Moonday Monday, Your Weekly Forecast 9/16-9/22

Wow, last week was a doozy and I am looking forward to the shift in energy this week. The lead up to that Full Moon in Pisces felt epic and the release I experienced after it was all said and done was much needed. It is hard to believe, but we are already on our last full week of Virgo season before we transition into the cardinal energy of Libra on the 23rd next week. To get us ready for the transition into Autumn, we have a lot of cardinal energy starting our week out with our Moon still in Aries for the day on Monday, we also end the week with our Moon dignified in the cardinal water sign of Cancer. The last little boost of mutable energy will happen on Saturday when we have our Last Quarter Moon in the mutable air sign of Gemini, this allows for us to let go of any mental patterns- maybe some anxieties or self created fears that are not benefiting us right now as we move into the last chapter of our year.

Saturn will also be stationing direct this week on the 18th which could help us begin to feel more grounded than maybe we have been feeling over the last couple months. Saturn went retrograde back on April 30th, so if we feel like it has been hard to get anything grounded or stable, hopefully Saturn returning to a perceived direct motion will begin to help us feel like we are having an easier time stabilizing our mundane responsibilities.

Tarot Cards for the week:

2 of Wands, 3 of Wands, Ace of Cups, 2 of Cups, 8 of Swords, 9 of Swords, 10 of Swords, Temperance, Judgement, The Moon, The Devil, The World

Monday 9/16

Moon in Aries

Moon Void of Course 9:02 AM

With the Moon in Aries to start the week out, but void of course most of the day, we could feel a bit short tempered while also energized. We may not have a lot of bandwidth today for things that are irritating to us. It is best to do things throughout the day that help you align with yourself in healthy ways. Move your body and try to avoid taking out anything you are feeling on others.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Square Pluto Rx in Capricorn 9:02 AM

Tension in the morning could have us feeling frustrated about the mundane responsibilities we have throughout the day. Pluto can help us transmute any intense energy into productivity if we can rise above our reactions and get more motivated/inspired to evolve out of our lower or egoic realms of being. Work on transmuting your energy where you can and you might enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with pushing through and being productive regardless of how we feel under the surface.

Tuesday 9/17

Moon enters Taurus 3:31 AM

The Moon is exalted in Taurus and it is one of my favorite energies to experience in the atmosphere as well as in other people. The Moon in Taurus we can think of the energy of the Empress card and our connection to Mother Earth. This energy could have us feeling like we want to eat/cook good nurturing comforting foods, or have us drawn to spending time outside in nature, or beautifying our homes/space around us. This is a positive time to connect to plants and your body. Do something that grounds you positively in the physical world for the next two days.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Conjunct Uranus in Taurus 3:31 PM

We may experience some unexpected changes to our physical world or bodies during the hours of this transit. If we don’t experience an external change, we could experience it internally in regard to new insights about out physical world whether it be our work, finances, or health/bodies. We may feel inspired to change a routine or rethink how we are relating to our world at this time.

Wednesday 9/18

Moon in Taurus

We continue to feel the exalted energy of our Moon in Taurus and we benefit from connecting to our bodies and the Earth in healthy ways. We may find ourselves drawn to cooking something new for ourselves, spending time outside, or getting our bodies moving with a new workout routine.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Saturn Stations Direct in Capricorn 1:47 AM

Saturn has been retrograde since April 30th of this year and with it stationing direct today we may begin to feel like our work ethic is coming back into focus for us. Maybe we spent the last few months evaluating the structures in place in our lives and we have been working on establishing some new rythyms or routines. With Saturn stationing direct we might begin to feel like we are ready to solidify some of those structures, or at least we feel possibly more grounded in what we know internally we need to do moving forward.

Moon Trine Saturn in Capricorn 6:52 AM

TCB’ing it ( taking care of business) in the early morning hours is a beneficial way to start the day. Not neglecting any responsibilities or tasks and prioritizing our to-do list can be helpful for setting ourselves up for success for the rest of the day.

Moon Sextile Neptune RX in Pisces 1:03 PM

Our sensitivity is enhanced during this transit and we are more susceptible to absorbing energy around us in subtle ways. This is a positive energy for creative and artistic projects and we may find ourselves feeling inspired.

Moon Trine Mars in Virgo 7:19 PM

We may feel a surge of energy to get organized with our lives. We benefit from actively putting things to order with this transit when it comes to our finances, our routines, and any work that needs doing. I think of the 8 of pentacles in the Tarot as a positive way of reading this transit.

Moon Trine Pluto RX in Capricorn 8:02 PM

This energy allows for us to be in a position to open up to transformation within and around our physical world. We may have deep insights on where we hold the power to transmute and transform the energy patterns within our lives. We may feel motivated or inspired to change something in our physical world. This could be a fun night for creating a vision board for the future on where you want to improve your life in regard to financial or work goals.

