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Reset your Body to Reset your Mind, My 2020 Detox

Cut out cravings,

Boost your energy,

and Reset your Gut Health in 2020


Cosmic Lady Six’s 3 day Detox

Happy New Year! This is my first health focused blog here on Cosmic Lady Six and I hope it’s not my last! Disclaimer! I am not a certified nutritionist or healthcare professional! Health and nutrition is a side interest/hobby/passion of mine and I am obsessed with being a gluten free ,sober, vegan who is always trying out new and fun interesting ways to honor my body.

My journey to sobriety, veganism, and being gluten free was long and terrible to be honest. 15 years worth of trial and error with my health only to find that this, at least for now, is the happiest my body functions. I try to live by example, rather than being militant, so in no way will I try to convert you to my lifestyle, but I do ask that you respect mine. With that said, the following health advice/information is to be taken at your own discretion. If you have your own dietary restrictions, or know that some of this info just isn’t for you, than leave what you want and take anything you have read here, altar it, or do what with it what you will!

A big reason why I wanted to take the time to share this detox I do with you all is because I have been doing different variations of it for the last 5 years, and also trying out different things, like I said, over the last 15 years, that have all gotten me to a place where I kind of have a fast way to reset my gut and my cravings in a way that is fast, fun, and efficient.

As someone with a strong spiritual practice, I do appreciate and practice occasional fasting, but this is something that can be very hard on your body if you are not setting yourself up properly for it. While my detox is not a strict food free fast, it is a fast of sorts, so you need to be mindful with your energy exertion during this 3 days.

*This detox is best for individuals who already have a moderate to active and healthy lifestyle, meaning people who do not eat a lot of junk food, processed foods, or drink a lot of alcohol/smoke cigarettes.

Detox Requirements




Detox Rules:

This detox you are only allowed to have water, juice you made from home using whole vegetables and fruit, protein powder of your choice for fruit smoothie, fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

No heavy exercise during all 3 days, may walk, or do light yoga, but avoid weight lifting or heavy cardio.

Do not do detox while menstruating!

No alcohol or smoking!

No eating of processed foods or refined sugars during detox.

Make sure to continue taking vitamins and supplements!