Moonday Monday, Your weekly forecast 9/9-9/15 2019

This week we spend the days leading up to our Full Moon in Pisces that hits on Friday the 13th. We will have a very emotionally stimulating week and we may find ourselves struggling to keep our heads above our emotions and grounded in reality. We may not want to focus much on what is in front of us and we are susceptible to illusions and fantasies during this time.

It is advised that we go into the week with a plan around staying grounded and being extremely mindful with what we allow into our bodies and minds during this time as we are all experiencing a sponge like state that makes it difficult to decipher whether or feelings are our own. Avoid toxic relationships, environments, foods, and substances during this time.

Tarot Cards for the week:

The Moon, The Star, The Hermit, 7 of Cups, 8 of Cups, 9 of Cups, 10 of Swords, 10 of Cups, Page of Cups, King of Cups, 7 of Pentacles 8 of Pentacles, 9 of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, The Emperor, The Magician

Monday 9/9

Moon Void of Course 1:30 AM

Moon enters Aquarius 2:24 PM

With the Moon in Aquarius to start the week out, we could be feeling passionate about making change in our world. We might see ourselves wanting to become more active within our community or maybe political organizations that are focused on tackling issues like climate change, equal rights, or energy renewal. This is a good time to find out what you are passionate about when it comes to worldly issues, and finding ways you can be of service to your community right now.

Tuesday 9/10

Moon in Aquarius

While Aquarius can be focused a lot around social justice and making revolutionary changes within society and our consciousness, Aquarius also can be associated with friendship and the need for group activities. With the Moon in Aquarius today we may feel a large need to connect to those who share similar views and interests as us. We may feel passionate about getting into discussions with friends about our beliefs and views on social justice issues, or community events during this time.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Sun in Virgo Opposition Neptune RX in Pisces 12:24 AM

This transit is very ungrounding and its effects may be felt over the days ahead. We are prone to deception and illusions about others and especially ourselves during this transit. We may have a false sense of pride or a need to escape mundane reality through substance abuse during this time. Tuning into our spiritual realms through meditation and dreams is helpful during this time as we may be able to work through layers of subconscious more easily. We need to be mindful to stay grounded in “reality” through this work though, as we could read too much into things and be brought down a rabbit hole of confusion rather easily.

Moon Sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius 10:22 PM

Our need for freedom , growth, and expansion is enhanced during this transit and we may feel inspired or motivated to educate ourselves or learn something new during this time. Allow your mind to open up to seeing things from a new perspective or angle where you can as it will help your emotional process right now to not get caught up in old perceptions or patterns. There are many ways to go about something, and if we feel stuck, we may need to grow past where we are right now.

Wednesday 9/11

Moon Void of Course in Aquarius

With the Moon Void of Course all day in the fixed air sign of Aquarius and no exact aspects hitting, we do best attempting to not control anything about the day. Try to go with the flow of how the day unfolds for you on an individual level and release any tendencies towards tension or a need for control.

Thursday 9/12

Moon enters Pisces 2:52 AM

With the Moon entering Pisces in the early hours, we may begin to feel the influential energy of our ingress towards our Full Moon. Pisces energy rules the dream planes of reality as well as where creativity such as art and music live. It also is associated with illusions, deceptions, escapism, and spirituality. We may feel extremely sensitive over the next two days, confused, and ungrounded. With the Full Moon in Pisces approaching, we also may find ourselves tested right now in our sobriety if we are sober, we may feel ourselves overdoing it when it comes to avoiding reality or our responsibilities at this time.

The advice for Moon in Pisces energy is to find healthy expressions of connecting to the void. Dream work, meditation, walks in nature, art, music, writing, are all healthy ways to tune into this energy over the next two days.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Mars in Virgo Square Jupiter in Sagittarius 2:06 AM

Tension around ourselves is enhanced during this transit and we have a tendency to push or assert too much on others during this time. We could also try to take on too much right now and if we are doing this out of trying to prove oneself or inflate our sense of ego or pride in the world, we need to examine where this is stemming from and maybe reign it in a bit. Our wishes to expand our grow our business or financial status could have us making decisions from a reactionary place. We need to slow it down and not push too much in any one direction. Use any new found inspiration to make a plan, but maybe don’t act on the plan just quite yet. Do more research and get advice where you can. Don’t take what you have built already for granted during this time, and try to remember that all good things take time.

Moon Sextile Uranus RX in Taurus 3:27 PM

New insights are brought to our awareness today and we may find sudden inspiration. As mentioned above, this may not be the time to act on it, but this new found inspiration could be beneficial for us planning towards the future. We might experience some unexpected news or changes to our day as well.

