Moonday Monday, Your weekly forecast 9/30-10/6

Happy October! Here in Oakland the leaves have changed, the cool crisp air of fall is in the air, and flu season has begun! This last summer was intense for a lot of people, and now that fall is in effect, I feel like a lot of us are now processing the whiplash that was the first half of the year. This is a good time to begin really taking care of your health both physically and mentally. We may need to disconnect from people for a few days and regroup so that we can hear ourselves on a deeper level than maybe what we have been able to tune into up until now.

Mercury entering Scorpio this week will allow us to enter the subconscious and hidden realms more easily over the next two months, and with the retrograde station on October 31st, we will be working through a lot of healing from our past. Take this week to regroup and plan where you want to end up before the year is over.

Tarot Cards for the week:

Knight of Cups, 5 of Cups, 6 of Cups, Death, The Lovers, Justice, Temperance, 7 of Wands, 2 of Pentacles, Page of Wands, 7 of Wands, 8 of Wands, 9 of Wands, 10 of Wands , Knight of Swords

Monday 9/30

Moon enters Scorpio

We start our week out with the Moon in its Fall in Scorpio. This could have us feeling moody and reclusive today and sometimes our worst traits come out when the Moon is passing through its Fall. We could feel resentments or jealous feelings today if we give in to any comparison games, and our Venus Square to Pluto makes it hard to trust the motives of others right now.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon opposition Uranus in Taurus RX 11:55 AM

Tension in the morning hours is enhanced and we may find ourselves up against some things not going our way today. Try not to let any detours get in the way of your happiness. Go with the flow as best you can and find ways to decompress. Spending time in nature and getting out of the rat race or mundane reality could be helpful right now.

Venus in Libra Square Pluto RX in Capricorn 9:14 PM

This transit is difficult for us when it comes to our relationship to financial matters as we well as our energy we are bringing into our relationships. There is room for envy and mistrust to take place this week under the influence of this transit, and we could find ourselves needing to evaluate our own emotional patterns and what needs healing for us during this time. Being mindful of how we project our circumstances onto others, and what is a result of our own actions is important. There is potential for us to feel resentment or animosity towards anyone not fulfilling our needs right now. This transit has also been related to sexual trauma, this may be a triggering time and it is beneficial to find help if you need it.

Tuesday 10/1

Moon in Scorpio

We start the first day of October with the Moon in moody Scorpio. We may need some time today to rejuvenate away from others. This energy could have us feeling tense or hyper sensitive and we benefit from taking a social media detox and doing something spiritual in nature that helps to ground our energy in a constructive way. Don’t allow yourself to get into comparison games right now as it is likely to spawn lower vibrational patterns within the self that is not healthy for your overall well being.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Trine Neptune RX in Pisces 6:13 AM

We may awake after some powerful dreams this morning and it is beneficial for us to dream journal them, or try to remember any symbolism at this time. This transit is positive for creatives and artistic people as it allows for the vision to take place on what needs to be done next for a project you might be working on. This is a beneficial day for spiritual work on the etheric plane.

Moon Sextile Pluto RX in Capricorn 12:44 PM

We may recognize things around our feeling states that need to be transmuted into new or different energy during the hours of this transit. Maybe we have felt triggered by something and we are identifying it within the deeper self and ready to let go or move away from that pattern of behavior. Take this time to allow yourself to do some shadow work. Allow yourself to acknowledge parts of yourself that need transmuting and healing.

Wednesday 10/2

Moon Void of Course 2:45 AM

Moon enters Sagittarius 4:44 AM

With the Moon in Sagittarius over the next couple days, we feel drawn towards freedom and expansion. We may have a harder time staying focused on practical or mundane tasks during this time. It might be beneficial for us to work some spontaneity into our routine.

Strong Aspects During the Day PST

Moon Sextile Sun in Libra 9:42 PM

Our ability to express our feelings is enhanced and we may have a boost of energy in the evening hours. We could feel very social, or like we want to expand our minds with applying ourselves to something new we are learning. This is a good time for connecting with others who share our same interests.

Pluto Stations Direct in Capricorn 11:37 PM

Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn might help begin to activate some of the things we have been hoping to transmute in our lives. We may have had to reevaluate plans over the last few months and hopefully by now the vision is becoming clearer. A lot of things are about to change, it is important we move with the changes intently, making sure we know who we are and who we want to be in this next chapter.

