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New Moon in Sagittarius, and This weeks Transits 11/25-12/1 2019

Happy Monday! This is our last week of the month and like last week, we have a lot of powerful transits aligning us with our higher purpose.

The first transit to discuss is our New Moon that is happening on Tuesday November 26th at 7:06 AM PST at 4 degrees of Sagittarius.

This energy will be great for setting intentions around how we wish to grow over the next month before the year is over.

Here are some energies to align yourself with over the next 24 hours:

Keywords for planetary energies influencing this time:

Tuesday: Ruled by Mars

Sagittarius: Ruled by Jupiter

7 AM on Tuesday ruled by: Jupiter

Herbs / Plants associated with Sagittarius: Dandelion, Oak,

Gemstone for Jupiter/Sagittarius: Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise

Sun :

Vitality, outward expression, sense of self, life force, identity, father.

Moon :

Emotions, intuition, karma, reflections, inner work, mother.

New Moon Phase:

Beginning of a cycle, planting seeds towards the future, setting intentions, going within for guidance, introverted period.

Sagittarius :

Expansion, seeking truth, a need for freedom, learning, higher mind, connecting to divinity, aiming for higher ideals.


Expansion, excess, good fortune, abundance, growth.


Action, assertion, ambition.

Sagittarius is mutable fire sign in Astrology and is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The planetary glyph of Jupiter is a cross, with a line curving upwards to symbolize the expansion of consciousness beyond material form.

With a New Moon in Sagittarius, we are focusing our attention on spiritual expansion. Look to the house of your birth chart to see where this new cycle of expansion is beginning for you at this time.

New Moon intention setting for Sagittarius

Write your intention on a piece of paper during the New Moon and put under a prayer candle that has been anointed with the herbs and energies that you are hoping to manifest into your life. You can put herbs and crystals on the altar of this ritual to enhance the energetic properties.

Sit and meditate on this candle sending your energy to the flame of the candle and envisioning your manifestation coming to fruition in the way that you wish.

Be mindful of the energy and purity of your heart during this ritual, as what is in the heart will be what you manifest, not what is in the mind.

Keep this paper underneath your candle until the candle has completely burned down, if burning a 7 day candle keep candle burning every day until it is done, may put out and relight until it is done. Any candles that are not finished will not complete your intention to the effect you want.

Pay attention to how the wax melts, the success of the burn on the wax will show the success of your intention and its potential for manifestation.