Friday 9/13

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces 9:33 PM

Moon Void of Course 9:33 PM

Not only is it a Full Moon in Pisces, but it is also Friday the 13th. This is a very special time as we navigate our inner landscape. We are asked during this Harvest Full Moon to examine what within our energy body and our subconscious conditioning is calling to be worked through at this time. We may have dreams and wishes we want to fulfill in life, but maybe we are confused about how to open ourselves to that path right now. We may have hidden fears preventing us from moving forward in life, and we could be coping with them in a myriad of ways that are not stimulating growth. This is a time to let go of those fears or beliefs that stem from the subconscious. They could be things we were not aware of until now. Open yourself to receiving guidance from the other side right now. If your conscious mind is having a difficult time listening, ask for the guidance to present itself in your dreams. Our dream state will be very powerful during this time and paying attention to the symbols and messages from our subconscious could help to illuminate some of the things we have been working through in our waking life.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Saturn in Capricorn 7:04 AM

This is a positive energy for feeling a bit more grounded in the mundane for the morning hours which is much needed to help us feel anchored during this dreamy Piscean energy we are feeling right now. We benefit from being practical about our responsibilities during this time, and being proactive about getting our physical bodies in a healthy state to start the day is also positive.

Mercury in Virgo conjunct Venus in Virgo 8:12 AM

This energy is positive for communication and connecting with others over the next few days. We may have a large need to beautify our environment around us such as our homes, or spending time in nature with plants. We could also enjoy cooking for others during this time and finding ways to connect to the Earth with friends. Putting together a new health regiment with our diet, exercise, and routines is also positive during this time.

Moon Square Jupiter in Sagittarius 11:35 AM

Our need for escapism from responsibilities is enhanced during the hours of this transit and we could find ourselves wanting to tune in more to the spiritual realms. We may feel ungrounded and it could be hard for us to focus during this transit.

Sun in Virgo Trine Pluto RX in Capricorn 12:38 PM

This transit enhances our desire for power and control within the world and our own personal lives. We may feel an increased sense of vitality to move towards plans or goals we have been thinking about. Use this time to increase your productivity level in the physical where you can. We may also feel more inspired or motivated to let go of an old routine or way of life that has served its purpose. We are outgrowing an old way of being, and this new self that wishes to emerge will begin to come more into focus during this time.

Moon Opposition Mars in Virgo 1:12 PM

The need to integrate action around healing is enhanced during this transit. We are all responsible for our own healing journey, and we can not expect anyone or anything else to do the work for us. We may have avoided certain aspects of our own healing for some time, but now we are being asked to step it up and take initiative around how we function within our daily lives both in the spiritual and the mundane.

Moon Conjunct Neptune RX in Pisces 8:49 PM

We are connected to the spiritual world directly during this transit and this is a very beneficial time for meditation and tuning into our subconscious. If you can carve out the evening hours for spiritual work and a Full Moon ritual that is highly advised.

Mars in Virgo Opposition Neptune RX in Pisces 10:26 PM

This transit has a lot of adverse effects in one's own spiritual process if not handled properly by the individual. There could be a descent into the lower realms of the subconscious in unhealthy ways through substance abuse if not careful. It is important to avoid hallucinogenic drugs, or drugs and alcohol of any sort during this time. We also could find ourselves overly asserting our own practices onto others during this time and we need to be mindful not to do that as everyone is on their own journey. If we ourselves feel dominated by a “guru” or spiritual environment, it is important that we remove ourselves and find peace to hear our own self through this time. If you are struggling with substances during this time, it is advised to get help somewhere you feel safe.

Repressed anger could come to surface during this time and we need to be mindful not to take it out on others. Find healthy ways to move heat through the body. Hot yoga, Kundalini yoga, or going for a run/bike ride helps.

Saturday 9/14

Moon enters Aries 3:32 PM

With the Moon in Aries we may feel an increased sense of emotional pressure needing to be released. Moving heat through the body is suggested and doing some physical activity during the day will help to expend this energy in a healthy way. We may need to spend most of the weekend alone or away from large groups. Focus on doing things that feed your sense of self in a healthy way.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Mercury enters Libra 12:15 AM

With Mercury in Libra we may feel a large need to work on how we communicate our intellectual process during this time. Mercury in Libra enjoys equality in conversation, and we seek balance within our minds during this time. New insights around how we perceive our mental process could come to our awareness in new ways. We could find ourselves becoming more passionate about a subject we have put on the back burner for some time.

Venus enters Libra 6:43 AM

Venus rules Libra and it is in Venus in Libra that we begin to experience things rather than just “know” them. To “know” something is not the same as to “experience” it. The individual who walked through something will surely be more educated on a subject than the person who has only read about the experience in a book. It is here with Venus in Libra that we will begin to experience new things within our minds and our relationships.

Moon Opposition Venus in Libra 4:34 PM

Moon Opposition Mercury in Libra 6:08 PM

The Moon in Opposition to both Venus and Mercury in the evening hours could have us not relating much to the emotional and mental process of others during this time. Integrating our own perceptions of self and how that relates to others will be a challenge, and learning how to integrate the “other” with the “Self will be required of us.

Sunday 9/15

Moon in Aries

We could feel hot headed and emotionally tense today so it is wise we find time to get our bodies moving. The Moon in Aries always should be expressed through physical activity and moving heat through the body as it helps to release the build up of energy that can culminate under the surface during this time. It is not productive to sit around today.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Saturn RX in Capricorn 7:29 PM

Tension in the evening hours is enhanced and we need to be mindful with how we assert ourselves in our world during this time. We may be prone to hurting ourselves if not careful so move slowly if you decide to do any physical activity today.

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