tuesday 9/3

Moon in Scorpio

Starting out the week with the Moon in its Fall in the fixed water sign of Scorpio could have us feeling moody and frustrated under the surface. We may feel introspective during this time and it is common to feel melancholy when the Moon is here. Remember not to take your mood out on others as it is not their problem to deal with how you are feeling. Find healthy ways to release tension and frustration while also carving out time to traverse the emotional waters of your inner world in a positive way.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Mercury in Virgo Conjunct Mars in Virgo 8:40 AM

We may feel like we need to begin actively organizing our mental process by writing our plans and goals. We also could be aggressive or assertive in communicating our goals or plans with others. This can make our current work environment feel very intense as people may be asserting their agendas onto us in an intense manner. There is room for a lot of productivity to take place right now if harnessed the right way.

Moon Sextile Mars in Virgo 10:12 AM

This is a harmonious energy for being able to address our feelings and what we need to do in our life to move forward. We can think of the Knight of Cups card waking up to the 8 of pentacles and Knight of Pentacles cards of the Tarot. We may know how we feel at this time, and we may be ready to make some plans or moves in the physical world to get moving forward on the goals we have. This is a great energy as well for moving our bodies and exercise. We may have an increased amount of vitality and we can be incredibly productive right now if we act on it.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Virgo 10:21 AM

This transit is positive for addressing health issues or dietary needs and making plans/taking action on getting ourselves into a healthier routine and mindset. This is also a great time for communicating within our work environments and asking for more.

Moon Sextile Sun in Virgo 10:58 AM

This is a positive energy for having confidence in oneself towards obtaining one’s goals and ideas in the physical world. We have an increased amount of vitality right now and this is a positive time for being productive.

Moon Sextile Saturn RX in Capricorn 4:18 PM

This energy enables us to obtain our own authority right now in matters of work and we benefit in planting ourselves firmly in our task list and chipping away at our work. We will feel best the more we put our heads down and work on whatever is in front of us right now.

Sun in Virgo Conjunct Mercury in Virgo 6:40 PM

An increased sense of confidence in our self expression and communication is enhanced and our ability to strategize in life around or goals and plans is increased. This is a great time for making waves in our physical world and going for the gold.

Moon Sextile Venus in Virgo 9:31 PM

Financial planning is a harmonious way to tap into this energy at this time, as well as redecorating or making improvements to our home environment. We also may feel inspired to do something new with our appearance and we may enjoy buying a new wardrobe or doing something that enhances our sense of beauty about ourselves within the physical world.

Moon Trine Neptune RX in Pisces 10:10 PM

There is a deep rooted tie to our past that comes to us in the evening hours and we may feel like we want to escape this reality by tuning into the more spiritual and ethereal realms for a while. This is a positive transit for tuning in and channeling our creative energy into an artistic project. We also may benefit from meditation and inducing trance states at this time.

Wednesday 9/4

Moon Void of Course 3:58 AM

Moon enters Sagittarius 8:08 PM

With the Moon in Sagittarius over the next two days, and building to our First Quarter Moon tomorrow, we may feel a huge need to break free and explore something new. This is a positive time for learning right now on a deeper level and our interest in philosophy or metaphysical studies is increased.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Venus in Virgo Opposition Neptune in Pisces 4:27 AM

Discernment is going to be needed today in a big way as this transit can be very ungrounding and lead to deceptions or illusions when it comes to mystical pursuits as was as financial extravagance. This transit will be in effect over the next few days and we need to be careful with what we are buying into right now as well as how we internalize our relationships and reality. There is a huge desire to escape from reality in unhealthy ways. We need to find a healthy support system or tools to navigate these feelings in a constructive way. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you feel you need it.

Thursday 8/15

First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius 8:10 PM

The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius offers us a boost of energy in our creative and spiritual pursuits. This is an opportunity for us to evaluate our value systems and beliefs about who we are in the world, and a great time to begin setting intentions around making changes that align us more with what we see as a valuable member of the human species. Sagittarius energy aligns us with higher mind and higher ideals, and today we may experience a need to question whether or not our environment is reflecting back to us the world we want to see. With so much upheaval in the world, who we are and the choices we make are of the utmost importance. From everything we eat, and what we buy, to what we think, read, and say. Who you are on the daily matters, not what you say you believe in, but how you model that. We must all take responsibility for our corner of our world and push ourselves to be consistently growing and expanding our awareness to that of a better future. Better as in a more peaceful and holistic future for the future of all life in this dimension of reality.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Mercury in Virgo Trine Saturn RX in Capricorn 5:37 AM

Communication in regard to the mundane world is enhanced and we may find ourselves making a lot of decisions with work related tasks at hand. There is a large need to be discerning right now about where we give our energy, and we may be more easily drawn to organizing and strategizing our plans for the future. We are also able to articulate those plans in a direct and precise way. This is a great time to put order to things on all fronts.

Moon Square Mars in Virgo 5:49 PM

Tension in the evening is enhanced and we may feel like we are bursting with impatience when it comes to our goals. We may feel like we are ready for more, but we need to trust that all great things will unfold in their own divine timing.

Moon Square Sun in Virgo 8:10 PM

Judgement and criticism towards the self could be enhanced in the evening hours and we may feel like we are not able to live up to our own ideas of what success means to us. While our judgements may be sound on one front, this perception is still an illusion and it is important we find time to get grounded in the reality of what is possible right now rather than the dream. We may feel a longing for growth, and growth at a rate that is not feasible during this time. We may also be experiencing too much growth than what we know to do with. We can express ourselves about this but it may be ungrounded and overly judgemental. Find a middle ground and chill out about the future. All good things take time.