Thursday 10/3

Moon in Sagittarius

We feel a need for growth and expansion during the day and we may be drawn to learning something new about our world from a cultural level. Spirituality is enhanced within ourselves during this time and we feel a need to tune into the collective and find ways that we can enhance our overall experience within the divine order of all things. We must be mindful not to get too inflated in our knowledge thus far, as there is always more learning to do.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Mercury enters Scorpio 1:15 AM

Mercury will spend its time in Scorpio for a little over the next 2 months and opens up a lot of energy around shadow work during this time. Mercury stations retrograde in Scorpio on Halloween this year and will be retrograde for the first two weeks of November. This is an intense time where we are faced with parts of our nature, and possibly energy from others that is not comfortable. We will be able to access deeper and more subconscious realms of thought during this time that allows for us to see under the surface, what is truly going on. We are being asked during the winter months to activate some major healing around how we process our emotional world and we are being asked to transmute that energy into love, peace, and understanding by the time it is all said and done. This is a time for acknowledging painful parts of our memory bank, and how that has influenced the present, and once we have worked through it, it will be time to let it go, find forgiveness for ourselves and others, and move on accordingly.

Moon Square Neptune RX in Pisces 10:15 AM

A need for escapism is enhanced and we may find it hard to focus on mundane or practical tasks during the hours of this transit. We may feel ungrounded and it could be beneficial for us to get our bodies moving to help move any blocked energy through our lymphatic system.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius 1:40 PM

We will feel a large need to grow in ourselves during this transit and we could feel an increased curiosity in the world around us. We may feel inspired to learn something new and we benefit from find ways to break up the mundane day with exploring new things around us and within our world.

Mars enters Libra 9:22 PM

Mars is not comfortable in the sign of Libra. Mars as ruler of Aries typically influences energy that seeks to push the Self forward above all others. Libra focuses more on the relating principle and seeks to harmonize or balance things. With Mars in Libra we could see ourselves advocating for Justice, and Peace, but having a hard time reconciling the “I” in that. Setting ego aside, and differentiating between what the Self wants vs. what is best for the whole or the “other” might be a theme that comes up for us while Mars is in Libra. We may need to advocate for equality in our dynamics, but not at the expense of diminishing someone else's truth for the inflation of our own.

Friday 10/4

Moon Void of Course 12:34 AM

Moon enters Capricorn 10:43 AM

The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn and can block us off from having much connection to our subconscious. This might help us gain some practical perspective on our circumstances at this time and rationality can be birthed from wisdom if we have lived enough to know the difference between rigidity and discernment.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Mars in Libra 11:26 AM

Tension around feelings vs action and how we assert ourselves is enhanced. We may have a difficult time connecting with others today and we need to be mindful with the words we choose to express ourselves today.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Scorpio 2:52 PM

We may feel a need to work through something intense right now. There is a lot of feelings around our past that could be coming up to surface for us during the hours of this transit and we may need to emotionally process and reflect on those things today.

Moon Trine Uranus RX in Taurus 9:07 PM

Unexpected changes in the evening hours in regard to our physical world are enhanced and we may experience some disruptions to our plans. Try to be open to seeing where this change takes you.

Saturday 10/5

First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 9:47 AM

First Quarter Moons allow for us to set intentions in regard to matters that are represented within the sign that the Moon is in. Capricorn energy, as ruler of the 10th house, often has to do with our material drive and pursuits in the world. This is a great time for getting finances in order and being productive when it comes to our mundane world.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Sun in Libra 9:47 AM

It could be hard for us to find confidence in expressing ourselves in the morning. We may feel like our responsibilities of our life are impeding our ability to do what we want. Try to use these obstacles as a time for growth.

Moon Conjunct Saturn in Capricorn 1:39 PM

Being practical about reality is beneficial during this time. Take a long hard look at what is grounding you, and what is ungrounding you right now. Make it a priority today to get yourself a new routine that you may begin on Monday. This could be beneficial for making sure your wellness and productivity are in line with what you want for the remaining days of the year.

Moon Sextile Neptune RX in Pisces 6:27 PM

Our ability to tune into our intuition is enhanced in the evening hours and we may have visions or insights towards the life we are hoping to weave. It is easier for us to absorb the energy of others right now, but we need to keep ourselves grounded and continue to have a healthy level of discernment around these feelings.

Sunday 10/6

Moon Void of Course 4:25 PM

Moon enters Aquarius 8:42 PM

The Moon in Aquarius may inspire or motivate us to feel like we want to band together with like minded people and influence change in the world. We could feel inspired to make a difference right now. Instead of trolling people on the internet who don’t share your beliefs, find a cause to get involved in. Actions speak louder than words.

Strong Aspects During the Day PDT

Moon Square Venus in Libra 4:25 PM

Tension in the early evening around how we are relating to other people's intellectual insights might be enhanced. We may long for connection, but our need to go our own way and pave our own path in life could conflict with our ability to see things from another's perspective right now.

Mercury in Scorpio Opposition Uranus RX in Taurus 11:16 PM

Unexpected changes to our material plans over the next couple days is enhanced and we may experience a lot of unexpected upheavals. We may find ourselves in some difficult conversations, and this may lead to actions we were not anticipating ourselves or others ot make right now. It is not a good time to plan the future, but it may be a good time to check in with yourself and see what is changing under the surface that needs acknowledgement.

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