Thursday 9/19

Moon Void of Course 6:57 AM

Moon enters Gemini 1:56 PM

The Moon in Gemini can influence our minds to overthink every angle of a situation. People who have their Moon in Gemini tend to need to talk or write out their emotional process, and we as a collective may find it beneficial to do the same during the days of this transit.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Sun in Virgo 6:57 AM

We may enjoy getting up early and getting a head start on being productive with our day. Our energy and vitality may feel increased in the morning hours and we benefit from taking advantage of the easy flow of energy right now by knocking out any tasks or responsibilities first thing in the morning.

Mars in Virgo Trine Pluto RX in Capricorn 6:49 AM

We may feel incredibly driven over the next few days to make headway or progress towards goals we have in regard to our physical world whether it be with our bodies, health, money, work, or all of the above. We could also be reevaluating some past decisions we have made and restructuring anything we feel we want to differently or fine tune. With Pluto Retrograde things may not take from quite as directly as we would like, but we can benefit from using this as a learning opportunity and continuing to push forward in our lives in a positive way where we can.

Friday 9/20

Moon in Gemini

With the Moon in Gemini for the day and some ungrounding transits we may find ourselves feeling anxious or overthinking our communication or mental process. We also may feel drawn towards communicating our feelings with others and we could find ourselves wanting some socialization with friends or family. For those of us who process Gemini energy internally in a way that is unhealthy - like anxiety, or frustration and don’t feel like we want to socialize, getting physical with your body to help ground the mind is beneficial. Doing breath work and pranayama yoga is also advised. Remember to breathe today if you begin to feel stressed.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Trine Mercury in Libra 10:24 AM

Mental clarity and a need for peace and tranquility in the morning hours is enhanced. This is a beneficial energy for those who enjoy writing and or reading. We may feel drawn to learning or educating ourselves in something new and interesting today, or continuing education on a subject we are already interested in.

Moon Opposition Jupiter in Sagittarius 9:54 PM

Moon Square Neptune in Pisces 10:02 PM

Our need for escapism is enhanced in the evening with both of the above transits and we may have a hard time feeling grounded in reality. We benefit from doing spiritual work during this time and finding ways to anchor ourselves in healthy ways through meditation or spiritual work of sometime. I enjoy the Tarot as a container for my thoughts when I am feeling like I need to connect to the more ethereal realms. For some of us we may be more drawn to getting out of the house and going to a movie, or going for a spontaneous last minute weekend getaway.

Saturday 9/21

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini 7:41 PM

Moon Void of Course 7:41 PM

Moon enters Cancer 9:50 PM

The Last Quarter Moon allows for us to shed and let go of any anxiety or worry today. If we have been overthinking anything or living in a state of worry, dread, or fear, this is the time to cut it out. Evaluate where your fears are stemming from and do a letting go ritual today around releasing that energy into the wind.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Mars in Virgo 7:05 AM

Tension in our minds and our willpower is enhanced and we may feel irritable and tense in the morning hours. We need to slow down and not try to do anything too fast today. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Square Neptune Rx in Pisces 9:47 AM

We have had a couple exact Squares between Neptune and Jupiter throughout the year and they can feel very ungrounding. This transit can be hard for those of us who are sober as it can enhance our need to escape reality and draw us closer to wanting to find unhealthy ways to avoid responsible ways of facing ourselves and our feelings. Channeling this energy into art or a creative project is beneficial and avoiding addict like behavior is advised.

Moon Square Sun in Virgo 7:41 PM

Tension in our minds in the evening hours is enhanced and we could be feeling insecure about our productivity level. Try not to get too caught up in self created worry or fears. Find a way to get some energy moving through your body to release any build up of energy that is manifesting in a negative way.

Sunday 9/22

Moon in Cancer The Moon in Cancer always give us the perfect tone for a self care day at home. We benefit from taking it easy and nurturing ourselves in rejuvenating and healthy ways.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Sextile Uranus RX in Taurus 8:31 AM

We may experience some unexpected change to our plan or expectations we had for our morning. Try not to get too hung up on any outcomes today and go with the flow.

Mercury in Libra Square Saturn in Capricorn 9:19 AM

This is a difficult transit for our minds today and for the next couple days and could lead to disagreements with others or anxieties about our life at this time. We could experience delays or mental fog/blockages around our productivity level.

Moon Square Venus in Libra 4:30 PM

This is a difficult transit for relating to others at this time and we benefit from not spending any time with family today. We may just need to focus on ourselves right now and not put too much investment in trying to connect with others right now. We could also feel insecure about ourselves today and we do well with finding ways to work some self love and care into our routine throughout the day.

Moon Opposition Saturn in Capricorn 10:39PM

Issues from our past or with our families could come up during this time and we may be faced with having to work through some deep rooted layers of our past in uncomfortable ways.

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