Friday 9/6

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon Void of Course 9:03 AM

With the Moon void for the majority of the day, we do best not to make any rash decisions. There is a lot of intense energy throughout the day that will cause us to feel ungrounded. We benefit from approaching the day as carefree as possible and learning to laugh at ourselves.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Mercury in Virgo Square Jupiter in Sagittarius 12:11 AM

This is a negative time for travel and communication. A lot of challenges and tension in this transit that can cause for things to not go smoothly. Expect potential delays to any plans, and the orb of influence we impact us over the next couple days. Our mental process may also feel scattered and we are likely to be drawn to overdoing it energetically.

Moon Square Venus in Virgo 9:03 AM

Tension in the morning hours is enhanced and we could find ourselves feeling insecure and judgement towards ourselves. It is important not to get too caught up on these feelings and find a way to work through gratitude and self love affirmation to redirect your energy into a more grounded and positive place.

Sun in Virgo Trine Saturn RX in Capricorn 2:56 PM

It is important for us to feel grounded in our material world over the next couple days and taking care of business will help us to do that. If we procrastinate or don’t take care of ourselves over the next couple days we may feel overly critical and judgemental of our choices. Doing the “right” or “healthy” thing is what is best now. We are being asked to grow up and it is time to put order to our world in a way that sets us up for success.

Venus in Virgo Trine Pluto RX in Capricorn 8:44 PM

This transit for me automatically makes me think of the archetype of the Owl. There is a beauty and wisdom in the cycle of death of all things. There is a beauty in the death of our own beauty, and the cycle of our own lives constantly changing and moving. Here we must face that reality in the mirror of our own consciousness, and make peace with the dying of a part of ourselves that was once beautiful. We can think of this in a literal way or a metaphorical way. But we will not be able to hold onto the present, nor the past, and we must accept the changing tides and the clock that inches us closer to the death and rebirth of the next cycle. Facing mortality of the physical body and the soul may feel very real over the next few days. We benefit from making space to embrace the beauty of our own transformative journey..

Saturday 9/7

Moon enters Capricorn 3:37 AM

The Moon is in its detriment in Capricorn, and it makes this weekend emotionally uncomfortable to have us having started the week with the Moon in its Fall in Scorpio, and then in its detriment for the weekend. On the plus side, it helps us to see things in a more practical way rather than getting too caught up in our feelings, which may have been more prominent when the Moon was making its way through Scorpio. Try to find ways to focus on getting grounded in the material flow and not too caught up in what is happening below the surface.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Mercury in Virgo Opposition Neptune RX in Pisces 12:19 AM

We are prone to deception and illusions during this transit, but if we can remain discerning, this energy is great for holding a vision of the future and strategizing what needs to happen in the physical to get there. This energy is positive for visionaries of all types and we may find ourselves able to bring things from the depths of our subconscious to the surface. Dreams will be powerful over the days of this transit. Keep a dream journal and listen closely to the messages that are coming through to you from below.

Moon Trine Uranus RX in Taurus 3:47 PM

Unexpected changes to our plans could take place in the afternoon hours and we do best to go with the flow as best as possible. We could feel impulsive as well during the hours this transit and it is beneficial for us to not make any rash decisions right now.

Sunday 9/8

Moon in Capricorn

The amount of Earth energy being hit in the atmosphere today is off the charts and we may feel an immense amount of pressure to be productive on all fronts. This may be with house chores, health goals, financial planning, or work related tasks. Do not procrastinate. Use this energy to be as productive as you can be because it will make you feel great. Spending time in nature, your garden, or connecting to the outdoors in some way is also highly beneficial to the energies at play.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Mars in Virgo 5:53 AM

We may find ourselves fully energized to get a head start on our day in the morning hours and we benefit from tuning into that energy and answering the call in whatever way we see fit.

Moon Conjunct Saturn RX in Capricorn 6:42 AM

Doing something in the morning that is grounding is beneficial. Anything on our to-do lists, the earlier we get done the better we will feel moving forward with our day.

Sun in Virgo Square Jupiter in Sagittarius 8:27 AM

We may feel the call for freedom and expansion and adhering to our new found responsibilities from the days previous might conflict with our desire for freedom. Try to find a middle ground for productivity and play.

Moon Trine Sun in Virgo 10:11 AM

We are able to express our feelings freely and we may find ourselves confronting parts of our process in a more self centered way.

Moon Sextile Neptune RX in Pisces 1:19 PM

Pulling dreams into reality or visions into focus is a character of this transit and we could find ourselves fantasizing or day dreaming of what we wish our world to look like in the months to come.

Moon Trine Mercury in Virgo 8:02 PM

We are able to mentally compartmentalize parts of our emotional process in an analytical way and we may find ourselves needing to talk about our feelings or ideas around our future goals.

Mercury in Virgo Trine Pluto RX in Capricorn 8:07 PM

Our mental process may be going through a transformative growth spurt and we may find ourselves looking at things from a more analytical perspective when it comes to our daily routine and physical world. Money and success may all of the sudden seem really important. Whether or not we feel empowered in our own ability to generate wealth for ourselves could be a theme and we may find ourselves wanting to make changes in how we go about our financial endeavors.

Mars in Virgo Trine Saturn Rx in Capricorn 9:13 PM

We feel ambitious about our goals and responsibilities and having our own authority about it in our own lives is important to us right now more than ever.

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